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PM Lee and wife put in good words for Tharman and Ng but not Tan Kin Lian

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong endorses former Senior Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam for the upcoming Presidential Election, commending his extensive experience and contributions to Singapore.

Meanwhile, Ho Ching, PM Lee’s wife, former Temasek CEO praises former GIC CIO Ng Kok Song for his vision and dedication to Singapore.

Notably, no comments have been made regarding Tan Kin Lian’s candidacy.



Last Friday (18 Aug), the Elections Department (ELD) announced that former Senior Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam, former GIC chief investment officer Ng Kok Song, and former NTUC Income chief Tan Kin Lian have qualified as candidates for Singapore’s Presidential Election.

George Goh, however, was disqualified. The next step for Mr Tharman, Mr Ng and Mr Tan is to be nominated as candidates.

The candidates must deliver their nomination papers on Nomination Day on Tuesday (Aug 22). If more than one candidate is nominated, Singaporeans will go to the polls on 1 September which will be declared a public holiday.

PM Lee endorses Tharman

Even long before Mr Tharman submitted his application to obtain his certificate of eligibility to contest in the Presidential Election, PM Lee had already endorsed Mr Tharman’s candidacy.

Two months ago, on 8 June, PM Lee wrote in his letter to Mr Tharman, “Your international stature and your experience in government and politics will also stand you in good stead as you represent the nation domestically and internationally.”

PM Lee said that Mr Tharman’s experience in his various finance roles has equipped him with “deep knowledge of the system and how the reserves are safeguarded”.

“Should you be elected as our next President, I fully appreciate that you will now be in a different role with different responsibilities,” said PM Lee.

Reminiscing about his time working with Mr Tharman in the Cabinet, PM Lee noted, “You worked hard to build a more inclusive society, and to improve wages and create better jobs for Singaporeans.”

“You made significant contributions to strengthen our social mobility escalator, as well as what you called our social safety ‘trampoline’.”

Internationally, Mr Tharman “flew the Singapore flag high and gained respect as a thought leader, especially in the social and economic domains”, added PM Lee.

PM Lee said he is confident that Mr Tharman will carry out the duties of Elected President “scrupulously and with the independence of mind” if Mr Tharman is elected.

Ho Ching puts in good words for Ng Kok Song

Meanwhile, last Sunday (13 Aug), PM Lee’s wife, Ho Ching, also joined in to put in good words for former GIC CIO Ng Kok Song. She took to Facebook to offer words of praise and gratitude to Mr Ng.

With a career in public service spanning 45 years, Mr Ng has held influential positions at both GIC and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), working closely with Tharman when he was the Finance Minister.

Recalling an interaction from two decades ago, Mdm Ho highlighted Mr Ng’s vision for Singapore’s potential as a leading wealth management hub in Asia. “He thought then that Singapore could be a wealth management hub for Asia and that our people can earn a good living as wealth managers with the right training,” she wrote.

Temasek took the initiative and started the Wealth Management Institute (WMI). “I set only one condition: that Kok Song agreed to chair WMI. He agreed and did so with distinction,” Mdm Ho recalled.

“Today, WMI plays host to some 20,000 students including online classes, and short certificate courses. All because of one man’s dream of a better future for Singapore and Singaporeans. A big vote of thanks to Kok Song.”

Even though Mdm Ho did not outright endorse Mr Ng’s candidacy, she did put in very favourable words for Mr Ng after his announcement to enter the presidential race.

Mr Ng has repeatedly underlined the need for a president who stands independent of political affiliations.

However, given his close ties with PAP politicians during his 27-year tenure in GIC and the substantial assets contributed by Temasek and GIC to help launch Avanda Investment Management, Ng’s claims of political independence have been met with scepticism by online netizens.

Mr Ng is currently the Executive Chairman at Avanda, and his fund management company received a whopping US$3 billion from Temasek in 2016 when Mdm Ho was running the show.

So, in essence, Mr Tharman has worked closely with PM Lee for decades and likewise, Mr Ng with PM Lee’s wife. In any case, the couple, PM Lee and wife, have yet to say anything good for Mr Tan Kin Lian.

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I don’t know Mr. Tan Kin Lian, but the HC’s remarks about him have made him a super popular presidential candidate in Singapore and leave Singaporean a big big question marks who will the elected president. Now Mr. Tharman have to face very tough competition for this Election.


PE2017 all over again. No election, just (pre-event) selection. Deal done.

Not happy? Slot in another coin/token/your hard earned money oka tax/tariff/levy/DUTY/GST
and try again (next time in 2029).

Good luck, all yew stinkypoor-langs.

Well now I am clear on who to vote for. Thanks lee

Singaporeans have wake up I guess. Stop using the word ” Trust me” . tsk tsk tsk

Our votes go to TKL !!! He is definitely another OTC !!!

For the happiness of the people my vote will go to the fucking populist.

Then double confirm liao must vote for Tan Kin Lian. Whoever the lees speak in support of, don’t vote for them!

Warning: if TKL becomes President, all of our reserves will vanish into thin air. This idiot is only fit to be a circus clown.

Comes September 1st ,let’s all SG voters cast our deciding vote to the one least associated with that rotting mold.Your guess will be as good as mine.Hope to witness the dawn of a completely new era..Bravo🏟️🏟️😄😁😆

Same white wine from the same bottle.. What do you expect? .LoL

Support for Kosong coming from our national gambler. Very funny leh.

Nothing can change my vote for TKL !!!!

Why so coincidence when MAS lost $30.8 billion, he throw his towel? tsk tsk tsk

Kena fine $1500 can qualify, while multi millionaire George Goh is disqualify? tsk tsk tsk

Best joke of the Year 2023 !!! Vote wisely hor.

TKL ! TKL ! TKL !!!!

It shows that the pappies don’t listen to the ground anymore !!!

Many wants a NON-PARTISAN PRESIDENT !!! Next we should vote out all those pappies !

Some more paid $millions and commit in-appropriate relationships? What do you think? tsk tsk tsk

Nothing can my vote for TKL !!!!

Why so coincidence when MAS lost $30.8 billion, he throw his towel? tsk tsk tsk

Kena fine $1500 can qualify, while multi millionaire George Goh is disqualify? tsk tsk tsk

Best joke of the Year 2023 !!! Vote wisely hor.

No worries, he has the well known LT endorsement.

George Yeo has already revealed in his latest book that he was asked to run for presidency in 2011 if needed to kill off TCB’s candidacy. Clearly from his revelations, there is no guessing all establishment endorsed candidates did not participate because they suddenly see the need to do so themselves. They are told to do so. TS and NKS are both tasked in hope that TS gets in with NKS help to split the vote. If Singaporeans wants to put a stop to all this wayang, they ought to tick TKL’s box on the polling card. Honestly with the… Read more »

Time for change lah. For the better and our future.

Botak and oldie NKS keep repeating that they’re independent. Sure or not?

Will they be bold enough to speak up? Or most probably flow with the wind like yesmen and ceremonially collect 9mil like milo macik after 5 years?

What do you think?

Now you know who is not with the PAP and truly independent.

Show us you truly like to have an independent president on 1 September.

Tan Kin Lian is a circus clown. Why would our PM and first Lady go and endorse a clown?

At this period and time, this is the worst endorsement for TS and NKS as LHL and HC’s popularity has hit rock bottom. It helps TKL as he identifies more with the people.