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Leong Mun Wai: Jail terms for 5 in S$3B money laundering case ‘not severe enough’

PSP’s NCMP Leong Mun Wai deems jail terms for the 5 convicted in Singapore’s S$3 billion money laundering case “not severe enough.” Acknowledging authorities’ efforts, he urges stronger anti-money laundering measures for true justice.



SINGAPORE: Mr Leong Mun Wai, Non-Constituency Member of Parliament (NCMP) from Progress Singapore Party (PSP), expressed his view that the jail terms handed down to the five individuals convicted in Singapore’s landmark S$3 billion money laundering case are “not severe enough.”

He emphasized that under the Corruption, Drug Trafficking and Other Serious Crimes (Confiscation of Benefits) Act (CDSA), offenders could face a maximum imprisonment term of up to 10 years.

While acknowledging the commendable efforts of the authorities in successfully uncovering the case, he argued that Singapore would not be adequately honouring their “hard work unless we seriously strengthen our deterrents against money laundering.”

Earlier, Mr Leong had filed a Parliamentary question (PQ) to Home Affairs Minister K. Shanmugam, inquiring whether sentences for offences under the CDSA have sufficiently deterred individuals from engaging in money laundering; and if not, whether the Government will consider strengthening the sentencing regime.

Shanmugam: MHA to table bill to strengthen Singapore’s money laundering enforcement

In response, Minister Shanmugam on Wednesday (8 May) affirmed that the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) will introduce a Bill during an upcoming parliamentary session to amend the CDSA.

This amendment aims to bolster law enforcement agencies’ capabilities in pursuing and prosecuting individuals involved in money laundering offences.

The proposed Bill will additionally grant sectoral regulators access to Suspicious Transaction Reports submitted by the entities they oversee.

Minister Shanmugam explained that under the CDSA, offenders may face imprisonment ranging from 3-10 years, fines ranging between S$150,000 and S$500,000, or both, depending on the nature of the money laundering offences.

Regarding the S$3 billion money laundering case, Mr Shanmugam mentioned that the courts likely took into account factors such as the defendants’ early admission of guilt, which helped conserve public resources by avoiding protracted legal proceedings.

The courts would have also taken into account the agreement by the foreigners involved for most of the seized funds to be forfeited to the state.

Mr Shanmugam noted: “So far, the sentences meted out by the Singapore Courts have been comparable to those in other jurisdictions.

“And, like other foreigners convicted of serious offences in Singapore, these offenders will be deported after serving their sentence and will be banned from re-entering Singapore.”

He emphasized that the threat of imprisonment serves as a significant deterrent against money laundering.”

NCMP Leong urges strengthening deterrents against money laundering

Commenting on the Minister’s response, Mr Leong noted in a Facebook post on Friday that the Minister provided a written answer to his Parliamentary question because it was not addressed during Question Time.

He added that had his PQ been answered orally in the House, he would have further asked the Minister about the specific types of money laundering crimes the Government envisaged would warrant a maximum sentence when proposing the range of jail terms under Sections 54 and 55 of the CDSA.

He also mentioned that since the CDSA amendment bill will soon be debated in Parliament, he plans to bring up these concerns in the House and anticipates receiving direct answers from the Minister.

Additionally, he commended the hard work of many officers in the Home Team for uncovering the S$3 billion money laundering case.

“I recognise their efforts and applaud them for a job well done. We would not be doing justice to their hard work unless we seriously strengthen our deterrents against money laundering.”

Singaporean community shocked by wealth amassed by the ten accused in S$3 billion money laundering case

10 Fujian-origin individuals were apprehended in an islandwide police operation in August 2023, following approximately two years of investigative efforts prompted by tipoffs regarding potential illicit activities involving a group of foreign nationals.

Subsequent legal actions led to the imprisonment of five individuals as of last month.

Notably, Su WenqiangSu HaijinWang BaosenSu Baolin, and Zhang Ruijin received jail sentences ranging from 13 to 15 months for their involvement in money laundering activities.

Su Wenqiang and Wang were deported to Cambodia by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority on Monday (6 May) and are prohibited from re-entering Singapore.

Vang Shuiming (王水明),  also implicated in the S$3 billion money laundering case, is scheduled to enter his guilty pleas on 15 May.

The accused individuals had amassed substantial wealth, not only investing in existing companies but also founding their ventures, fostering diverse networks within the country.

Furthermore, these individuals were involved in local charitable activities and led lavish lifestyles, contributing donations to causes like the President’s Challenge and ComChest.

It was revealed that some of the accused in the S$3 billion money laundering case, are wanted by Chinese authorities for their involvement in various unlawful activities, such as illegal gambling or fraud.

A comparison with Chinese media reports suggests that Chinese authorities have sought some of these suspects for their alleged involvement in criminal activities dating back to 2015.

In 2015,  the Guiyang County Public Security Bureau discovered that Su Jianfeng, along with other individuals, Wang Dehai, Su Wenqiang, Wang Huoqiang, and Su Yongcan were suspects of a major crime, and they were fugitives at that time.

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This sgov is partly to blame…so greedy ..just rolling out the red carpet for these HNWIs w/o stringent checks…so perhaps that’s why the sentencing is light…otherwise who knows what “secrets” may see the light of day ..
For sure deals were struck….for their silence ???

It is very difficult not to believe some “arrangement” was concocted with the very lenient jail terms.

There are still others who will probably admit guilt and also probably receive comparable jail terms.

I won’t hold my breath to see a tougher jail term being meted out.

so-called penalties are an absolute embarassment, perversion of justice…btw, 13mos. seems to be outside of 3-10yr sentencing guidelines (or is that the famed Singaporean math?)…frankly speaking why wouldn’t someone commit the crime taking into account the chances of china catching you against a paltry 13mo. sentence, and you get to keep 10% of what the gahmen takes…simple maths

Of course, it is not severe pap don’t even have proper laws dealing with these money launders, they are only formulating the bills after all these years of laundering.

The other reasons there sentences are not severe could also be that pap is the ones who welcome them with their dubious money. Having laws severe enough could mean pap get their own ass into trouble too.

Deals were made i presume.
We wont kno the whole outcome..
Country’s secrets…

Uncle Sam may be watching how the regime manages this world wide money laundering problem .One should not rule out the possibility that uncle may have taken appropriate measures including covet and under cover, to single out those SG banks who are guilty of that offence and apply painful penalties similar to what they did in the Keppel corruption case.Apart from the above uncle may also look into whatever illegal laundered moneys which are confiscated by SG government to ensure that the loots are given to appropriate international agencies to manage.

Of cos, low jail terms. They sole purpose as a reality show was to pretend be caught and transferred ill gotten money for their “white” to wayang their reality show. No?!?

In show biz toooooo looooong. Staged show and Reality show just need a good directors and support stuff to make it happen. Do you want to be caught in their Reality Show for their Agenda?!?

Horses for courses, I suppose.

Try holding up a placard with nothing on it, in front of parliament, if you manage to get that far, … and watch the no expense spared operation involved in apprehending the “security threat” and the sentencing cum fine, or both involved !!!

SillyPore is more “geared up” in its fight against “activism/protests/assemblies” rather than “grand scale” money laundering !!!

Horses for courses, I suppose.

Mr. Leong, there are a lot of PRC new citizen in SG, they are PAP favourite. It may affect your vote count.

I would suggest just keep the billions $ and deport them. Save SG taxpayers money to feed them.

Why are we jailing them in Singapore? Deport. Deport. Deport.

I’m sure Xi Jinping will be waiting for them at the airport with a beautiful decorated placard with their names and respective sentences written on it.

Mainland China has thousands of “blacksite” prisons that “don’t exist”, let them handle these criminals.

Last edited 9 days ago by Blankslate

If they want to prosecute they will go all out. If they don’t want, you can see the ‘Bo Chap’ nature.

And not forgetting that those billions dollars confiscated what if China said it’s cheated from its citizens and asked side the billions back. Then those ten odd months of jail is as good as not punishing them.

Should lock them up for minimum 5 to 10 years or more

It’s not “not severe enough”. It’s an open invitation to the world’s big money launderers that they’re welcomed here. Just don’t get caught and can live a life of luxury and spend money like waterfall

Last edited 10 days ago by Singapore Fooled Again n Again