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The Charges Against Pritam Singh: A Timeline of Events

Unraveling the Saga: Pritam Singh’s legal battle stems from allegations made by a former Workers’ Party MP, previously caught lying to Parliament, marking a pivotal moment as Singapore’s election approaches. #PritamSingh #FaisalManap #SingaporePolitics



As the general election in Singapore looms, Workers’ Party (WP) Chief and Leader of the Opposition Pritam Singh is embroiled in a legal controversy that has been unfolding since 2021.

This turmoil is juxtaposed against the backdrop of corruption charges against the disgraced People’s Action Party (PAP) minister S Iswaran.

The Genesis of the Charges

The controversy ignited when former WP MP Raeesah Khan falsely claimed in Parliament in 2021 that she had accompanied a sexual assault victim to a police station, alleging that the victim had received insensitive treatment by the police.

After two further misleading statements in Parliament, in August and October 2021, Raeesah finally admitted in November 2021 that her claim was untrue, prompting an investigation that would ensnare Singh and Faisal.

A comprehensive probe led by the Committee of Privilege (COP), initially chaired by former Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin—who resigned due to an extramarital affair with another PAP MP—was launched on 27 November 2021 to scrutinize Raeesah’s fabrications.

During the Committee of Privilege (COP) hearings in December 2021, Raeesah revealed she had submitted her speech late for the August 3 debate on empowering women.

The initial draft, uploaded just two days before the session, lacked the false anecdote, which was added a day before the debate.

She testified that Singh had reviewed the draft and questioned the anecdote, indicating a need for substantiation, a comment Raeesah admitted she did not understand at the time.

Raeesah further alleged that WP leaders, including Singh, Member of Parliament Faisal Manap, and WP Chairman Sylvia Lim, who met her privately after confessing to Singh about the false statement, had advised her to conceal her lie to Parliament, suggesting the information be taken “to the grave.”

This claim was contradicted by text messages Raeesah sent to her associates in the political party and testimonies from the WP leaders.

Contrary to Raeesah, who fabricated the claim and was interviewed for two hours, Singh underwent approximately nine hours of cross-examination by Edwin Tong, the Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, discussing his interactions with Raeesah and the delay in addressing the falsehood.

Singh recounted pressing Raeesah for details about the alleged victim following her August 3 parliamentary speech. When she confessed the falsehood on 7 August 2021, Singh was left “really angry and upset.”

A meeting at Singh’s house on 8 August 2021, attended by Raeesah, Lim, Faisal, and Singh, revealed Raeesah’s lie was motivated by a traumatic personal experience.

Despite the revelation, there was no immediate strategy to address the lie, with the focus primarily on Raeesah’s well-being. Singh did not instruct Raeesah to clarify her statement in Parliament but emphasized the importance of consulting her parents first.

COP does not question Ms Khan’s credibility: Singh

In February 2022, the Singapore Parliament voted to refer the conduct of Singh and Faisal to the Public Prosecutor, aligning with the committee’s recommendation in its 1,180-page report following the hearings.

Additionally, a fine of S$35,000 was levied against Raeesah, who has since resigned as MP for Sengkang GRC.

In the motion debate, Singh said: “the COP’s case at its highest relies on one pillar – it believes Ms Khan’s evidence that she had been told to take her lie to the grave. This belief rests on an uncorroborated piece of evidence, a WhatsApp text originating from Ms Khan herself.”

He added, “The COP deems the fact of its contemporaneousness to be critical in coming to its conclusion. The COP does not question Ms Khan’s credibility even though she was the one who lied in this House, by her own admission, and even though she also lied when she first communicated with me about this matter.”

In rejecting the second part of the motion, which seeks to refer the two to the Public Prosecutor, Singh said, “While Mr Faisal and myself are prepared to be referred to the Public Prosecutor, we don’t agree with this particular paragraph because the basis of the referral to the Public Prosecutor is from the findings of the Committee of Privileges and we reject the allegation that we told half-truths.”

Two charges filed against Singh

After nearly a year of investigation, on 19 March 2024, Pritam Singh was charged with two counts of offences under section 31(q) of the Parliament (Privileges, Immunities and Powers) Act for allegedly providing false answers during his examination by the Committee of Privilege.

Singh, who became aware of these charges on 18 March, is accused based on his testimonies about discussions with Raeesah Khan and other party members concerning her false statement to Parliament in August and October 2021.

These offences could lead to a fine of up to S$7,000 and/or imprisonment for up to three years. Singh appeared in State Court to plead not guilty to the charges against him.

Advisory Issued to Faisal Manap

While Faisal faced no charges, he received an advisory on 18 March 2024, highlighting the importance of adhering to parliamentary conduct, a reminder of the gravity with which Singapore views the integrity of its parliamentary proceedings.

Singh has vehemently denied the committee’s findings, decrying political bias and expressing his resolve to clear his name, setting the stage for a high-stakes legal battle amidst Singapore’s charged political atmosphere.

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These are the ‘good’ work of the pappies. If you continue to rid of any oppositions who are here to suggest constructive improvements for the good of the state then we are no better than any 1st world countries or even relegated to where we come from. Rather than having just your own thoughts, it is better than you also listen to the oppositions who are paid for their roles in parliament. One country cannot be ruled alone by one single party forever as it will eventually corrupt the party or disintegrate the cohesion of the people of the state.

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True to pinky’s promise : he continues to “fix the opposition”. Pinky really keeps his promise. We promise to vote against the “fixers of the opposition”.

There is no moral equivalence. Iswaran case is criminal corruption. Khan case is lying which pap is doing repeatedly all the time. Hdb price and value will never go down? Remember the lees lying about this and more? Politicians lie all the time, so these dubious charges against him is just political persecution, or as woody called it, “political sophistry”. Is Iswaran probably the tip of the corruption iceberg, for all we know? Lee Kuan Yew was right. Pap has been in decline under the dishonourable son. Pap will quickly be voted out of power.

I conclude that SG politics is impossible. Easier to just migrate


Voters, this is unequivocally political persecution and is a sure sign of desperation of the corrupt regime clasping at straws. It is also another sign of impending elections and is the start of the regime’s usual high-handed practice of cracking down on opposition parties and coercive behaviour both towards opposition electoral candidates and towards voters who do not want to see any more of corrupt pap politicians like iswaran in pariahment. Both the old LKY and his son and pap politicians lied all the time. They lied repeatedly about hdb prices never coming down, they lie about the TTSH Hep… Read more »

More opposition parties is good for you cotton and pineapple lovers.

Don’t you want more handouts? Don’t you want more parties to serve you betterrr, cheaperrr, and fasterr….? What do you think? tsk tsk tsk

mee siam mai hum should be charged for harboring misappropriate affairs (2 years) of the carton box speaker of pariahment house. What do you think? why no charges leh?

PS not honest lah .

You guys don’t understand the impact of the charges to PS. His reputation, integrity and credibility is at stake. Being a politician that is utmost important.

What is significant is that “shortly after charges were tendered, the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) said the prosecution will not be seeking a custodial sentence, but a fine for both charges if Singh is convicted”. So, based on this assertion, it looks like PS will not be disqualified nor barred to stand for election as the conditions for disqualification and debarment are one year’s jail or a fine of not less than $10,000. From the opinions of constitutional experts, even if PS were to be fined the maximum $7000 for each of the two cases, judgement for disqualification resides on the… Read more »

Pritiam is still innocent cause the COP ignored some of the evidence that Pritiam wanted to put into the report that would prove him innocent shut up u rubbish pap supporters why should pritiam step down when he has done nothing wrong

Yes, fully agreed should not be wasting public tax payer money. PS should acknowledge his lies and pleaded guilty. Move on with life and learn from this mistake. You can’t cover your mistakes, as everything is corroborated. You can’t win as AG will not charge you without strong evidence. Be a man and respected Leader of opposition. This time round you can’t snake through the web.

Against the backdrop of the US Presidential Election.

The ruling government is using the distraction to quietly “fix” the opposition before the next General Election.

I wonder what they are so afraid of? Whether it’s Lee or not. The 61% will still vote for them. Sure, there might one or two more GRCs going to the opposition.

But that won’t be enough.

I do hope to see Chee Soon Juan in parliament. Adding an actual adult into the circus would make things entertaining.

Last edited 2 months ago by Blankslate

The PAP’s wish for a slow, painful death has been arranged.
By none other than they themselves..

I wish it would be faster though..
But PAP genetics is that everything must be as convoluted as possible.

We need a good musical arrangement to accompany PAP’s funeral.
and also the AGC’s…

Headlines should read ‘ PAP continues to fix opponents as their boss instructed them to ‘
Pinky already said he’ll fix his opponents. But now they using public funds to fuel their vendetta and obviously using the PAP courts and AGC.

History is repeating itself to fix the strongest Opposition WP. Just like before the previous GE, WP was called up and charged for ‘misappropriating $33m’ by we know how. After one court case and then after another with ‘Experts’ called in to testify, WP was finally cleared of any charge.

Now, just before the next GE, Opposition Leader Pritam Singh is again fallen into the same very dirty trick used by we know how to fix WP and Pritam Singh

Nine hours of taxpayers’ monies were wasted on absolutely nothing that benefits the Public. Now continuing with the wastage by taking PS to Court. If the PAP want to take the Opposition down they should use their own monies and time. This is misuse of Public funds. RK has resigned just as TCJ and partner. Why continue to insult Parliament?