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Three-way race for Singapore’s Presidency commences

As Ng Kok Song, Tharman Shanmugaratnam, and Tan Kin Lian successfully filed their nomination papers on Tuesday, they now vie for Singapore’s ninth elected presidency on Polling Day, 1 September, which is designated a public holiday,



SINGAPORE: The political landscape of Singapore brims with anticipation as three candidates officially enter the race for the country’s ninth elected presidency.

Former GIC investment chief, Mr Ng Kok Song, 75, former People’s Action Party senior minister, Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, 66, and former NTUC Income chief, Mr Tan Kin Lian, 75, successfully filed their nomination papers on Tuesday before the noon deadline.

The announcement of their candidacy was made by Returning Officer, Mr Tan Meng Dui, at about 12.40 pm at the People’s Association headquarters in Jalan Besar.

Given their official status as candidates, they are now bound to the process.

The three contenders, who have committed to hefty election deposits of S$40,500 each, now have the green light to launch their official campaigns, kickstarting what promises to be an intriguing race for Singapore’s highest office.

Supporters of the three candidates showed up at the nomination centre, with Mr Tharman’s supporters wearing maroon-coloured clothing to differentiate from those of the other two candidates.

Polling Day has been scheduled for 1 September, as earlier announced by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on 11 August.

In recognition of its significance, the day will also be observed as a public holiday, ensuring every Singaporean has the opportunity to cast their vote in this momentous election.

Sign up: Volunteer as a counting/polling agent in the upcoming 2023 Presidential Election on 1 Sept

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❤ I don’t care about any of the candidates. We do not get to choose who to step forward to contest. Candidates do that themselves.

We only get to cast a vote. *I vote simply for these purposes* :

1. Show my disapproval for Reserves Secretcy.
Opacity and lack of Accountability.

2. Displeasure of Elitism.

3. Disapproval of candidates perceivably linked to establishment and lacking independence.

I am only using it as a Referendum. So I am just using the candidate name to show my displeasure.

If TKL wins I will go on hunger strike

Did botak says $1000 can own HDB flats? HAHAHAHA!!!

Vote wisely hor. TKL is still the best man for the independent President post.

Yeah !!!!!

LT & TKL: SHOULD START INFORMING VOLUNTEERS HOW THEY CAN ASSIST BY POSTING ON THEIR FACEBOOK.. Where to meet these volunteers, date and time, assignment of duties ,etc (instead of just asking them to subscribe ). Make it transparent to let them come forward to help. I am sure you need many hands and legs. Thank you. What do you think? Just my suggestions.

” My president is ah lian ” 😁
From the pictures, only ah lian and his wife looks compatible. Good for presidential portraits. But ah lian is not so articulate. Anyway, the president mostly reside in the istana. 🤔😉

Oldie NKS uses his palm to slap sinkies.

Botak uses sharp thorns from pineapple to poke you.

TKL has the most appropriate and auspicious symbol. Uncle will tick in his box.

Pine.Apple is huat&sweet, hidden inside&outside is cover wif sharp knife if u dun understand, tis symbol has so much “WR0NG” in every corner&around it, its Xperson, Xtime, Xlocation, Xdirection, Xthinkin, Xpath…… Hahahah WR0NG 2choose WR0NG….. but the 2min, botak spoke well! Should suggest botak use coconut…. smooth&round same2 as his head!

My vote is for TKL. I urge all Singaporeans to vote TKL to ensure that a PAP candidate does not return to the Istana. Let’s make sure by our votes that there will never be a HY as a President for the sake of our children and families. $9m will be a freebie for a PAP candidate. TKL will work to earn this money in the interest of all citizens.

Tan kin Liang may win this time