UIA-IROL stresses Singapore Law Society’s duty to support legal professionals in M Ravi Case

International lawyers group UIA-IROL voiced grave concerns over Mr Ravi’s “disproportionate and unfair” 21-day imprisonment in a letter to LawSoc on Monday.

UIA-IROL urged LawSoc to ensure Mr Ravi’s access to chosen legal representation and advocated for mental health support due to his acknowledged illness.

Mr Ravi was recently released from imprisonment on Wednesday (22 Nov).

Japan women prisoners suffer serious abuse: HRW

Japan, accused by Human Rights Watch, denies mistreating women in prisons. Allegations include handcuffing during pregnancy and separation from newborns.

HRW raises concerns about the traumatic separation of mothers and infants, an aging prison population, and non-violent crimes leading to imprisonment due to a lack of alternatives.

Gaza’s al-Shifa Hospital struggles to save newborns amidst power shortages and ongoing Israeli-Hamas clashes

Staff at Gaza’s al-Shifa Hospital is in a critical battle to sustain newborns’ lives amidst ongoing Israel- Hamas clashes.

Tragically, six premature babies and nine intensive care patients have succumbed to oxygen deprivation due to fuel depletion affecting the hospital’s generator. Currently, over 60 patients are in intensive care, with 30 infants in the premature ward and over 500 patients in the dialysis department.

Genocide & ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in Gaza by zionist state of Israel

In response to Ho Ching’s Facebook post on 16 Oct, this writer urges a reevaluation of the Gaza conflict, criticizing Israel’s heavy-handed tactics and the West’s silence on Palestinian suffering, contrasting it with the outcry over Ukraine. He advocates for Singapore’s principled stance at the UN and calls for regional solidarity amidst escalating tensions.

More than 20,000 wounded people still in Gaza: MSF

Over 20,000 wounded remain trapped in Gaza despite initial evacuations. Doctors Without Borders calls for more evacuations, a ceasefire, and critical aid, emphasizing the right to leave and return.