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Singapore authorities scrutinizing assets and family ties of foreign suspects in S$1.8 billion case

Singaporean authorities are intensifying their scrutiny of the S$1.8 billion money laundering case, extending investigations to individuals linked to the ten Fujian-origin accused.

Several suspects have been sought by Chinese authorities since 2015. Intriguingly, some are members of Sentosa Golf Club, or hold pivotal positions as shareholders or directors in Singapore-based companies.



SINGAPORE: As Singaporean authorities delve deeper into the high-profile S$1.8 billion money laundering case, they are investigating individuals connected to the ten accused of Fujian origin.

This investigation includes scrutinizing their ties to the assets they own and the businesses they are associated with.

On 27 August, the Ministry of Law issued a notice to dealers of precious metals and stones, urging them to review their records for potential suspicious transactions involving the names of 34 individuals, including the 10 who were arrested.

The ten individuals, including nine men and one woman aged between 31 and 44, were apprehended during an islandwide raid on 15 August conducted by over 400 officers led by the Commercial Affairs Department (CAD).

These individuals possess diverse nationalities but share a common Fujian origin.

During a recent court hearing, the prosecution disclosed that the suspects include wives and relatives of the 10 accused.

The prosecutor also revealed that some of the accused are wanted by Chinese authorities for their involvement in various unlawful activities, such as illegal gambling or fraud.

A comparison with Chinese media reports suggests that some of these suspects have been sought by Chinese authorities for their alleged involvement in criminal activities dating as far back as 2015.

Notably, among these suspects, some hold memberships at the prestigious Sentosa Golf Club or occupy key roles as shareholders or directors in Singapore-based companies.

Some suspects wanted by Chinese authorities since 2015

In 2015,  the Guiyang County Public Security Bureau discovered that Wang Dehai, Su Jianfeng, Su Wenqiang, Wang Huoqiang, and Su Yongcan were suspects of a major crime, and they were fugitives at that time.

In a noteworthy connection to the current S$1.8 billion case in Singapore, Wang Dehai (王德海), Su Jianfeng (苏剑锋), and Su Wenqiang (苏文强) are among the ten individuals arrested and charged.

Su Yongcan (苏永灿)

Su Yongcan (苏永灿), aged 33, has garnered attention in the ongoing investigation.

According to information reported by the Straits Times, Su Yongcan is a shareholder of Craft Digital, a company based in Singapore’s Millenia Tower.

What adds intrigue to this situation is that Su Yongcan’s registered address is South Beach Residences, which happens to be in the same condominium complex as Wu Shuiying, an individual associated with the 10 accused in the case.

Further connections emerge as it’s revealed that Su Yongcan is a member of the Sentosa Golf Club.

Interestingly, several others within the alleged network, including Su Haijin and Su Baolin, are also members of this club. Su Haijin and Su Baolin were arrested on 15 August raid as part of the investigation.

Chinese authorities have been seeking Su Yongcan due to his involvement in a gambling syndicate uncovered back in 2015.

It’s worth noting that, according to information from the Singapore Eye, his hometown is also Anxi County, Fujian, and he retains a distinct Fujian accent.

Intriguingly, there’s a pattern emerging where some of those arrested and currently under investigation by Singaporean police, such as Chen Qingyuan (陈清远), also hails from Anxi, further deepening the connections within this complex web of individuals.

Another individual, Wang Huoqiang (王火强), has emerged as another suspect connected to the group of 10 accused individuals.

Like Su Yongcan, he is also wanted by Guiyang police due to his involvement in a gambling syndicate exposed in 2015.

Wang Shuiting (王水挺)

Wang Shuiting’s brother is Vang Shuiming, also known as Wang Shuiming (王水明), another one of the 10 accused.

Wang Shuiting, who is also a member of the Sentosa Golf Club, is wanted by the Chinese authorities for his involvement in the Heng Bo Bao Wang (恒博包网) gambling syndicate, which was uncovered in May 2022.

His brother, Shuiming, is also wanted in China, allegedly for the same reason.

Chinese authorities issued notice to Wang’s Brother on the same day as Singapore’s islandwide raid

Interestingly, On 15 August, the same day the Singapore authorities conducted the islandwide raid, the Boshan Sub-bureau of the Zibo Municipal Public Security Bureau issued a notice urging Wang Shuiming and 9 other individuals to return to the country and surrender themselves.

The Chinese enforcement said they successfully dismantled the Hengbo Online Gambling Group, which was engaged in the development and maintenance of gambling websites, applications, and online gambling platforms for profit.

Chinese police said a total of 131 criminal suspects were arrested, and over 10 million yuan of assets related to the case were seized, frozen, or recovered. As of now, there are still 9 criminal suspects involved in the case illegally staying abroad, including Wang Shuiming and Wang Shuiting.

Wang Ruiyan, wife of Vang Shuiming

Wang Ruiyan, who is married to Vang Shuiming, has also been identified as a suspect in the case. She shares the same registered address, 7B Bishopsgate, where her husband was arrested on 15 August.

Wang Ruiyan holds director positions in two Singaporean companies, Ming Huang Investments and Ming Huang Management.

Police investigations have previously disclosed that Vang, a 42-year-old Turkish national originally from Fujian, China, had over S$200 million in assets confiscated by authorities, which included a staggering S$962,000 in cash discovered at his residence.

The prosecutor further revealed in the High Court that Vang had acquired a total of 11 properties.

The prosecutor unveiled evidence suggesting a close association between Vang and two co-accused individuals: Su Haijin, a Cypriot national, and Su Baolin, a Cambodian national.

Wu Qin (伍琴)

Wu Qin, who married Su Haijin on Valentine’s Day in 2019, was found to reside at 16 Ewart Park, the very residence from which her husband attempted to flee during the police raid.

Wu Qin serves as a director in two companies: Hirohisa Vending and Culbert Management.

Notably, J.J., a Shanghai-born Singaporean resident reported to be a director or secretary of 185 companies in Singapore, holds the position of secretary at Hirohisa Vending.

Ma Ning(马宁)

Ma Ning is the wife of Su Baolin.

Authorities have taken control of nearly $100 million worth of assets, including $57 million in properties, $33.6 million in bank accounts, and $4.9 million worth of vehicles, belonging to Su Baolin and Ma Ning.

Ma Ning resides in Gramercy Park, a condominium on Grange Road, which is also the registered address of Su Haijin.

Name of Wu Qin and Ma Ning, along with their husbands, were mentioned in a 2021 article on Singapore’s Sian Chay Medical Institution website.

The article expressed gratitude, stating, ‘Special thanks to the families of Su Haijin and Ms. Wu Qin (伍琴), the families of Su Baolin and Ma Ning (马宁), and the families of Zhang Ruijin and Lin Baoying.’

Su Haijin, Su Baolin, Zhang Ruijin and Lin Baoying, are four among the ten arrested suspects in the recent high-profile case.

Chen Qiuyan

Chen Qiuyan’s registered address is a unit at 8 Saint Thomas, a condominium in River Valley, where Su Jianfeng resided.

Chen Qiuyan holds director positions in two companies: Qingfeng Assets and Qingfeng Investment.

Wang Qiujiao

Wang Qiujiao serves as the director of two Singaporean companies: King Shine Capital and King Shine Consulting.

Her registered address is a condominium unit at New Futura, the same unit that Chen Qingyuan purchased in 2018 for $10.2 million, according to The Business Times.

King Shine Capital is also a shareholder in Pinkee, where Chen Qingyuan, one of the individuals arrested in the Singapore raid, is a director.

Su Caihuang

Su Caihuang resides in the same unit at The Marq on Paterson Hill, which Wang Dehai allegedly acquired using $23 million from his criminal activities.

Su Caihuang holds director roles in two companies in Singapore: Horizon Win and Horizon Win Management.

 He Huifang

He Huifang is the wife of Wang Baosen, who faces two money laundering charges in Singapore.

She owns Hui Xia Technology Investment, established to secure her employment pass in Singapore.

Authorities have seized or placed prohibition of disposal orders on assets worth more than $18 million, including a black Toyota Alphard valued at $284,000, over $3.3 million across four bank accounts, and a property worth $14.76 million.

These assets were linked to Wang Baosen, his wife, and Hui Xia Technology Investment.

He Huifang’s registered address is a condominium on Tomlinson Road, where Wang Baosen was arrested on 15 August.

Su Lihong

Su Lihong holds director positions in two Singaporean companies: Lihong Investment Management and Lihong Investment.

His registered residence is 40 Belmont Road, as per records from the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority.

Other Associates:

In addition to the individuals mentioned above, there are several other associates in this complex network, including Su Yanping, Chen Lingling, Chen Qingqing, Wang Liyun, Su Jianhua, Wu Shuiying, Wu Bihua, Chen Qiuxiang, Chen Mulin, Liu Jiarong, Chen Peiyong, Chen Zhiqiang, and Wang Bingang.

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From the above, there are at least 15 companies mentioned. Who knows whether there will be more being uncovered. Maybe this is what our Pappy government claims that foreigners are creating good jobs for Singaporeans with so many companies set up.


Imagine, … had the tip~off being from CommChina officials, and now there’s all this grandstanding and showboating from SillyPore and it’s investigative arm/s, … as to it’s prowess and performance capabilities !!!

These “officials” must be totally and entirely pissed, which will be off the Richter scale, and, … more aware now, of SillyPore’s ownself credit and praise ownself dna !!!

It goes back to the Yishun MP, as to how visas are given out to foreigners. If you are a foreigner, you have to show valid visas before you can sign a Tenancy Agreement, failing which the Landlord can be jailed for illegally housing foreigners. So since many have been here for many years, who has been issuing the visas and has that person in ICA been arrested? The news is about the foreigners but not about the failure of our own law enforcement especially the ICA. The price fluctuations in GCBs and high end properties shows that there may… Read more »

PAP spends a lot of time and public resources to identify people who are against them.
Then they spend a lot of tine and money to sue them in court, POFMA and pay people
to discredit them.

No time to monitor other things…
money laundering
electric PMDs
expired road tax
company hire CECA

all this no time..


because launder money etc can boost GDP growth by 1%… and minster’s bonus is
tied to GDP growth…

Always a money trail..

If want to catch….all guilty…from money exchangers, banks, perious stones jewellery dealers, property agents, lawyers, money traders, business associates, art dealers, watch dealers etc etc even maybe even some senior civil servants….paper trails longer than going round the world 10 times.
Your Changi resort got enough ‘space’ or not??
If not can put some in those palatial B&W bungalows? Afterall, SLA was renting them out AT BELOW MARKET RATE FOR 2 CLOWNS !😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣

Nowadays lots of blame pushing and lots of Tai-Chi masters in the government.
They talk about accountability and transparency but practice the opposite. The elephant in the room was singing and dancing but they claim the otherwise. Let’s face it, the KOM saga was flagged by overseas referees then only the government decided to act. Now this? I won’t be surprised if these clowns get off with a fine or a stern warning.
A cesspit for criminals especially minted ones.

It cannot be SG authorities with huge resources at their disposal not able to detect these syndicates and criminals wanted by foreign countries. Movements in and out of SG, moving tens to hundreds of millions in cash, holding high positions in SG companies, owning luxurious cars, high end club memberships, lavish partying, etc.

Banks have failed to spot them for so long and then pushing the dirty jobs of tracing and reporting them to lawyers, accountants and even individual property agents, who have the least resources amongst the lots

China has a 1000 Talent program 千人计划 . Many China citizens now residing and working overseas are selling trade secrets back to China to win the prize and start their own business copying the tech of Western countries in which they work in the companies there. There are many such cases of industrial trade secrets being copied and sold to China by those born in China residing overseas. Singapore has many PhDs working in Intellectual property related work in sg. How do we know if any patents or secrets have been stolen? This is a technical question and not allegation.… Read more »