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Shanmugam urges LHY to defend himself in Singapore court amidst LHY’s intentions of staying abroad

Minister Shanmugam urged Lee Hsien Yang to embrace the opportunity to defend himself openly before the Singaporean public, emphasizing the importance of cross-examination if he genuinely believes the defamation claims are unfounded.

This comes in response to LHY’s earlier proposal for independent arbitration as a peaceful resolution to the escalating discord.

It’s noteworthy that the Singapore Police are also seeking the return of LHY to Singapore to assist with investigations against both him and his wife, Lee Suet Fern, regarding allegations of providing false evidence in judicial proceedings.

Considering this, it seems somewhat contradictory for Mr Shanmugam to sue LHY in a Singapore court, knowing LHY’s current intention to stay out of Singapore, instead of pursuing the case in the UK where LHY resides.



SINGAPORE: In a recent Facebook post on Thursday (5 Oct), the Minister of Law and Home Affairs, K Shanmugam, stated that Mr Lee Hsien Yang (LHY) should seize the opportunity to defend himself in “full view of the Singapore public” if he believes the defamation claims against him are baseless.

This statement comes in response to LHY’s suggestion for independent arbitration as an alternative to court proceedings in Singapore. Mr Shanmugam and the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan, have chosen to sue LHY for defamation in Singapore, despite LHY’s earlier recommendation to settle the matter in UK courts.

“If Mr Lee thinks that there is no basis for the legal action, he should welcome the opportunity to defend himself in open Court where he can cross-examine us, and we can cross-examine him, in the full view of the Singapore public.”

Minister Shanmugam reiterated that they have received legal counsel indicating that Mr Lee Hsien Yang’s statements about him and Dr Balakrishnan are both false and defamatory.

“We gave him an opportunity to withdraw his statements and apologise. Mr Lee did not do so, leaving us no option but to sue.”

He argued that Mr Lee’s statements pertain to events in Singapore and were primarily intended for a Singaporean audience. His primary audience was not in the United Kingdom.

“We have sued Mr Lee for a libel that was published to the people in Singapore, which concerns Singaporeans, and which is based on the laws of Singapore.”

Minister Shanmugam further alluded that what LHY really wants is special treatment.

“He wants to be treated differently from Singaporeans (and even foreigners) who are sued in Singapore for defamation. Mr Lee should explain why he is entitled to make libellous statements, and yet be exempt from the rules that apply to the rest of us.”

Lee Hsien Yang proposes independent arbitration

The recent developments on the defamation lawsuit comes after the two ministers successfully served legal documents to LHY through Facebook Messenger in mid-September.

They opted for this unconventional method with court approval, citing the difficulties of serving him in the United Kingdom, where he presently resides.

Reacting to the legal action by the two ministers, LHY disclosed in a Facebook post that he had suggested to them to pursue their suit in London’s courts.

He added, “London has long been a favored jurisdiction for defamation suits.” Nonetheless, the ministers chose to proceed in the Singapore Courts.

In the hopes of finding a peaceful resolution to the growing discord, LHY proposed independent arbitration.

He detailed, “We could each select an arbitrator of high international standing. This would ensure fairness and impartiality. While proceedings would be conducted in private, the decision would be made public, guaranteeing transparency and closure.”

The dispute emerged in September when the ministers accused LHY of hinting at their potential corrupt actions in a Facebook post dated 23 July.

They assert that LHY insinuated they had received special treatment from the Singapore Land Authority (SLA), manifested through unauthorized tree felling and state-sponsored renovations at 26 and 31 Ridout Road.

These allegations have been steadfastly refuted by the ministers, who deem them as unfounded and injurious.

Following the post, the ministers, through their legal counsel, pressed LHY to retract his statements, offer a public apology, and make a S$25,000 charity donation. This suggested amount is seen as a fraction of possible legal damages, as damages in High Court cases often start at an imposing S$250,000.

LHY has been firm in his stance, maintaining that his original words neither imply corruption nor personal gain. He voiced his frustration at the ministers for demanding what he views as a “misleading apology.”

In a subsequent post on 29 July, LHY rebuffed the ministers’ claims, emphasizing his intention was to share public information.

He ardently stands by his initial words, “Two ministers have leased state-owned mansions from the agency one oversees, resulting in tree felling and state-funded renovations.”

LHY argues that this doesn’t suggest corruption or personal gain and reproaches the ministers for insisting on a “false apology” for sentiments he denies expressing.

Earlier in September, LHY had highlighted his preference for the UK as the litigation venue, subtly prompting the public to speculate on the ministers’ motives for preferring local courts.

Supporting the ministers is a formidable legal team from Davinder Singh Chambers, led by the distinguished senior lawyer Davinder Singh. He is renowned for representing Singapore’s Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong, in prior high-profile defamation cases.

The legal team advised the two ministers to have the case heard in Singapore. Both ministers are of the view that Singapore is “clearly and distinctly the most appropriate forum for the trial.”

“Insofar as the defendant is suggesting that Singapore is not the most appropriate forum for the trial of my claims, or that the United Kingdom is a more appropriate forum than Singapore, that is baseless,” states Mr Shanmugam’s affidavit.

The ministers justified their stance by noting their positions as ministers in Singapore, their residency in the country, and that the alleged defamatory remarks pertain to events in Singapore.

They highlighted the “substantial publication and republication” of the contentious remarks in Singapore, indicating a wide local readership of those words.

Police seeking the return of Lee Hsien Yang and Lee Suet Fern

It’s noteworthy that the Singapore Police – which Mr Shanmugam oversees – are also seeking the return of LHY to Singapore to assist with investigations against both him and his wife, Lee Suet Fern, regarding allegations of providing false evidence in judicial proceedings.

Senior Minister and Coordinating Minister for National Security, Mr Teo Chee Hean, revealed the police investigation into the Lees in response to a written parliamentary question by Member of Parliament (MP) Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim (PAP-Chua Chu Kang) on 2 March. This question pertained to an e-book published six months prior.

This topic also became a point of debate in the Singapore Parliament in March, where Mr Shanmugam and the Progress Singapore Party’s Leong Mun Wai sparred over Mr Shanmugam’s description of the Lees as having “absconded” from Singapore—a term suggesting a criminal offence.

Mr Leong highlighted that the couple hadn’t received written orders to report to the police for an investigation under the Criminal Procedure Code, a fact confirmed by the Minister in Parliament during his earlier response to questions filed by MPs regarding Mr Teo’s disclosure of the police investigations in the Lees.

Thus, Mr Leong contended that using the term “absconded” was inappropriate and wondered if such language implied ill intentions and a presumption of guilt on the Lees’ part.

In defending his use of “absconded”, Mr Shanmugam recounted the events leading up to the couple’s exit from Singapore. He noted that the police had requested the couple’s cooperation in their investigations, but they did not attend the interview and had already left Singapore by then.

Furthermore, the Minister mentioned that LHY had labeled himself a “fugitive” and told the media he wouldn’t be returning to Singapore.

Considering this, it seems somewhat contradictory for Mr Shanmugam to sue LHY in a Singapore court, knowing LHY’s current intention to stay out of Singapore, instead of pursuing the case in the UK where LHY resides.

This especially raises eyebrows given the awareness that the police might detain LHY upon his return to Singapore.

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Ah Shan says….lai.lai.lai…ah Yang got BALLS COME BACK!
But ah Yang knows the moment he steps onto the air bridge to cross over upon landing….ICA, SPF and even Ang Chia riot police and even Gurhka contigent all there to ‘greet him’!
Who knows…even NEA would be there to want to summon him and say they found mosquitoes breeding in his Oxley place!😆😆
Might as well also invite SLA to be there ,since he so itchy mouth go suan SLA!😆😆
Seems like Ah Yang, more dangerous than the World most dangerous TERRORIST!!!😆😆😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Same with POFMA. Why must ministers and PM be exempted from being called out for Fake news? Shanmi should void the exemption if he is not afraid to been caught peddling falsehoods. Is it because their integrity is deemed so high that they will NOT lie to the public? But isn’t a minister currently under investigation for corruption, even though it was deemed that paying them million$ salary would be sufficient for them to be not corrupted?

Talk about being “absolutely bloody spot on, on the money and hitting the bullseye”, … whence ShengWu statemented way back in July2017, … that the SillyPore government “is very litigious and has a pliant court system”. Words that cost ShengWu 15grand, that’s as true and as accurate as it is today, … exemplified by the actions of the RidOut pair and their intentions to utilise it’s “pliant” court system and processes !!! Not to mention, the entirely predilected media coverage on all available platforms, and of course, … the odd supportive statement and views from members of Sg Inc and… Read more »

Shanmugam study Law under Jayakumar, also want to argue so much for mere Arbitration. Haiz
Arbitration nothing much also scared. Tsk Tsk Tsk.
Cannot Make It.

If LKY were alive, how would he feel? What would he say?

Our judges are “independently” paid by very “independent” finger in the pie people. So our judges are double confirmed “independent “!!! Hahaha!!!

Home ground these 2 bapok balls very big one. Try outside home ground maybe kena bend over and lubricated.


If its a personal case, please don’t use public tax payers hor….Thank you


High Food Cost? High Utility Bills? High Cost of Living?

Didn’t CPIB says CASE CLOSED? !!! What do you think?

The most dishonorable Law minister SG ever had, because his boss is the Most Dishonorable Son in SG.

This is the only independent and impartial I know …

comment image

Lee Hsien Loong has planned well. He shifted the entire issue into Parliament and it becomes a ‘national’ issue, excluding him personally. (they have always done that when they want to avoid criminal or legal context ) So, as far as Parliament is concerned, it is not a family affair. But Lee Hsien Yang is stuck in a “family” situation. And tries to get the public involved. The twain shall never meet. Only one outcome: The courts will find for the Ministers and judgement will be against Lee Hsien Yang. End of saga. But Lee Hsien Yang will continue to… Read more »

You are the Minister of Law, is it fair for you to use a Singapore Court? If you want to sue LHY in Singapore, both Ministers should resign first. This is grossly unfair and I as a Singaporean do not support such unfair actions. I also think that your renting of Ridout is a Conflict of Interests just as using our Courts. Unfortunately the present PM supports your actions. In another First World State, both Ministers would have resigned but then the PAP like to parade their “power,” using the Courts. So the audience can only pray for an act… Read more »

I dont know where this lawless minister learnt his English language, but I was told such south asian snakes excel in the queen’s English! In “full view of the Singapore public”, LHY’s words are plain English language stating facts no different from what state media obediently published in their government mouthpiece – the straited times! Don’t waste taxpayers monies, go do your job properly and enjoy your cheap $26k rental ridout good class bungalow. There’s a pool behind the obscenely cheap rental bungalow. Go drown in it…I mean go drown your sorrows in it.

Ya, Singapore cocks…sorry, cocks, err….sorry again, courts are very independent one! Now I really didn’t know that a snake knows how to lay traps! I’ve laid pit traps to catch snakes before but this snake laying traps is the first of its kind!

Looking back at Lee Hsien Yang’s ( and his sister ) actions since their brother created a committee to look into preserving Oxley, etc… it was not thought out well. It started as a family disagreement that became more & more public. It still is a family dispute. Lee Hsien Yang’s son got snagged into it. Lee Hsien Yang’s spouse got snagged into it Lee Hsien Yang himself has gotten snagged too. Half hearted forays into politics ( aligning with PSP ) Half hearted opinions on facebook. No clear intention No clear goals No clear actions Everything hazy. What happened… Read more »

LHY should counter sue the snakes in the UK

They the empires want to WIN always. They cannot get the Original then spawn the Parallel in order to win and continue to do what they do always. Just like their drinks package. So many running parallel to divide the market share. No?!?

Same thing with the Stars they run. No?!?
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Within is NOT inside – a ‘decision’ explicitly explained by NONE OTHER than a judge who is a strict guardian of law to dispense justice – who in the right mind would buy? Shan, what do u think.

As it progress the next thing these leaders want are subservient slaves who do their bidding. No?!? All the bullshit of having independent thinker and so on. They will only want one type of ppl. Obedient and free or independent thinker unless you accept their lordship and let them play God in your lives may it be rearrangement of their marriage, career …. No?!? Serving the ppl as motto …my arse. Dictators know no serving of others except themselves!

They always win becos they just use a simple mindset. Lord over everything and since all state own and corporate are most under lees and Now with our Democrats and Republican coming in to do what the lees do. Will it make the live of the ppl better or come here and be the same terrorist as the lees are doing?!?

Why? Only on this island they have their 1:1:1:1 to lord over the population and use ppl as shield. But it is their lies they can spin in anyhow they like. Maybe extend to Southeast Asia. Being leaders already let you access to many things and connection to play their Political Games.
Split the population 4 ways SG, Russia, Democrats and Republican beneficiary of their protracted “wars” No?!?