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Progress Singapore Party emphasizes necessity of compassion in Labour Day Message

Progress Singapore Party’s Secretary General Hazel Poa calls for a living wage, more support for the unemployed, and enhanced work-life balance in her Labour Day message, urging immediate government action to support Singapore’s workers.



In a heartfelt Labour Day address, Ms Hazel Poa, Secretary General of the Progress Singapore Party (PSP), extended warm wishes to all Singaporeans and underlined the essential role of workers in building the nation.

“Today, we celebrate the hard-working and dedicated individuals who are integral to our nation’s success,” Ms Poa stated.

She reaffirmed PSP’s dedication to advocating for workers’ rights and welfare across Singapore. The message emphasized the necessity of compassion in economic progress and the government’s role in safeguarding workers’ interests.

The PSP Secretary General specifically addressed the need for a living wage in various economic sectors and stronger support systems for lower-income workers.

“We believe the economy must serve Singaporeans, not the other way around,” Ms Poa asserted.

Recent economic challenges, including rising inflation and increasing retrenchments, were highlighted as areas needing urgent governmental attention.

Ms Poa cited the Manpower Minister’s May Day announcement of a new scheme to support involuntarily unemployed jobseekers, urging expedited implementation to address the pressing needs of affected individuals.

Moreover, Ms Poa welcomed the Tripartite Guidelines on Flexible Work Arrangements introduced recently but called for additional measures to enhance work-life balance and mental health among workers.

These include more annual and paternity leave and implementing a right to disconnect to ensure workers have adequate rest and personal time.

“We are committed to creating a prosperous, fairer, and more equal society where work-life harmony is key,” Ms Poa concluded, highlighting the party’s ongoing efforts to support Singaporeans in adapting to today’s fast-paced environment.

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“We believe the economy must serve Singaporeans, not the other way around,”; PAP’s Ministers and MPs are Singaporeans, so it serves them very well.  

“.. welcomed the Tripartite Guidelines on Flexible Work Arrangements introduced recently” but when employers threatened to employ foreigners, MOM made a U-turn.

What ever policy the PAP could come up with are all but half hearted! 

This is the correct track to run on PSP.

Those motherhood shouts, we have your backs, all sheeps matters, forward SG contains huge amounts of hot air.

And what so awesome about strumming guitar – entertain 7th month ghosts shd be a good way to earn side income.


Not to shitgaporean

Compassion could be use as a tool

A weakness