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High Commissioner for human rights at the United Nations resigns over Palestine genocide concerns

Craig Mokhiber, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, resigns, decrying the UN’s inability to prevent what he labels as genocide in Palestine.

He emphasizes the ongoing persecution and “systematic cleansing” of the Palestinian people.



NEW YORK, UNITED STATES: Craig Mokhiber, the High Commissioner for Human Rights at the United Nations, has tendered his resignation, citing the failure of the international organization to prevent what he describes as genocide in Palestine.

Mokhiber submitted his resignation letter on Saturday (28 Oct), and his departure comes amid growing global concerns over the situation in the region.

As cited from The Guardian and Middle East Monitor on Tuesday (31 Oct), in his resignation letter, Mokhiber declared, “The mass killings of the Palestinian people we witness today, rooted in an ethno-nationalist colonial-settler ideology, represent a continuation of decades of persecution and systematic cleansing.” He went on to state, “This is a case of genocide.”

Mokhiber’s strong words have reverberated across the international community.

On Monday (30 Oct), Craig Mokhiber took to X platform, @CraigMokhibe, to voice his concerns.

He asserted that the genocide occurring in Gaza was a direct result of the impunity granted to Israel by the United States and Western governments for decades, as well as the decades-long dehumanization of the Palestinian people by Western corporate media. He urged people to stand up for human rights.

Mokhiber’s resignation letter also contained a controversial call for the establishment of a single, democratic, secular state in the entire historical Palestine region, ensuring equal rights for Christians, Muslims, and Jews. He also emphasized the need to dismantle highly racist groups, and colonial settlement projects, and end apartheid throughout the country.

In his letter, Mokhiber criticized Western countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, for arming Israel during the ongoing conflict and failing to fulfil their obligations under the Geneva Conventions.

Hillary Clinton opposes Gaza ceasefire

It is worth noting that former U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has taken a different stance on the Gaza ceasefire.

As cited from The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday (31 Oct), she argued against a ceasefire, asserting that those who call for it do not understand Hamas and that a ceasefire would only benefit the group by allowing them to build up their armaments during the pause.

Hillary Clinton is not alone in opposing a Gaza ceasefire.

Earlier, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak also rejected a ceasefire but expressed support for a specific “pause” to allow humanitarian aid.

This is not the first time Craig Mokhiber has spoken out about the Palestinian issue.

He has been active on social media, openly criticizing those who reject resolutions to protect Palestinian civilians amidst the ongoing Hamas-Israel conflict. Mokhiber has consistently denied that criticizing Israeli human rights violations is tantamount to anti-Semitism.

Destruction is evident throughout Gaza as Palestinian residents desperately search for survivors and are forced to navigate through the rubble left behind after Israeli airstrikes. (Photo: AP/Ali Mahmoud)

Longtime UN veteran and human rights specialist

Craig Mokhiber has been associated with the United Nations since 1992 and has held various key positions within the organization. During those years, he had also lived in Gaza. He was a specialized international human rights lawyer.

In his role as the Director of the High Commissioner’s New York office, Mokhiber frequently faced criticism from pro-Israel groups for his statements on social media.

He often expressed support for the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement and referred to Israel’s actions as apartheid.

A spokesperson for the United Nations in New York confirmed Mokhiber’s resignation, stating, “I can confirm that he will be retiring today.

He informed the United Nations in March 2023 about his upcoming retirement, which will be effective tomorrow.”

The spokesperson clarified that Mokhiber’s resignation letter reflects his personal views.

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for once in recent years, i agree with Killary Clinton.

Kudos to Craig Mokhiber. He is right in all he says. There can only be one secular state as it was prior to 1948. HC caused the death of the US ambassador in Libya. She has no right to support the genocide in GAZA but perhaps does so like many western leaders because their political funding comes from the Zionists. Singapore has taken all the right steps in this Zionists/Hamas war. The next step is to pull out our ambassador in Israel as protest against the genocide.

That why I say there is NO WHITE! Ppl see something wrong with the system with genocide and so on YET can’t fixed it. Leaders with Empire can go around killing innocent ppl as and when they pleased.