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Singapore declares Kenneth Jeyaretnam’s online platforms as Declared Online Locations under POFMA law

Singapore’s government, under POFMA, has designated Reform Party Secretary General, Kenneth Jeyaretnam’s online platforms as DOLs, in response to alleged false information dissemination on these online locations.



The Singaporean Government, under the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act (Pofma), has designated multiple online platforms associated with opposition politician Kenneth Jeyaretnam as Declared Online Locations (DOLs).

This action comes in response to what the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) describes as a history of disseminating false information by Mr Jeyaretnam on these platforms.

The affected online locations include Jeyaretnam’s website, The Ricebowl Singapore (TRS), and his accounts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and ‘X’ (formerly known as Twitter).

Beginning 12 December, for a period of two years, these platforms are required to display a notice indicating their status as DOLs, warning visitors of the alleged history of communicating falsehoods by Mr Jeyaretnam, the secretary-general of the Reform Party.

The MCI’s declaration follows several instances where Mr Jeyaretnam was served with Pofma correction directions, specifically on 16 July, 2 August, 22 August, 30 August, and 2 November.

The MCI claims that Mr Jeyaretnam has made and shared multiple false claims regarding various government policies and processes, including fiscal and manpower policies, as well as investigation practices of the Singapore Police Force and the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau, and state property rentals.

Under Pofma, an online platform can be declared a DOL if it disseminates three or more different false statements of fact that have been subject to Pofma directions within a six-month period.

The act prohibits operators of these DOLs from deriving financial or any other material benefit from them. Violations can result in severe penalties, including fines of up to S$40,000 or imprisonment for individuals and fines up to S$500,000 for companies.

Additionally, service providers, such as digital advertising agencies, are mandated to ensure that their paid content is not available on these DOLs in Singapore.

The public and companies are advised against financially supporting these platforms if it involves promoting falsehoods in Singapore, as they may face similar penalties to those imposed on operators for violations.

The Online Citizen Asia (TOC) has also been subjected to similar measures, with its website and social media accounts declared DOLs from 22 July 2023 to 21 July 2025.

The government can order internet intermediaries to disable access to a DOL if the owner does not comply with the declaration. Failure to comply can lead to fines of up to S$20,000 per day, capping at S$500,000.

Operators or editors of DOLs have the right to apply to the MCI to vary or cancel the declaration. Should the minister refuse the application, an appeal can be made to the High Court, though it might be considered largely ineffectual given the current wording of the law.

In response to this declaration, Mr Jeyaretnam has shared news articles about the event, referencing the name “Barbra Streisand.”  This alludes to the Streisand effect, a phenomenon where attempts to hide or censor information paradoxically increase awareness of that information.

Mr Jeyaretnam has been in the spotlight this year for raising the issue of Ridout Road rentals involving Ministers K Shanmugam and Vivian Balakrishnan, which led to a parliamentary session where members of the People’s Action Party defended the two ministers.

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Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Singapore PAP government Ministers are going to send out Singapore Police Forces from island wide to beat those opposition parties and those who vote for opposition parties to death

small fry they also wanna “fix”. sad and cowardly.

Correct, pap does not represent Singapore and definitely not Singaporeans.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Vote them out!

Die loh..fat fuck
In a attempt to discredit the ministers renting B&W bungalows, fat fuck never in his dreams thought the establishment would go all out to defend the ministers and ‘FIX’ him instead!

So what about the local support ,fat fuck Jeya thought he could harnass?

None came up with the balls to support him but rather left him to die out there on his own!

So lesson here is what?
Don’t mess with PAP Elites or you will get FIXED as so promised by ‘someone’ years ago!😆😆😆😆

1. GROSS ABUSE of Power.
2. MISUSE of laws in the name of Security – whose security?
3. HARASSMENT of citizens Rights.
4. INSTILL FEAR among POPULATION for the sake of PAP and NOT for the LOVE of Nationalism for Singapore.

Always bringing ill repute to the State by their actions.

I always like to read POFMAed articles because I want to know what PAP was trying to hide.

One asks, Is this PAP Administration, guardians of information, deciders of facts, to allow for readers discretion to exercise maturity, free thinking, OR they are MURDERERS of freedoms of choice to read anything one chooses.

Besides, they ARE seems to be OBSCENE LIARS when state control media publishes ALL SORTS of FAKES allowed to go on RELENTLESSLY unpunished.

Trump is behind time being lauded as an American dictator.

POFMA, an institution of democracy? People are ULTRA STUPID to believe and endorse this.

And Million Dollars Salaries Politicians need a POFMA to secure legitimacy? God must be crying out for His Sheeps.

Now Lawrence Wong, future PM can put out a statement “…rumours of circuit breaker measures and posts of him endorsing products are fake”

O He has the Rights to refute naysayers. How about the ppl on the ground. Or the matter in school when media put out statement or show on anyone they like without their consent. How do the ppl dispute that?!?

Dun ask me to respect ppl who has no respect for others. Then hide behind a monikers, just becos of their cult to go around looking for scapegoats or show pawn stars!

I mentioned before Pofma and not changing my opinion. A tool of dictators who wanna control speech and sue ppl. It is not a tools that anyone can use. Created for specific group of ppl to use! “Serve the country somemore” more likely serving themselves!

Because this POFMA thing is meaningless to most of us, KJ should just comply so that he is not deprived of his channels to put forward his thoughts to his supporters and hopefully gain new supporters too. Frankly, this POFMA thing is becoming very boring and not taken seriously by right thinking Singaporeans. Personally, I ignore it (POFMA) totally. I am only interested to read what those POFMAed had written. A good example is how Putin is using all means to suppress his main opposition, Alexie Navalny and now he (Navalny) is reported missing and uncontactable by his team. Do… Read more »

Again, there are 2 ways to gain the People’s Trust:

1) do one’s best and quantified why one is deserving of the Ownself awarded Ownself million$ salary (and/or b/w bungalows, No Blaming Culture excuse, 10 strikes still not out, etc.); or
2) make the other party look more incompetent than oneself.

Guess which is the usual playbook of the White Monkeys camp?

Gunning for Oppies season – the usual indication that Elections is in the air (probably in the next 6 months or so). Failure to bring down the big-fish oppies, so lan-lan eat the smaller fishes also better than nothing to show for, hor?

So long as it’s a given, … and acknowledged by those with some grey matter up top, that POFMA is this regime’s “persecution cum prohibitive tool” against online material posited by opposition or critics of this regime, … then let them have their “fun” !!!

In an ideal world, … the ShittyTimes should be a designated DOL too !!!

Butts, … we’s not in an ideal world, we’s in SillyPore !!!

This is nauseous. I want to throw up. It is a human rights violation against the citizens and persecution of KJ. As long as 74% Stepford wives remain in their harem, the 26% and our tiny red dot suffers.

KGB had been following thru out .

Dont obstruct the 60 getting prosperous.

One hardly thinks Kenneth is depending on advertising revenue from his online platforms.

somehow i thank pofma for informing us alternative news.
without pofma we would not know kenneth’s and other’s online platforms.

And what Happen to the Iswaran case?!?

PAPPies case not so diligent … No reports even on the case?!? Is it too BiG?!?