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ST edited article wrongly claim WP aims to form govt in next GE

Singapore’s state media ST corrected a commentary that falsely suggested the Workers’ Party would aim to form govt in next GE. The ST acknowledged this error, issued a correction, and apologized after WP Chief Pritam Singh called out the falsehood this morning.



SINGAPORE: Singapore’s state media, The Straits Times, corrected a commentary that falsely suggested the Workers’ Party would aim to form the government in the upcoming General Election (GE).

The ST acknowledged this error, issued a correction, and apologized.

This is after the Lader of the Opposition, Pritam Singh, criticized the misinformation on Wednesday (17 April) morning.

Mr Singh highlighted the unsubstantiated nature of the assertions and warned against their potential to influence swing voters towards the People’s Action Party (PAP).

The WP Chief reiterated the party’s medium-term goal of ensuring that at least one-third of Parliament is not under the control of the PAP, underscoring that a better-balanced political system aligns with Singapore’s fundamental interests.

On 15 April, the Prime Minister’s Office confirmed that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong will step down on the 15th of next month and hand the mantle of leadership to Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Lawrence Wong.

On Wednesday, Singapore state media the Straits Times featured an opinion piece by Dr Gillian Koh, a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Policy Studies at the National University of Singapore, titled  ‘Creating forward momentum for next GE when Lawrence Wong is PM‘.

In this exclusive article for ST subscribers, Dr Koh delved into various aspects of the leadership transition, discussing the anticipated qualities of the new PM, DPM Wong’s immediate priorities, such as forming his first Cabinet and fostering younger political talent, and the socio-economic measures outlined in initiatives like Forward Singapore and the 2024 Budget.

She suggested that DPM Wong should time his first election strategically, taking into account the country’s outlook, global events, and the readiness of the party and its candidates.

In an earlier version, the commentary wrongly claimed that WP would lean towards a strategy of striving to form the government in the next GE.

Dr Koh, along with Singapore Management University’s Associate Professor of Law, Eugene Tan, has frequently contributed to ST’s coverage of Singaporean political affairs, offering insights and analysis on various issues.

In response to Dr Goh’s opinion piece, Mr Singh, also the Member of Parliament for Aljunied GRC, promptly refuted her claim.

He emphasized that until and after the PAP Government announces the formation of the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee, similar unsubstantiated ambitions and agendas attributed to the WP may surface more frequently.

“Perhaps there is a view that such rhetoric will cause swing voters to turn conservative and vote PAP. ”

He reiterated that the WP has openly communicated its electoral agenda for several years, with the medium-term goal of ensuring that at least one-third of Parliament is not under the control of the PAP.

This message has been consistently conveyed by him and other WP MPs both within and outside of Parliament.

“In our view, a better balanced political system is in Singapore’s fundamental interests, and it will play an important role in giving birth to a more united Singapore going forward. ”

“Like many Singaporeans, the WP seeks an evolution, not a revolution of our political system. We will do our best in this endeavour. ”

Dr Gillian Koh personally apologised to Mr Singh

After noticing Mr Singh’s Facebook post, Dr Gillian Koh personally apologised for the issue in a comment on his page.

“I am sorry for any effect you feel it has caused or will cause you and your party’s fortunes. It was certainly not the intent in this article primarily focused on the PAP,” Dr Koh clarified.

In response, Mr Singh expressed gratitude to Dr Koh for the correction.

During the debate on the Singapore President’s speech in April 2023, Mr Singh responded to accusations by DPM Wong, arguing that if the Workers’ Party were merely advocating for populist and unrealistic policies, the Singapore government would not be considering their manifesto ideas on anti-discrimination legislation, minimum wage, and redundancy insurance.

Mr Singh also emphasized the importance of a balanced political system and the necessity for an opposition presence in Parliament.

He clarified that the WP is a small party with a long way to go, and its primary objective is to ensure that at least 1/3 of the seats in Parliament are not in the hands of the ruling party.

He cited an instance from 21 March 2023 when a constitutional amendment was passed with only 67 MPs present, including seven Workers’ Party MPs. Without their presence, the amendment wouldn’t have passed since only 60 PAP MPs were present.

“I want to emphasise that the Workers’ Party’s intention is not to block all changes to the Constitution proposed by a PAP Government. Far from it. ”

“If Constitutional amendments are in the interests of our people, we will support them. But if we assess that proposed changes to the Constitution are detrimental to Singapore and Singaporeans, we will speak against them and vote against them,” said Mr Singh.

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We should understand that most good suggestions put forward by oppositions were not gladly accepted by the ruling govt which is a sad thing looking at the way it had been declined. Some of the good initiatives favour the low salary working class and those facing joblessness. Of course, having accurate media coverage is important so that you don’t be a vehicle to the govt. Expecting the oppositions to form the govt is a little too early unless something seriously gone wrong which provokes people to vote against the present govt.

I read comments here many wants opposition to form the next government.
Smearing and fake news also? Please lah, this is editor thoughts.

ST is the state media and Singapore brand name for years, like our proud DBS and SIA. Cannot let it cease operation and government should support its livelihood at all cost .
This an honest mistake. They no need to talk up wp if they are pap mouthpiece.

If WP can form the next govt, anything wrong? Best man wins !!! tsk tsk tsk

POFMA ST? tsk tsk tsk

Jo Teo: “SPH Media put government funding to good use, but it still has ‘considerable catch-up’ to do

could this be the considerable catch-up?

COMING GE, citizens should NOT ONLY VOTE PAP into ashes, The Shit Times COMPULSORILY FORCED on Sheeps to own and pay MUST BE KILLED TOO.


Come on Shit Times idiots DO NOT Bull shit and PROTECT your LJ PAP Administration rogue bosses.

U are ranked 150 th top prize in the world SPEAKS VOLUMES like your BOSSY Bastard Ministers speak volumes their character when they SNEAKILY rent BUNGALOWS.

Any print organisation, publisher worth it’s salt, Marshall Cavendish, Penguin Books, Dummies, for eg. has a PROOF READING Dept at its Editorial Desk. They ALSO VERIFY news before approval for publish.

U are a BUNCH OF LIARS – simple.

Maybe PS should just declare WP is auxiliary of PAP. Swee boh?

People see you up to have ambition to form the next government. But….but…but PS said my party CMI lah. WP is a small party. Scoring own goal again. Hopeless, when can oppies be smart? Exposing your strength. Rather keep mum. As said, pap thrive because we got lousy opposition.

What wrong WP aims to be the next government? The first step is to deny PAP two third majority. Stopping PAP any how change the constitution.

When the PAP is not in power, many PAP’s MPs will feel the heat in parliament. One by one will step down. Further Reducing PAP control.

Scrap GRC back one to one election. Again no PAP will dare to stand alone.

This is how Oppositions can become the next government.

Just another day, … in the “life” of a shit paper with shit management publishing shit content from shit journalists approved by a shit editor, … destined to be read by shit for brains readers cum subscribers !!!

PS and Workers’ Party should issue POFMA and insist ST print the correction and apology on the front page for the same length of time as the ministers usually impose.

Give them a taste of their own medicine!

But since all opposition is against POFMA, it will not happen.

Perhaps WP & the other parties should rise up to the challenge..

Heard some old uncles and ah sohs in coffeeshops, have been talking about this. Now some younger ones also talking about it. the white termite colony is slowly giving away chances to let another better political party to become the next government. They know that with the current global turmoils, becoming the government of a small country, wihout natural resource and not even a strong workforce, is very difficult in today’s world. When comes to a worst scenario, SGD becomes MYR. When a national press, the ST, can come out with this news, you people can wonder how high is… Read more »

PAP already start the ball rolling just one day after announcing the Ah Wong going to be PM..

PAP already fired the first shot, suan the WP and belittle them to show to the rest of the voters, who intend to vote for the oppo, what kind of ‘liao’ these WP memebers have…..which is BO LIAO EVEN AFTER MORE THAN 50 YRS IN EXISTENCE!
Oppo fucktards this election can jiak……SAI 💩💩LAH!😆😆😆😆😆😆

No offence to WP…Im sure they work hard ..Still, how long more does WP, PSP, SDP etc just want to be co-drivers?
LKY had a point..

Whoever governs Singapore must have that iron in him. Or give it up. This is not a game of cards! This is your life and mine! I’ve spent a whole lifetime building this and as long as I’m in charge, nobody is going to knock it down.

Lee Kuan Yew

Was it a slip or intentional..knowing the outcome of such a “mistake? Surely this veteran journalist should have known better..

The ruthless Singapore PAP dictatorship government won’t allow the ruling Party throne to be scratched away by the opposition parties, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and his ruling PAP government Ministers will issue State of Emergency and sent out police from Singapore Police Force to arrest the opposition PARTIES Members and those who vote for the opposition and beat them to death without mercy

ST that’s why no POFMA. Gahmen pet dog.

ST should be shut down in the interest of taxpayers. $180m a year of PAP propaganda at our costs.

Even if they gog to form. I wouldn’t vote for WP. Why??? They are a worshipper of Pap. If not why you keep following their scandals and style. They anyhow accuse ppl to do call “switchplace” in their cult. WP oso follow suit. So if they are elected, are t they going to do the same thing the PAP is doing … Tell me … No?!?

All cult nonsense so dun tell me to vote. I am an open person. Correct me if I am wrong.

LJ glaring fake mistake. Previously some years ago, also wrote a false article, filled up huge page or pages, on JBJ’ son, something negative, adverse, cornered him unceremoniously, and then later when it has cooled down, the article achieved it’s objectives, publish fake corrections.

F this is PAP narrative – the UNMISTAKABLE DNA is there – whether it’s Leslie Fong or Ignitius Low or Warren Fernández all take ORDERS from Their POLITICAL BOSSES and in this case – worst, right – citizens are shareholders BUT IRONICALLY STRANGLED by PAP.

Even PAP knows how to taunt this WP….oppo loser forever only want to be co-driver.
This time even the co-driver will be kicked out and left to drive PHV or do food delivery instead!
And soon even the FTs will take over these 2 jobs too….making it from 94.5% jobs taken to 99.5% instead!😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣

Hey where is the POFMA?

is it what is good for the GOOSE IS no good FOR THE GANDER?