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Ho Ching’s lengthy Facebook post highlights ‘womanizer’ and ‘minority’ candidate, among other things

Former CEO of Temasek Holdings and wife of Singapore’s Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong, Mdm Ho Ching, in a detailed 2199-word Facebook post on Tuesday, delves into diverse topics surrounding the Presidential Election, including AWARE’s critique of Tan Kin Lian, ‘minority candidate’ selection, and insights on late President Ong Teng Cheong.



SINGAPORE: Former NTUC Income chief Mr Tan Kin Lian, who has successfully been nominated as Singapore Presidential Candidate on Tuesday (22 Aug), had earlier entangled in a heated online debate related to his past social media posts.

The spark for this recent controversy was a TikTok video, which spotlighted Mr Tan’s Facebook posts commenting on “pretty” girls.

The Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE), responding to the widespread attention, made a statement on its Facebook page condemning Mr Tan’s consistent online behaviour.

Their statement pointed out the dangers of objectifying women through casual posts and comments.

Mr Tan on late Monday took to Facebook to defend his actions and reputation.

“I have been happily married to my loving wife for nearly 50 years… I made those social media posts openly and I invite the public to judge for themselves,” Mr Tan expressed in his detailed response.

On Tuesday, in a statement published on his campaign website, Mr Tan claimed that he has been a target of a smear campaign over the past few days.

Ho Ching: not PEC’s role for scouring internet for candidates’ online activity

Even Mdm Ho Ching, the former CEO of Temasek Holdings and wife of Singapore’s Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong, has joined the social media discourse.

On Tuesday (22 Aug),  Ho Ching took to social media with a comprehensive 2199-word Facebook post, addressing various aspects of the recent Presidential Election, including AWARE’s critique of Presidential Candidate Tan Kin Lian, the selection of a ‘minority candidate,’ and reflections on the late President Ong Teng Cheong, among other topics.

Addressing recent AWARE’s statement, Ho Ching reminded that the eligibility of candidates should be scrutinized by writing to the Presidential Elections Committee (PEC) before their applications are reviewed.

She emphasized that the PEC’s role is distinct from internet searches for candidate posts, and whether the PEC treats certain factors as veto-worthy relies on circumstances and the PEC’s prerogative.

“It is not the PEC’s job to go search the internet for this or that posts that the candidates may have done. ”

Notably, she agreed that character references are essential for potential candidates, supporting their character and integrity, along with evidence to back their eligibility claims.

“For their eligibility submission, they don’t just submit docs for their claims on eligibility under various routes like public service or private sector experience or track record. ”

“They must also have character references, whose names would need to be submitted to the PEC. These character references would vouch for the character of the potential candidates. ”

She emphasized that when nominations are open and a potential flaw is identified, that’s the time to communicate with the PEC, rather than complaining after the review is complete.

She provided a hypothetical scenario where a candidate commits a serious crime after the review, suggesting that the PEC might reconsider.

“But otherwise, the job of the PEC is done, and the choice is then up to the voters. ”

Ho Ching clarified that the PEC’s endorsement doesn’t proclaim a person’s honesty or goodness. Its role is to evaluate clear evidence of misconduct within legal boundaries, not from moral or religious perspectives.

Mdm Ho Ching also underscores that in the case of a “womanizer candidate,” the decision on the candidate’s suitability ultimately rests with the voters through the act of voting.

Hence, she emphasizes the importance of motivating all eligible, credible candidates to seriously consider candidacy. Otherwise, Singaporeans might “end up having to choose from among the inadequate and the insufferable, or from among the immoral and shady, as has happened in other countries.”

The success of such commendable, politically unaffiliated candidates can inspire more high-quality individuals to step forward, sacrificing their privacy to serve the nation and offer genuine choices.

A victory for a minority candidate would also encourage other qualified minority candidates to come forward, irrespective of the majority’s candidates, Ho Ching added.

Choosing a ‘minority candidate’ signals Singapore’s advancement toward a truly inclusive society, says Ho Ching

Regarding the concept of electing the Singaporean President, Ho Ching underscores that the Presidential Election isn’t a battle for the next government of Singapore, but rather about selecting individuals who can best embody the aspirations and dreams of Singaporeans, and a President who can effectively safeguard our reserves and uphold the integrity of our public service.

Ho Ching’s insight extends to the selection of a ‘minority candidate,’ noting that such a choice signals Singapore’s progress towards becoming a truly multiracial society, transcending the confines of racial divisions.

While Ho Ching did not explicitly name the ‘minority candidate,’ readers might naturally associate this with the nomination of 66-year-old former People’s Action Party senior minister, Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, who was put forward as one of the three Presidential candidates on Tuesday (22 Aug).

Ho Ching further elaborates that choosing a candidate with no prior political affiliations indicates a broader perspective on the presidential role beyond mere political allegiances.

Without mentioning any names, Ho Ching then said If Singaporeans voted for “a candidate who enjoys ogling at girls, we also say something about ourselves to ourselves and to the world too.”

Ho Ching acknowledges that AWARE can voice their opinions in the same channels where they encountered offensive posts, advising against complaints about the PEC’s moral standards.

Ho Ching says Ong Teng Cheong’s suggestion insufficient for Singapore’s needs amid inflation and GDP growth

Ho Ching’s extensive post further emphasizes the emergence of open campaigning for or against specific candidates. She urges maintaining a respectful and considerate approach during this Presidential Election, drawing an analogy to a “beauty contest” where each contestant holds equal merit.

Speaking about the late President Ong Teng Cheong, who is fondly remembered as the ‘People’s President’, Ho Ching appreciates his query regarding spending returns or saving for the future.

However, she asserts that saving only half isn’t sufficient to address Singapore’s needs due to inflation and GDP growth.

“As it turned out, it wasn’t an excessively prudent move to use up to half and save the other half. ”

“This barely enables our reserves to keep pace with inflation and the growth of our GDP. “

Ho Ching’s post also underscores the distinct and evolving nature of the elected President (EP) role in Singapore, and advocates for profound contemplation on systems that ensure sustainable and equitable politics.

She perceives the EP institution as a collective venture to uplift Singapore’s future and acknowledges the challenges tied to the EP role, cautioning against potential pitfalls such as inflated egos arising from ceremonial aspects.

Wrapping up her lengthy post, Ho Ching reiterates that the Presidential Election transcends mere selection of the next government; rather, it’s an opportunity for citizens to shape the institution.

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Ho Jinx, Don’t Bluff.
Your husband want to Fix Candidates.
He openly said it.
Your brother-in-law openly said you are interfering in Ministries .
Now, you say PEC cannot look into internet for character references.
Your PAP ISD has all the information, you think we don’t know is it?????

I don’t know Mr. Tan Kin Lian, but HC’s remarks about him have made him a super popular presidential candidate in Singapore and leave Singaporean a big big question marks who will the elected president. Now Mr. Tharman have to face very tough competition for this Election.

Where got people use Pineapple 🍍 as symbol?If you don’t have the gumption to try to be PM,why try president?As a PM,you can help Singapore more.Just use 🐊 or 🦀 ,more powerful.

After reflecting on my previous post,I laugh at myself,so childish!But my childishness evolved from my complete loss of TRUST!When you lose trust of something important,you go bonkers!The only thing I looked forward to from Singapore is Shanti Pereira doing well at world ahteltics championship.Run Shanti Run!

@kah cheow,I agree with you.Look at Ronald Reagan of USA, Arnold Schwarzenegger of California.How much feel good they bring to the country and the world leaders who interact with them.The feel good will bring cash eventually.We can make JJ lin and ah Do(almost whole china know them).Kit Chan and Dick Lee(almost whole hongkong know them) Zoe Tay,Christopher Lee,li nanxing be president.Imagine the star power they exudes!Anyway no leaders of the world will care about who is our president.They only pay attention to the prime minister.

The president is just a ceremonial role in my opinion .Frankly speaking if you dont even punish the Ridout case ,what can a president do?.If you want a president who will bring you international recognition,is not the three of them.You need someone with power,money, business empire who will bring them benefits.The leaders of other countries will very well know they are just ceremonial.Maybe Popiah king,Ng brothers,kwek family,or even Hai di lao boss can be president,who cares where he is from as long he got the cash and connection.isnt CASH is what the majority wants.Even Goh Chok Tong equate cash/salary to… Read more »

Sorry, an aside. But with the China market going into possibly a nose-dive, shouldn’t Ah Ho be commenting on TH investments instead? Everyone knows TH has very strong exposure in China. She should have NO BUSINESS meddling with our PE or elections while our funds are going up in smokes.

Just vote Tan kin Lian as he is the least connected.With the stated rules and roles of president,he cannot do much also.Even he veto against any appointments of civil servants,I doubt it can override the government. Hope he has something up his sleeve which surprised the government but just hope.Anyway the big ones GE 25.We take turns to burn the relay torch until then,keep posting,keep informing .They have to be voted out and check for their past management of the country.

One of the reason of low fertility rate in Singapore have been discovered, man praise girl pretty became taboo. Very problematic , sg man got no clue liao. May opted to call pretty boy . Lol

So our hardcore avid gambler speaks.

MAS lost money?

If our reserves are so strong, why must borrow from banks?

Keep digging a hole, the jinx hole will get bigger and bigger….and we need more money to patch up the hole. What do you think?

Anyway we are AWARE Presidential hopeful tagging a young fiancee…..thank you.tsk tsk tsk.

No matter what circumstances, we all stand for Tan Kin Lian as the next President.

Perhaps she doesn’t own a mirror at home?
I suggest her to get one and use it frequently.

comment image

Be responsible to what you have done in the past and stop blaming others of talking about you. Do be reminded that your actions will portrayed an image and opinion to others. You should be regretting for making such posts if you have the intention of running. You can only live with this regret if you fall short because of such actions.

❤ Dirty Politics : 1. We do not get to Choose candidates to step forward to run for election. They choose themselves. 2. So we only get to make use of the Voting to express our stand. 3. Vote to show A. disapproval of excessive Elitism B. Reserves Secretcy which allows future gov turned rogue to Hide all major losses from the Trusting People. Secretcy policy allows fastest way to bankrupt the reserves. C. Vote against candidates that are friends of the 1st Key holder which defeats the purpose of 2-key system. D. Vote to stop Further Erosion of Good… Read more »

Apparently, Mdm H is just jealous that NOBODY looked at her and objectifying her as attractive. LOL.

What she said about certain PE candidate is mere self-opinions. Her lousy dressing code however is FACT time after time.

The unspoken spokesperson of the establishment is perhaps conceding that the establishment’s game plan is falling apart. This is her last ditch effort to salvage things. TS is Singaporeans’ most likeable person for PM role. Alas, he shot himself in the foot by openly declining it. For him to now put his hand up for PE demonstrates he is still ultimately manipulatable by the establishment. Singaporeans has been getting pretty frustrated for all the “you do as I tell because I know better than you” arrogance. TKL may not be the ideal candidate in Singaporeans’ their mind, as demonstrated in… Read more »

Let’s hope she speaks more and give more opinion.I suspect she is pro opposition.The more opinion she has,the more minus point.Even for football fans of rival teams,they appreciate and clap when they see an outstanding rival player but for her we can only see laymans’ bantering ,not so much class coming from the highly educated.Stay away from words ,just stay at Engineering.

Hope the CPIB have the impartiality to disclose everything.Hope Mr iswaran disclose everything to Singaporeans.To err is human but try to rights the wrongs!

1)Lawrence wong-Government at ARMS Length regarding Madam Ho’s Salary
2) Josephhine Teo-Hindsigth and foreign workers never asked for apologies.
3)Teo Chee hean-Goverment don’t outsource their responsibility!Then who check?
4)Ridout clause 3.1&3.2.Clear breach.
5)Race-indian .Madam HY.President.
6)Lucien wong-personal lawyer becomes Attorney.RECUSED?
7)The foreign maid Parti went to jail for about 2years and the perpetrators’ punishment?About 2weeks right?Pardon me if wrong info.
Enough reasons to vote at least 35 opposition or a coliation government.

Last time out, Singaporean not ready to have Minority Prime Mnister,this time round,should choose a Minority
President.Cannot fathom this words came from a president scholar .Did Tan kin Lian convicted for sex crime?Is normal to appreciate all men and women regardless of their shape and size.Everyone got their market and attractiveness.Remember a TV mongul Run Run Shaw once said ” you can be promiscuous but you cannot be unscrupulous and XIAO LIU”You don’t spike drinks,force,molest.Everyhing should be done Willingly.

TKL already explained he is not a “womanizer”, so shouldn’t HC be POFMA? Or TKL should sue her? Like Loong likes to sue ppl who make him lose face, hor

I did not realise the acknowledge of the existence of attractive individuals was considered an act of “act of objectifying women.” Should he have acknowledged the existence of attractive individuals of both genders instead of just the opposite? Is AWARE, for the lack of a better word, aware that attractive individuals exist? As for Ho Ching’s statement about a “minority” candidate. Is the incumbent president not enough. In fact, she is a minority of a minority. The first minority to magically transform from one “minority” to another “minority.” But Mr Tan Kin Lian has come to say that he is… Read more »

Last edited 9 months ago by Blankslate

“As it turned out, it wasn’t an excessively prudent move to use up to half and save the other half”

“This barely enables our reserves to keep pace with inflation and the growth of our GDP. “

Actually, because of inflation, we should be spending MORE than half of the returns on the reserves. That’s because inflation is STEALING away by stealth the purchasing power of the funds you save.

❤ I don’t care about any of the candidates. We do not get to choose who to step forward to contest. Candidates do that themselves.

We only get to cast a vote. *I vote simply for these purposes* :

1. Show my disapproval for Reserves Secretcy.
Opacity and lack of Accountability.

2. Displeasure of Elitism.

3. Disapproval of candidates perceivably linked to establishment and lacking independence.

I am only using it as a Referendum. So I am just using the candidate name to show my displeasure.

Never totally trust what is published at times…

If you are passing by a dead body, will they say you are a murder? tsk tsk tsk…

No matter what happens , what they criticized can changed my vote for TKL !!!

TKL is our next President soon…

I will be like to be tkl object. Hope he doesn’t mind.

In case you are not AWARE, what is this compared to Mini stars having in-appropriate relationship with their own colleague? tsk tsk tsk. What do you think?

“Choosing a ‘minority candidate’ signals Singapore’s advancement toward a truly inclusive society, says Ho Ching” She is actually advocating to Singaporean to vote for the Leader of Opposition Pritam to becomes PM. We should make her wish comes true in upcoming GE. HC “However, she asserts that saving only half isn’t sufficient to address Singapore’s needs due to inflation and GDP growth.” She forgets to add in the losses and blunders in investment above as more will be needed to cover same. In general, do average Singaporean has the luxury of saving even close to what she is advocating? My… Read more »

Why so much free time?
Why not post total losses ?
Oh reserves secretcy. My bad. I forgot. Sgreans very wise.

Using the term “womaniser” and going in for the kill by stating “a candidate who enjoys ogling at girls”, in her post suggests that “big mouth” had already passed judgement, and, … went on to speak on behalf of the nation, by statementing that it says much about ourselves if we voted for “that” womaniser cum girl ogler !!! And if that wasn’t enough, this Electrical State Secret Salaried Engineer, went on to critique the late “People’s President” !!! This woman has absolutely no sense of decorum, which is clearly brought on by whom she’s married to, period, … …… Read more »

A serious episode of verbal diahorrea

Maybe hubby didn’t mange to get a strong mandate during elections, now tai-tai wants to show how to get strong mandate for their preferred candidate.

Need Machinery + KiaSu low blows then can win

Statements which reflect one’s upbringing

Singaporeans should ask themselves this questions:

MAS has lost $30.8 billions. Why?

Why are we borrowing $billions from banks?

Are we patching up a jinxed hole?

What do you think?

Why do some singaporeans support Reserves Secretcy? I think and thought, could it be they don’t want the country to panic if one day a future gov turned rogue hides major losses say 200billion in a failed investment? Could it be they are too concerned for the people?

Our pledge says, “We the citizens of Singapore pledge ourselves as one United people regardless of race, language or religion to build a democratic society……” Homework for HC, write the pledge 1000 times and repeat it a hundred times. There is no such a race as minority in Singapore. We are all Singaporeans. It is the PAP that has concocted a minority race to ensure that the Chinese in the PAP will always rule. The population increase is also based on racial percentages and not on State requirements. I can only assume that the remuneration is so huge that those… Read more »

Why TKL never say Ho Ching pretty? Should win him votes.

HC : Can share what is your salary and bonuses? Thank you.

Citizens or tax payers have to right to know ? No?

When HC disagreed, the more white disagreed…… the better 4 social life where its NOT open cheque bok! Who kno nex election, 4G help themselve fm mil$ 2 bil$……

CB (cuckoo bird) tells me: There are only 2 options to vote:

1) Vote a pappy President and we have a pappy President & PM from the same white party= No need checks and balances from Singaporeans


2) Vote a NON-PARTISAN PRESIDENT= There will be checks and balances for Singaporeans ( TKL)

Choose one !!!!

Thank you CB !!!

Should we also scrutinize those who lost $billions in investments? No ?

MAS lost $30.8 billions? Any answers to that? why so co-incident he resigns and stands for Presidential election? What do you think?

Real Gold Not afraid of Fire! That’s what’s my opinion of TKL ‘s character. What do you think?

Of course there are many others who want to pour cold water lah. tsk tsk tsk

My CB (cuckoo bird) ask me : Who is this person? an MP, a Minister? a Spokesman for Presidential candidates? a Reporter?

My answer : All No !!!!

Thank you CB !