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PM Lee emphasizes POFMA as a ‘serious requirement’ to flag falsehood as deemed by PAP Govt

Prime Minister Lee stressed the critical role of POFMA in addressing misinformation. He described it as a “serious requirement,” highlighting its function in flagging online falsehoods and ensuring that people understand the lack of factual basis in such claims, actively disputed by the government.



SINGAPORE: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong emphasized the importance of using the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act (POFMA) as a “serious requirement” to combat misinformation.

He stated that POFMA provides a mechanism to flag online falsehoods and ensures people are informed about such claims, emphasizing that these claims lack a factual basis and are actively disputed by the government.

PM Lee, who is also the head of the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP), made these remarks during a dialogue session at the Asia Future Summit on 5 October.

In the session, PM Lee addressed a range of topics, from U.S.-China Relations to Singapore’s foreign policy strategy and the challenge of misinformation.

Gillian Koh, Deputy Director (Research) at LKYSPP’s Institute of Policy Studies, delved into Singaporeans’ understanding of the government’s foreign policy and the efforts to shape this understanding, whether overtly or covertly.

She questioned if the Prime Minister felt Singaporeans sufficiently understood these concepts and inquired about the government’s influence compared to external sources.

Responding, PM Lee noted that Singaporeans have extensive exposure to international news because of the country’s global openness and their frequent travels abroad. Yet, everyday concerns often overshadow international matters, emphasizing the need for widespread understanding of Singapore’s foreign policy.

He expressed confidence in domestic support for Singapore’s international stances, such as its position on Ukraine. He highlighted the importance of internal backing for these decisions.

Recognizing the vast amount of information, including disinformation on platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram, PM Lee pointed out the government’s efforts in countering false narratives.

“We have to go out and counter them. We’ve been diligent in ensuring our messages are accurate and that people discern the sources and intentions behind what they read.”

On 1 April 2019, the POFMA Bill was presented for its first reading in parliament. During its second reading, Minister K Shanmugam clarified the legislation’s aim: to safeguard society from intentional online falsehoods by malevolent actors, focusing on falsehoods and not opinions, criticisms, satire, or parody.

After a two-day debate, the bill was approved with a 72-9 vote, with all Workers Party (WP) MPs dissenting. The law characterizes a falsehood as a misleading statement of fact. Juridically, POFMA encompasses both explicit and implicit statements.

PM Lee emphasized POFMA’s crucial role in ensuring truthful online discussions, saying:

“The term ‘POFMA’ has turned into a verb – ‘I can POFMA you.’ But this isn’t a trivial matter. It ensures that online falsehoods are identified, ensuring the public knows which claims the government deems incorrect.”

Emphasizing Singapore’s openness, he asserted the impracticality of insulating the nation from global information and misinformation.

While the Singapore Government has frequently used POFMA against local individuals and entities, it has been hesitant with large foreign media outlets, even those accused of spreading falsehoods about Singapore.

Reflecting on Lee Kuan Yew’s leadership, PM Lee credited contingency and luck for Singapore’s success. He recounted Singapore’s past, including the unfruitful merger with Malaysia leading to independence.

“Remarkably, the left-wing opposition party of the time, with 13 to 14 parliamentary seats, boycotted the government, deeming it a pseudo-independence. The PAP, seizing this opportunity, secured all parliamentary seats, enabling undistracted nation-building and development for about 15-16 years.”

He accentuated the public’s trust as pivotal and urged politicians to stay connected and serve the people. While acknowledging Singapore’s unique success story, PM Lee mentioned evolving global dynamics and the necessity for policies, like adult education, to match the changing job landscape.

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U Think, U Can Handle The Truth, The Real Truth & Nothing But The Truth?
Use Your Discernment. If U R Brave Enough, Watch The Whole Video, Just Bear With The Ads.

Who said :
$$8 heart surgery?
$1000 can afford HDB flat?
Eat Fish if Chicken is Expensive?





Gillian Koh somehow always ask leading questions where there is an answer that is all ready to be spoken out loud. At times such dialogue seems staged. As long as Singaporeans get used to it, they can listen with one ear open and one ear shut.

I rmb there was a HUGE CAMPAIGN (costing X 100s of 1000s of DOLLARS of SGpns Money) at all the Libraries focussing on ‘Are You Sure’ couple of years ago.

BBird hypocrite PAP MPs NVR and DID NOT raise this subject HOW MUCH was $$$$$$ WASTED to ENSURE ‘I am bloody sure’ trying to con library users presumably spraying doubts on sheep’s minds about lies of social media.

If the truth is the truth, then let it defend itself. There’s no need to have laws to protect the truth unless its not the truth. POFMA only solidifies the will to supress the truth and manipulate information to the way the oppressor want to shape it. Remember,, truth is not a crime so don’t criminalise it.

85% in Public Housing paid by retirement funds and he thinks Singapore is successful. He should POFMA his brain for sending him false information to his mouth. The PAP govt. insults it’s own citizens in using POFMA as it is saying we are unable to discern information. Should the govt. be spending taxpayers’ monies on searching social media to POFMA? It explains why JT is unable to reply LMW. She could just POFMA him, don’t have to give him a reply.

The huge elephant confront POFMA is why no notice of demand of correction were issued to Nas Daily and Critical Spectator 🥱 🥱 🥱??
Certainly this smacks of EXTREME POFMA Bull SHITs FARTING from PAP assholes when anything false positives of PAP are facts.

Elites think they are the arbiters of truth. Such a huge god complex.

Criticise then rectify to say you are the ones spreading falsehood … OMG. Make POFMA anyone can use Not subjected to Ministers endorsement … Bully means bully!

You govt elite always RIGHT … Flag what falsehood. Can’t even use own mouth to speak your mind. Always using others to speak then render them no stars or small stars or pawn stars to lord over!

comment image

How can one decide to issue a POFMA to a judge who claimed that within is NOT INSIDE when the issue at stake facing that judge, concerned PAP election candidates found in violation of GE rules?

So, if no POFMA = it’s true?
They must be very busy 24×7 browsing the Internet, social media, etc. for “fake” news.
and all paid by … our taxes?
I cannot remember to agree on that.

comment image

Interpretation OF :
POFMA act as STRICT CENSORSHIP of Political Dictators whose Administrative WHIMS and FANCIES seems to be that they are the ones who DECIDE, who CAN DECIDE, what is their facts, your facts, what u can say, what u cannot say – all based on their DRACONIAN forms of interpretations and allusions, and to CORRECT what they deem as Ultimate FALSE if left UNCHECKED.

, … not when it’s openly and consciously abused by the SupremeLeader and his comrades, … as a “legitimate” means/vehicle/tool to silence, shackle and stymie all dissenting and challenging voices !!!

This is not an entirely isolated legislation, … when it can be further exemplified by this regime’s “weaponisation” of its public order act, state secret salary act and previously, … ISA !!!

Then again, all of the above is rendered “impotent and irrelevant”, … when the majority embraces and enthuses the pap, all of it’s propaganda, politics and policies !!!

It is what it is … …… …

we’ll believe it when you use to sue yourself and actual FTs instead of whacking sinkies all the time with the law.

Someone is surely very insecure.

If pofma is supposed to be flag against ALL falsehoods in SG, then the PM and ministers should also be subjected to it, and not Ownself Exempt Ownself from it.

LHL always speaks the truth