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Lim Tean mocks DPM Wong’s 2024 Budget as “band-aid”, hints election coming

Peoples Voice leader Lim Tean criticizes Budget 2024 as a “band-aid,” contending it fails to tackle root concerns. He argues that government cash handouts are insufficient to alleviate the cost of living crisis, blaming PAP’s unfair policies.



SINGAPORE: Lim Tean, the leader of the alternative party Peoples Voice (PV), mocked the recent Budget 2024 as a “band-aids budget”, suggesting that it doesn’t address the root causes of Singaporeans’ concerns and only provides temporary relief.

Lim Tean argued that the cash handouts offered by the government are not enough to alleviate the cost of living crisis, which he attributes to the People’s Action Party’s (PAP) unfair policies.

He insinuated that with elections approaching, Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong is akin to “playing Santa Claus,” attempting to appease Singaporeans with cash handouts.

In a Facebook video released on Sunday (18 Feb), Lim Tean showcased PV’s engagement with Singaporeans, emphasizing their presence across various communities.

He highlighted the stark contrast between the festive season and Singaporeans’ mood, noting pervasive anxiety and anger, with little enthusiasm for Lawrence Wong’s budget speech last Friday.

Lim Tean criticized DPM Wong’s cash distribution efforts, asserting that the funds provided are insufficient to alleviate the unprecedented cost-of-living crisis.

Doubts cast on SkillsFuture’s impact on local job prospects

In scrutinizing the SkillsFuture Level-Up Programme within the budget, Lim Tean voiced doubts about its effectiveness in enhancing the employability of local citizens.

Lim Tean claimed that out of 317,000 jobs created in the last two years, approximately 90% went to non-Singaporeans.

“So where is the truth in that PAP’s mantra that said that if we bring in foreign talent, they will create jobs for Singaporeans? ”

Lim Tean described the results of SkillsFuture as “abysmal,” suggesting that the initiative has not delivered the expected outcomes in terms of improving job prospects and career advancement for Singaporeans.

He criticized the government for spending money on the program, referring to it as “throwing good money after bad.”

He reiterated the PV’s stance, advocating for job priority for Singaporeans to mitigate increasing anxiety about job insecurity.

“Otherwise, you are going to see an increasing anxiety on behalf of Singaporeans about job insecurity.”

Examining MOM’s Labour Market Report for 2022 and 2023

A check on the Ministry of Manpower (MOM)’s Labour Marker Report 2022, the total employment for 2022 showed a notable upswing, reaching a record high of 227,800, resulting in a total employment figure of 3,625,100.

Of this growth, resident employment expanded by 26,300, primarily in outward-oriented sectors such as financial services and information and communications. The substantial increase in total employment, however, was largely contributed by non-resident employment (201,600).

MOM in the report clarified that this was mainly attributed to recruiting Work Permit holders in sectors like construction and manufacturing, as businesses filled vacancies after the relaxation of border controls.

The full-year total employment growth in 2023 decreased from 227,800 to 89,400 amidst weaker economic conditions.

employment growth in 2023 was mainly from non-residents, led by the Construction sector, with the continued demand for private and public sector projects.

Source: MOM’s Fourth Quarter 2023 Labour Market Advance Release

Job insecurity concerns

He also highlighted that in a recent NTUC survey, about 40% of Singaporean workers are anxious about job insecurity.

Lim Tean further questioned DPM Wong’s promises to lift Singaporeans’ aspirations, particularly following the Forward Singapore conversation.

He expressed disappointment, stating that he did not hear anything in the budget that addressed these aspirations.

He further implied that DPM Wong’s actions are limited to distributing taxpayers’ money during an election year, hoping to secure votes for the PAP.

Lim Tean, ahead of elections, prompts voters to contemplate critical issues. He questions whether they desire leaders disconnected from the people due to high salaries, a society favouring foreigners in job opportunities, and a future where children face diminished prospects.

He highlights concerns about the soaring cost of public housing, nearing the highest price at S$1.6 million on HDB resale market, leading to a perception of unaffordability among Singaporeans.

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Ah wong arh, we want solutions, not price increase every year

Definitely we need 50% oppies, 50% pappies in the parliament

The more the betterrr and fasterr to serve us all Singaporeans.

what do you think? tsk tsk tsk

they are telling you they are helping Singaporeans solve high cost of living? tsk tsk tsk

Who increase gst to 9% and causes prices to spiral? tsk tsk tsk

Is NO ONE SHOCKED to find that the PAP Administration has NO Huge MONETARY Schemes, Incentives, Provisions for ACTIONS to DRIVE Sheepland forward to IMPROVE our Industries, PRODUCTIVITY, by LEAPS and BOUNDS than always Piece Meals baby steps Here and There to buy Votes?

Goodness – this PAP Administration SORELY, CRUCIALLY playing with MONEY from our very own taxes, to PLAY POLITICS to Crimp a REAL SG Progress – after max out Foreign Trash, max out Rich People welcome, Sheepland IS in Ground Zero, again, and again, and again.

Lawyer Lim Tean found guilty of ‘grossly improper’ conduct in handling S$30,000 belonging to client.

Lim Tean given two more charges, accused of refusing to answer police and pocketing S$5,500.

No wonder LT call this Budget pocket change lah.
Cos he also like to pocket other ppl money!😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣

Of all the oppo garbage must comes out of this chap. Talk about budget this guy had debt collectors went to his law firm to retrieve 5k debts, shared virally in social media if you folks missed it. It is like a crook trying to educate people on ethics. Make me really laugh. Keep quiet maybe you get more votes, the more you talk the more votes you loose. Save your deposit better. This type brings bad name to the opposition fence, rather don’t have him.

what do you expect to get from the same white wine from the same bottle? tsk tsk tsk

can we tell a famous actor Liang Por Por, we need solutions and NOT PRICE INCREASE? !!! What do you think? tsk tsk tsk.

, …… but, to the majority and new converts to this regime, they’ll be rejoicing for believing in their caring, cuddly and caressible leaders, … who’ve gone the extra mile in their chauffeur driven and fully state expensed vehicles, to ease their woes and worrisome lives, … … for a month or three at least !!!

But sadly for you, not one living organism in sg and the rest of reality in the universe will ever see change due to limited lifespan.

Lim Tean is not wrong.
Eg. $200 for nsmen. One-off. What’s the use? If it’s every mth, it’s meaningful. Might as well don’t give and use it to save lives like donate a MRI or other expensive machines for patients ? That would be meaningful and go a long way.

Got foreigners who came here created jobs, the fuzian billionaires.

They created jobs for security personnel, the court judges and defence lawyers.

they also created Jobs for housing agents by buying and renting luxurious homes, gave absd to the pappy government, put money in the banks and bought new cars giving jobs to car sales persons and pay COEs.

Free basic Medicare plus a monthly living allowance of at least S$750/-should instead be offered to all retired true blue seniors to help them live comfortably through this difficult and stressful times which is ironically created by all the “what’s wrong with having more money ” inflationary policies dished out by the incumbent over the last few years.

Laulan Wong heading to the runway now. But maybe he’s only going to be a seat warmer.

Last edited 4 months ago by Mateo

This Budget Paints Law Wong Is NOT his own man.
Forward SG is only a trumpet shout Bull Shit – where art thou those dozens of Remakes Singapore, Restructuring Singapore. Everyone knows those are piles of PAP Administration’s faeces.