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Ho Ching joins critique of SimplyGo by sharing viral FB post of Critical Spectator

Ho Ching amplifies Singaporeans’ discontent with SimplyGo upgrade by sharing a viral post from Critical Spectator. While critics on her Facebook page liken it to a ‘PR disaster,’ others note positive features.



SINGAPORE: Singaporeans’ discontent with the Land Transport Authority (LTA)’s decision on 9 January continues to reverberate.

The LTA’s recent announcement about upgrading the EZ-Link card to SimplyGo has triggered criticism among the Singapore public.

The main source of dissatisfaction lies in SimplyGo’s perceived inconvenience of not displaying the balance when tapping on public transport.

A notable critique emerged from Critical Spectator, who likened LTA’s SimplyGo to a Tesla in need of fixing to avert a potential public relations disaster.

Mdm Ho Ching, former Temasek Holdings CEO and the wife of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, as she had in the past, shared the post of the Polish blogger on her Facebook page (14 Jan), addressing the upcoming transition to the new SimplyGo-powered cards.

Since Mdm Ho shared the post, it has garnered 300 comments, 675 likes, and 92 shares. The post of Critical Spectator on the other hand has been shared over 1,500 times and commented over 1,200 times.

The discussion continues to unfold as Singaporeans express their views on the matter.

Netizens voice concerns over SimplyGo system

Under Mdm Ho’s Facebook post, many netizens have expressed their concerns about the SimplyGo system.

One user humorously remarked that LTA could be interpreted as “Late to Action,” stating, “Anything related to LTA is always Late To Action. Get used to it. Don’t complain, be grateful. LTA will later than action. Don’t worry.”

lta comment

A different perspective was shared by a user who agreed with Ho Ching’s sentiments, expressing concern about the increasing number of apps from various companies and banks on mobile devices.

They pointed out the potential security risks associated with multiple apps and raised the issue of being unable to use public transport when a mobile’s battery runs out.


In response to Mdm Ho’s frustrations, another user expressed dissatisfaction with SimplyGo, stating, “SimplyGo is simply no go.”

They questioned the necessity of using a phone to check trip fares and balances, and criticized the additional inconvenience of downloading yet another app and managing another password.


Some users urged Mdm Ho to relay their concerns to her husband and advocated for a reversal of the SimplyGo system.

They suggested that Singapore authorities should address public concerns and involve those responsible for the project to prevent wasted time, resources, and taxpayer money, which only leads to more inconvenience for the general public.


Optimistic users find merits in SimplyGo system despite criticisms

However, it appears that not everyone is dissatisfied with SimplyGo, as some netizens are actively seeking positive aspects of the system.

One user pointed out, “It is clear to me that the government wants us to download the SimplyGo app, where you can monitor your balance and top up at any time, including cards of family members. In any transition of systems, there would be pros and cons. Try first, then complain.”

The user emphasized the need to adapt to the changing times, stating, “We have to move with the times because it is always moving.”

simplygo comment

Another user, addressing Mdm Ho Ching, expressed gratitude for bringing up the issue but shared a positive experience.

They initially disagreed with the SimplyGo screen but were pleasantly surprised when using public transport.

However, the user observed that the system now displays the remaining balance during tap in and out, providing awareness of bus fare and card balance.

They commended this as a positive move, if indeed implemented by SimplyGo, stating, “They hear what people have been looking for.”

simplygo comment

Yet another user highlighted a useful feature, stating, “You can turn on notifications for transaction alerts. The message will tell you how much was deducted and the balance. You can check back even days later.”


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Another outsource to India product but sugar coated by Govtech?!

Why fix something when it aint broken.

Govtech is a failure. The CDC evoucher is still so rigid with no improvement over these few years. Every year just reproduce the same evoucher platform. No one on Govtech willing and insist to change it for the better convenience to consumers and businesses. Every year wasting tax payers’ money by receiving high salaries. LTA is always a failure. Obviously this SimplyGo is designed by people who don’t use public transports and savvy in IT. That is why a new system that allows commuters to pass the gantry but must install the related app to check the card balance and… Read more »

The sun came out from the West

The day that CriticalSpectator and an ElectricalEngineer gets on the same wagon/page and “concur” that the LTA has “dropped the ball”, … one instinctively knows something is amiss, or just, scoring a few cheap points and winning over a few more naive ones, … of which there’s plenty on the island !!! Add to that, the doughnuts, dicks and ducks, … thanking and expressing gratitude to that ElectricalEngineer, one instinctively feels there’s “no cure” for SillyPoreans !!! The dual instances above illustrates that “entities” that are “part” of this regime, … will be wholly supported even if they decide to… Read more »

Where got improve? Nothing is mention YET if they are planning to improve on it. Just creating biz for left hand right hand by keep changing card system … With no REAL Value

A hypocrite pretending to be for the ppl YET put a Lai Ching De Mega star meaning she can shoot if need be. No???

hohoho. better than nothing right? now i hope Temasuck don’t lose another 200 million from some buttcoins scam corpo.

why don’t she donate some of her billions to upgrade the old ezlink sys so we don’t have fake-“upgrade” to the shittier SimplyGoFuckYourself?

No wonder coe went up like nobody business.

It is a debit card.
That is all.

A bloody debit card that is non bank related.

Just cut the crap off SimplyGo shxt off Singapore forever. No way can a paying customer not able to know what’s charged for the trip and if getting any transfer rebate, which can come up to over $1.

Not with another stupid App, not with their distracting notifications. We don’t need new issues from what we’re having now, which is very functional

70% cotton lovers and pineapple lovers will listen to their masters.
Simply Go !!! tsk tsk tsk

HC got take public transport, understand the issues commuters face, meh? Maybe wayang, hor, behind our backs she is the one advocating going to SimplyGo platform.

As I said, those who want to use it should countinue and LTA should allow those of us who do not want to download the app. continue with the EZ link cards. All govt. agencies should not be forcing one single model on the Public. We must be given three, one of which should be cash.