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Progress Singapore Party condemns violence in the Middle East, endorses two-state solution for lasting peace

The Progress Singapore Party (PSP) condemned violence in the Middle East, emphasizing protection for both Israeli and Palestinian civilians. They support Singapore’s stance on a two-state solution.



SINGAPORE: The Progress Singapore Party (PSP) took to their official Facebook page on Monday, sounding a clarion call against the escalating violence impacting innocent civilians in the Middle East.

In their statement, the PSP emphasized, “The PSP unequivocally condemns violence against innocent civilians. The lives of both Israeli and Palestinian civilians must be protected.”

The party urged Hamas to return all civilian hostages immediately and unconditionally. Concurrently, they called upon Israel to adhere to international laws, including the Geneva Conventions and the UN Charter, especially while defending its citizens and territorial integrity. The PSP reiterated their endorsement of Singapore’s long-standing position advocating for a two-state solution as the cornerstone for lasting peace in the Middle East.

This proclamation from the PSP emerged in the aftermath of Singapore’s affirmative vote for a UN resolution designed to protect civilians amidst the harrowing conflict unfolding in the Gaza Strip.

During the emergency session at the United Nations General Assembly on 27 October, the resolution garnered the support of 120 countries. However, 14 nations, including Israel and the United States, opposed it, while 45 countries chose to abstain.

This resolution underscores the urgency of protecting civilians during armed confrontations and highlights the deepening crisis following the Hamas-initiated attack on Israel on the 7th of October.

A cornerstone of the resolution is its outright denunciation of “all acts of violence targeting Palestinian and Israeli civilians”. This encompasses acts of terrorism, random attacks, as well as provocations, incitements, and destruction.

The international community is ardently advocating for an immediate and enduring truce, emphasizing the critical need for all parties to adhere to international laws. The resolution further emphasizes the consistent provision of essential goods and services to the beleaguered civilians of the Gaza Strip.

Disturbing figures have surfaced since the intensification of the conflict on 7 October. Health ministries from both Gaza and Israel have reported over 3,257 child fatalities – a heart-wrenching statistic that overshadows the number of children lost in global armed confrontations over the last three years.

Children, tragically, constitute over 40% of the 8,005 deaths in Gaza and represent a significant portion of casualties across the occupied Palestinian territories and Israel. A further grim detail reveals that an estimated 1,000 children remain unaccounted for in Gaza, believed to be buried beneath debris.

On the fateful day of 7 October, the Hamas attack resulted in 1,400 casualties, as reported by Israel.

In an interview with UN News, Francesca Albanese, a UN Human Rights Council-appointed expert, expressed the profound pain and trauma experienced by Israelis, emphasizing the magnitude of their suffering.

While recognizing their agony, she echoed the UN chief’s sentiments, noting that the aggressive attacks by Hamas on 7 October were not isolated incidents. Albanese pointed out the prolonged suffering of Gazans, who have endured five devastating wars and an ongoing blockade, confining 2.2 million people.

Since the start of the latest conflict, Gazans have been subjected to relentless bombardments, averaging 6,000 bombs weekly.

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Those who are not sure . go read history books.

UN should tell Iran to pay for Israel damages and innocent lives killed due to the funding of Hamas terrorists. UN should arrest Iran terrorists leaders. What do you think?

Two state solution is ACCEPTING and RECOGNISING the theft of Palestinian land.

Did you know religion of peace strikes 2nd time?

Do you want 3rd time to happen ?

Did you forget to mention Israel should send the bill to Iran for all the damages for funding terrorists?

Did you know ? Palestine was not born yet during King David’s time?
1) 1700 BC = King Saul, King David and King Solomon conquer the land of Israel. Palestine was not there during that time.
2) Go to youtube =

2) Romans conquer part of Israel land in 63 BC. Romans rename Judah to Palestine in 63BC

What do youth think?

Israel is known to have advanced technology. All it had to do was to identify all the criminals who killed the 1400 people on Occupied Lands and place them in the terrorist group with Interpol and all law enforcement agencies in the world. Now without knowing the actual identities and confirming their hideout, bombing GAZA is reactive behaviour. It is Genocide against the Palestinians. It is inhuman and disappointing for world leaders to support Israel ‘s actions. Biden, Rishi Sunak, Macron and Trudeau seem to be supporting the massacre of the Palestinians. China, Ireland and Norway are the only countries… Read more »

When Greed is involve. Two State oso NOT ENOUGH lor … Multiple Corruption is the Result.