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Lee Hsien Yang proposes independent arbitration in defamation dispute with Ministers K Shanmugam and Vivian Balakrishnan

In response to the defamation suit filed against him by Ministers K Shanmugam and Vivian Balakrishnan, Lee Hsien Yang expressed on Facebook his desire to address the escalating dispute through independent arbitration.

He outlined a plan emphasizing fairness, impartiality, and transparency, wherein each party would choose an arbitrator of notable international repute.



A burgeoning legal battle is taking shape in Singapore as the nation’s Law and Home Affairs Minister, Mr K Shanmugam, and the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, advance a defamation lawsuit against Mr Lee Hsien Yang (LHY), son of the country’s esteemed founding father, Lee Kuan Yew.

This development follows the two ministers serving legal papers to LHY via Facebook Messenger in mid-September. They chose this unconventional method with court approval in hand, claiming the challenges of serving him in the UK, where he currently resides.

Reacting to the legal action, LHY disclosed in a Facebook post that he had suggested the ministers pursue their suit in London’s courts. He added, “London has long been a favored jurisdiction for defamation suits.” Nonetheless, the ministers chose to proceed in the Singapore Courts.

In the hopes of finding a peaceful resolution to the growing discord, LHY proposed independent arbitration.

He detailed, “We could each select an arbitrator of high international standing. This would ensure fairness and impartiality. While proceedings would be conducted in private, the decision would be made public, guaranteeing transparency and closure.”

The heart of the dispute emerged in September when the ministers accused LHY of hinting at their potential corrupt actions in a Facebook post dated 23 July.

They assert that LHY insinuated they had received special treatment from the Singapore Land Authority (SLA), manifested through unauthorized tree felling and state-sponsored renovations at 26 and 31 Ridout Road. These allegations have been steadfastly refuted by the ministers, who deem them as unfounded and injurious.

Following the post, the ministers, through their legal counsel, pressed LHY to retract his statements, offer a public apology, and make a S$25,000 charity donation. This suggested amount is seen as a fraction of possible legal damages, as damages in High Court cases often start at an imposing S$250,000.

LHY has been firm in his stance, maintaining that his original words neither imply corruption nor personal gain. He voiced his frustration at the ministers for demanding what he views as a “misleading apology.”

In a subsequent post on 29 July, LHY rebuffed the ministers’ claims, emphasizing his intention was to share public information.

He ardently stands by his initial words, “Two ministers have leased state-owned mansions from the agency one oversees, resulting in tree felling and state-funded renovations.”

LHY argues that this doesn’t suggest corruption or personal gain and reproaches the ministers for insisting on a “false apology” for sentiments he denies expressing.

Earlier in September, LHY had highlighted his preference for the UK as the litigation venue, subtly prompting the public to speculate on the ministers’ motives for preferring local courts.

Backing the ministers is a formidable legal team from Davinder Singh Chambers, led by the distinguished senior lawyer Davinder Singh, known for representing Singapore’s Prime Minister, Lee Hsien Loong, in previous high-profile defamation cases.

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I believed the case of alleged corruption commited by former transport minister, S Iswaran should b updated to the public.

Corruptor united, multiple sources of corruption happening here everyday. No?!?

Shanmugam dun expect the public to recognize that you ain’t corrupt just becos “proof” ain’t there. You make use of public coffer and being in charge of the ministry to get special discount. You ain’t different from what the past Loong did. Just running parallel with Loong Nassim saga. The same corrupt mentality!!!!!!!!!

As much as some of the public dislike the Lee and his entitlement, we will not join in this useless wayang show. You think ppl will support shanmugam abuse of public office for enriching themselves. No?!? Just like how the Lees enriched themselves in the past! So you Democrats and Republican come in here YET dun want to set things RIGHT and wanna join in looting the SG ppl. You will not get any support!!!!!!!!!!! Ask your arse Putin to start his nuclear shit with excuses and failure you leaders create. Pui!

comment image

Wasting 💰 to win over sibling especially the highest earner one shld give more to charity n associations.

They are gangsters only in their own kampung. Once outside the kampung, they become spineless chickens.

The 2 Great Abangs dare to sue outside SG right? Do they have any track record of winning any case outside SG?

Where are their balls? Please use your own pocket money hor…..

Propose kam lan….who the fuck he is to propose, Yang still think IS HIS FATHER’S COURT AND HIS FATHER PAY & OWN THE JUDGES AH? Ah Yang ah…those times are OVER…NOW IS YOUR BROTHER turn to NAME…PLACE AND TIME TO SETTLE LIKE OLD TIME SAMSENG …O.k? Not happy can pick a famous coffee shop to settle lah! His gang on one side….your gang on the other. But ah Yang gang is definitely less than the toes on my ONE FOOT! YOUR BROTHER CAN SUMMON THE ANG CHIA, ALL WITH RIOT GEAR..O.K? Not happy he can also call the entire battlion… Read more »

Shanmugam and VB should go for it if they are confident of a win. It is also educational.

comment image

Buy pop corn. Will they sue in U.K? LoL

I would suggest that all future court cases involve our PAP’s MPs and Ministers, they should engage only our fresh law graduates to fight the case.

Since it would be sure win cases, it would give our would-be lawyers the confidence in future cases. Further more it certainly be cheaper.

What do you think?

Blame the very expensive circus orchestrator

I support Lee Hsien Yang against the two snakes

Wise stroke of action. Attack them at what they fear and what they know they can’t win.
Whats independent? Very very loaded word. Cheers HY. Good luck.

LHY is getting these buggers by the balls.

Guess the word ” independence ” never crosses their mind? Is Pinoccteo independent? What do you think? tsk tsk tsk

What did anyone expect from those 2? Play ball in my field with my referee and linesmen dare or not? Home game I win 10-0 before half time. Away game maybe kena tekan 0-12 better don’t play and save face. Cowards hiding behind the system.

As mentioned earlier elsewhere, this proceedings really shows the world how petty our million$ cannot-lose-face ministers are. LHY is correct to suggest arbitration as the first step; many corporates would prefer that way too.

Now, SG has been trying to be seen as a regional (or global?) Arbitration Hub. Yet the 2 ministers chose to go to court immediately – self-interest torpedoing a national aspiration for the world to see. Sia-buay malu, hor.

Yes ! Yes !!!

No white pappies , no Pinocchio please. tsk tsk tsk