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Ho Ching’s opinion on Gaza Strip reveals extent of misconceptions surrounding the tragedy

Former Temasek CEO, Madam Ho Ching’s recent remarks on the Gaza crisis expose widespread misconceptions and oversimplifications of the region’s profound struggles.



As the conflict between Israel and Hamas escalates in the Gaza Strip, a Facebook post by Madam Ho Ching, former CEO of Temasek and spouse of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, has polarized opinions in the comments section.

Her commentary questioned the path taken by Gaza’s leadership, juxtaposing the region’s strife with Singapore’s peaceful development and highlighting a contentious perspective amid the growing humanitarian crisis.

Mdm Ho wrote: “With the talents they have, Gaza could prosper like Sg, building up capabilities, getting investments, and creating good opportunities for its people, no different from Sg in the early days when Sg was poor and squalid with lots of slums. So why would a capable and well-organized group not choose the path to provide a better life and pride of place for millions of their people, instead of sending their young to murder and be mostly killed?”

Her detailed comparison sparked reactions ranging from agreement to criticism for allegedly oversimplifying a complex geopolitical crisis.

The ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip, intensified by Hamas’ “Operation Al-Aqsa Flood” on 7 October, elicited a severe Israeli military response, “Operation Swords of Iron.”

Last Friday, the Israeli army ordered more than 1 million people — half of Gaza’s population — to evacuate northern Gaza within 24 hours, signaling an imminent military ground operation. Though the initial deadline has passed, the directive raises profound legal and humanitarian concerns, sparking fears for civilian safety.

The operations have led to tragic losses, with current reports citing over 3,478 Palestinians and more than 1,400 Israelis killed, prompting a global outcry and a plea from UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire.

Supporters of Mdm Ho’s viewpoint cite Singapore’s history of racial and religious harmony, arguing that a similar focus on economic development over armed conflict could bring peace to the troubled region.

However, critics pointed out the historical and geopolitical nuances that Ho Ching allegedly overlooked, emphasizing the crippling blockade imposed by Israel and Egypt since Hamas assumed control of Gaza in 2007.

This measure by the Israeli government, aimed at preventing weapon smuggling and isolating Hamas, has significantly impaired the region’s economy and the livelihoods of its residents, contributing to the dire humanitarian situation.

One critic elaborated, “Gaza is surrounded by a sophisticated barrier wall and is often described as an ‘open-air prison,’ with restricted movement. Palestinians are dependent on Israel for basic necessities, including electricity, water, and food. Even taxes must be paid to Israel before being returned to the Palestinian government.”

Others brought up international treaties and events like the Balfour Declaration and Nakba (also known as the Palestinian Catastrophe), highlighting the ongoing displacement and systemic oppression faced by Palestinians.

They challenged Mdm Ho’s understanding, pointing out the extensive literature on the plight of Palestinians and the extreme disparities in power in the region.

“This situation is not akin to road rage, where the one who strikes first is at fault,” a respondent stressed, advocating for a broader understanding of the crisis beyond mainstream narratives.

Despite its victory in the 2006 parliamentary elections, Hamas, the so-called leaders, had forcefully wrested control of the Gaza Strip from the internationally recognized Palestinian Authority in 2007. The Palestinian Authority, led by the opposing Fatah faction, maintains governance over semi-autonomous regions within the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

Significantly, of the more than 2 million Gazans, approximately half are minors under the age of 18. With no elections held since 2006, the majority of Gazans residing in the Gaza Strip today were too young to have participated in Hamas’ electoral victory and cannot be held responsible for the actions of their leaders. Moreover, it’s critical to note that the Palestinians, including Hamas, do not control any of the Gaza Strip’s borders, impeding economic activities as suggested by Mdm Ho.

These considerations are glaringly absent from Mdm Ho’s commentary, overlooking the complex adversities and circumstances faced by Palestinians living under these constraints while living in what many have described as the world’s largest open-air prison.

Amid the tragedy, Mdm Ho’s comments underscore the world’s divided views, shaped by misinformation and lack of information on the situation. They also serve as a reminder of the intricate dynamics at play, necessitating a compassionate and informed global response to pave the way for a sustainable resolution.

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Ho Ching has no choice but To Suck Jewish Dicks, because they control, Global Finance & Industries.
If possible she will sell some of us as Slaves. After squandering Billions.

Ho Ching, like this How—- Temasek got plans to build Gaza City or Not.

This woman need to shut her trap about Gaza when she obviously HAD NEVER IN HER FREAKING LIFE EVER FACED A TERRORIST!😆😆😆😆

Of course she is puzzled, even confused or . . . simply damn stupid. She can’t comprehend why the common ppl in SG can’t eat in restaurants everyday when SHE can. She is definitely missing something when they can tell us to commit hara-kiri should we make mistakes, but they wouldn’t when they make blunders. She can’t understand why an intelligent person shouldn’t keep wearing pyjamas to state functions representing SG. I am puzzled, am missing something that someone who had received 20+years of OJT, hand-held by 2 previous PMs, paid the highest salary in the world, have the most… Read more »

It is difficult to build a “Singapore” in Gaza as the Israelis keep building settlements there and then annexing them into Israel 🙂 Without resolving the root causes of the conflict, outbreaks of violence will be a recurring event in the future. The Israeli response to the current incident is just sowing the seeds of the next conflict.

Now slipper Aunty, you best be dormant on this rivalry over in the middle east lest you drag us into that conflict because you tried to play the ‘War Analyst’ or ‘Middle East Expert’. That conflict has it’s love hate relationship through the years. It involves big players and big nuclear powers. We are but a tiny dot hard to spot but with the help of your big mouth, we can be magnified. Weighing in on terrorist actions or offensive actions is getting involved. In SG you probably heard of not being a Kay Poh so you best go back… Read more »

One MUST never never never forget or ERASE from memory when people make valid, legitimate, decent, non taking sides comments on Indian nationals, they were attacked as racists.

This is a very very vile attack on innocent comments made by people, and, on the very people who contributed, pay taxes, contributed to SG in many ways, fulfilled national service obligations dutifully, abide by laws.

Stop harming us slipper ladies….

Please go to Gaza and speak. What do you think? tsk tsk tsk

Supposed to be educated but her stupidity is shown in all her posts or when she speaks. Yes, all was well in Palestine before the creation of Israel. Ask Rishi Sunak to create a new Israel in the UK and all will thrive. She has hidden her remuneration with the help of her husband and the Finance Ministers. A dishonest person trying to win brownie points for the PAP using human suffering.

Errrr—- I usually Do Not support her rants.
However, I do on this note & further like to say this.
1) This tension has been going on for more than a millennium. Yes more than a f**king 1000 years. So I am not so clear who owns, what & where.
2) Palestinian’s are in fact the smartest Arabs. In that region..Yes—you heard it right.
Therefore, using their expertise for Terrorist Activities is Silly.

This one thing she said about Gaza, is one rare gem I heartily agree with. Those who disagree, please read Hamas’ charter and the real history that had been distorted by propaganda and lies by so many quarters.

Wild and unintelligible comments and opinions from a filthy mouth and a cancerous brain – Hamas has Israel as an enemy of focus to direct their efforts onto.

BTW. What Sheegapore enemy there is – ordinary anti disagreeable with PAP citizens and Opposition politicians? No wonder, how much of national productivity and tax payers money are expensed in this endeavour?