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Ho Ching reminds Singaporeans on the dos and don’ts on cooling off period ahead of Presidential Election

Ho Ching took to Facebook to address important considerations regarding the conduct of the electoral process ahead of presidential election 2023 in the city-state.



SINGAPORE: On the eve of the Singaporean presidential election, Ho Ching, the wife of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, took to Facebook to address important considerations regarding the conduct of the electoral process.

In her post, she emphasised the significance of the “cooling off day” and cautioned against deliberate efforts to manipulate the outcome of the election through online engagement.

During the cooling-off day, which is a period designated for reflection and abstaining from campaigning activities before the election, Ho expressed concerns about the intentional expansion of the online election advertising (OEA) scope.

She clarified that any deliberate attempt to widen the reach of OEA, including the reposting or resharing of content, as well as paying to promote OEA on social media platforms, is strictly prohibited.

“The regulations extend to OEA that had been lawfully published or displayed online before the cooling off day and remains unchanged,” she shared on her Facebook on 31 Aug 2023.

Mdm Ho made an exception for the sharing of news originating from authorised news agencies.

Highlighting the importance of credible sources, she encouraged the public to stay informed through reputable media channels.

The Facebook post also underscored the possibility of misinformation campaigns orchestrated by malicious actors with the intention of spreading fake news and stirring controversy just before the cooling-off day.

Ho outlined a key characteristic of these “bad actors”.

“They create fake news against the candidate or the family of the candidate just before cooling off day so that there is no time for clarification or rebuttals.

“So ignore all bad news about any candidate or their family that popped up just before cooling day, or on cooling day.

“That is the handiwork of shady organisations or people out to manipulate our elections,” she said.

Mdm Ho urged voters to exercise caution and discernment, advising them to dismiss any negative news that surfaces in the immediate lead-up to the cooling off day or on the day itself.

In conclusion, Ho implored citizens to remain vigilant against political scams and manipulation while making their choices for the next president.

She encouraged everyone to stay well-informed through trusted sources and maintain a composed and rational approach during the election period.

“Let’s learn not to be scammed politically in our choice of our next president.

“Keep well, stay cool, and have a good long weekend,” she said.

As Singaporeans prepare to cast their votes, Ho’s insights serve as a timely reminder of the challenges posed by disinformation and the importance of maintaining the integrity of the electoral process.

According to Singapore’s Elections Department (ELD) on “prohibited activities on cooling-off day and polling day”, the period starting on the eve of Polling Day (Cooling-off Day) and ending with the close of polling on Polling Day is called the “cooling-off period”.

“This is a campaign silence period to give voters some time to reflect rationally on issues raised during the election. This means campaigning is banned and no fresh election advertising shall be published or publicly displayed during the cooling-off period.

“The rules apply to any person, i.e. candidates, election agents and third parties authorised by a candidate or any of his election agents,” it said.

There are some exceptions to the prohibition of election advertising during the cooling-off period:

  • non-online election advertising (e.g. banners, flags and posters) that was lawfully publicly displayed before the start of Cooling-off Day and not relocated, altered or modified since the start of the cooling-off period;
  • lawful OEA that was already in place before the start of Cooling-off Day, and has not had its reach widened during the cooling-off period;
  • public display of any non-online election advertising within or on an exterior wall or exterior window of the office or committee room of a candidate provided that the non-online election advertising:
    • consists only of permissible electoral matter; and
    • is solely for the purpose of indicating that the office or room is the office or committee room of the candidate;
  • news reports relating to election matters by authorised news agencies;
  • promotional materials relating to the commercial sale of literary or artistic works such as books, if these works were previously scheduled for publication regardless of any election;
  • the communication of content between two or more individuals that is of a private or domestic nature using electronic means; and
  • the communication of content using electronic means to a closed-group of end-users who are employed or engaged in a business, for the conduct of that business.
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Should the manner and motives of her appointment and the wheels set in motion to deny the nation, a glimpse of her benefits, bonuses and big salary, … I doubt if she’d be as loud, conceited and opinionated as she is !!!

She is Ko Song supporter. Ko Song should lose his deposit, but I think he won’t. 16% difficult already.

State media reporting on TV that ppl are excited (blah, blah, blah) about this PE since it is the first contested PE in more than a decade. Their editor must be really, really FUXK since ppl now asked why the last 2 PEs were NOT contested in a so-called democratic society. No even a referendum if only 1 candidate qualifies. (1 candidate qualifying is also associated with certain types of gov.)

No wonder such idiots need 900m of public aid to stay alive in operations.

Watching CNA discussion with the law professor of SMU,he mentioned government is right to keep the reserve secrets to prevent manipulation of sing dollars! He also mentioned we can’t llet people know how strong our armed forces, example how many planes,ships.I think he is talking LPPL.When our government invest in the world,buy gold etc and buy planes,ships, people will gauge our reserve.He think manipulators are naive?So that confirm CNA Sama Sama CCTV.Anyway,I’m not finance smart,is it really easy to manipulate a countrys’ reserve?

Those good in finance,how much must you make for the company in order to pe paid roughly$100million.?Salary.I was quite shock when I read an article from last year or so, finance minister say government at arms length regarding CEO’s salary.I was thrown off my chair.If my father don’t tell my mother how much Ang POW he gave me,….!

I know is not right thread but I categorise them together.I read psychology in u.Tough man shanmugan said something after Ridout”don’t care where I stay as long as I serve you well”Isn’t it his job?Then he mentioned previous ministers in lky era who stayed in bungalows?From these two sentences,I suspect he is broken, desperately looking for a way out.He is tough only when he’s got the machinery behind him!Look at the way he questioned P J Than(answer yes or no) such a contrast ,you can sense a lack of confidence

Who appointed slipper aunty as elections advisor? Taking advise from the chief gambler is not really a good idea.

If TKL can get just 45%,is very good already.A good sign going forward to show discontent!But really hope for a miracle! Let’s hope in the next GE,some surprises await us and the PAP is removed,yes totally removed.They have Total control,don’t show proof,pofma,disregard code/rules, highly paid .They won’t know how tough our life even they keep saying they empathize and trying to help us ,yes help us by CECA, importing birth rate when they failed! It is time to send them away,and please go as you have enough even you don’t work anymore.

Everyone knows slipper lady using pretty girls photos will only make TKL stronger. What do you think?

Met a mestizo Panama man in the US.Had a chat in the bar.He mentioned some countries in Asia where the whole country is run by about 8-10 person who are from the government!,who control the complicated WEB to reward themselves.Maybe 1 chief each from Accounting,corruption prevention,bank.The remaining 5 are the so called executive cabinet,prime minister.They play around with numbers ,they can even have private account at the national bank .After they loot from national funds they placed them into their private account which only the bank CEO knows Those in the group will always side one another,it’s like the Illuminati.… Read more »

Tharman says: Have a spine? LoL

Maybe she should a newspapers called the ” The Jinx Papers” ? Sure many pappie stooges will buy one. tsk tsk tsk

This is called conflict of interests

Ownself Appoint Ownself. What do you think? tsk tsk tsk

Real pesky woman.



She should clamp up her oison spitting clam????

Singapore and her people saw the greatest manipulation in 2017, you did not see fit to write about it. HC, how hypocritical and conniving.

Fielding TS is a big gamble, taking off a big-gun senior minister just to try and fill a ceremonial post. Only can be authorized by Ah Loong. Mdm H so kapo only indicates she is also worried that Loong will be disappointed … again … without given a strong mandate from voters. Guess with a poor legacy more or less certain, must gamble here and there, hor? Gambling addiction?

Start your own chat group with Critical Spectator, your husband.
Not interested in whats on your mind… full of shit.

Tell her to straighten her own family ties first before commenting on other issues.
The mess inside one house tells ALOT about one own character…so the wise saying goes.
Some folks like these need a BIG GOOD QUALITY MIRROR!😆😆😆

I am confused as to listen to who???

Sorry I dont buy newspapers.

She has been very calibrated. She did not mentioned which is the authorised news agencies? Was it The Temasek Times?

If the news was fake, why MOF clarify instead of PokeMa in which they have no qualms in issuing?

If MOF can response in such double quick time to this unfavourable stray bullet, what takes them so long to make the necessary changes to the appointment as they claim happens months ago? Isn’t it very telling?


One KiaSu has proven feeling insecure , ks and weak. Never a proven man without relying on extreme unfair advantage. Its that weak

The biggest scammer, talking about political scams, I will take it as a confession.