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TikTok User ‘dr.ishhaq.jay’ faces second POFMA notice over statement on CPF members’ accounts

TikTok user ‘dr.ishhaq.jay’ has been issued a second POFMA notice for misrepresenting CPF members’ account details. This comes shortly after a previous alleged misinformation incident over the Singapore government’s ability to trace individual voters’ choices in the polling booth



SINGAPORE: Dr Tan See Leng, the Minister for Manpower, has instructed the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act (POFMA) Office to issue a Correction Direction to a TikTok user, “dr.ishhaq.jay” and a Targeted Correction Direction to TikTok Pte. Ltd.

This is in response to a dated TikTok post by the user on 12 August 2023, in which the Minister alleged that he had incorrectly asserted that none of the low and middle-income CPF members who utilized their CPF monies for HDB loan repayments had reached either the Basic Retirement Sum (BRS) or Full Retirement Sum (FRS) in their CPF accounts.

Contrary to “dr.ishhaq.jay”‘s claims, data from the CPF Board revealed that in 2022, nearly 7 out of 10 active CPF members had achieved their cohort’s BRS by age 55, said the Ministry of Manpower in a press release.

This statistic includes those members earning below the median income for their age group who used their CPF savings for housing loans. It’s projected that this number will increase to about 8 in 10 by 2027.

To rectify the false information, “dr.ishhaq.jay” is required to publish a new TikTok post containing the correct facts and provide a link directing viewers to the government’s clarification. TikTok Pte. Ltd. has also been tasked with issuing a correction notice to all Singaporean end-users who came across the initial post.

This is the second time that the user has received a POFMA direction. He had been previously served with a notice on 18 August over a misleading statement in a TikTok video that he posted on 17 August.

The video suggested that the Government has the capacity to trace individual voters’ choices in the polling booth and can subsequently penalize voters based on their vote.

Factually’s Detailed Clarifications

The Singapore government also made further clarification on its Factually website, addressing multiple alleged misconceptions from the TikTok post to provide clarity and context:

Monthly HDB Loan Repayment Post Age 55:

The original TikTok post suggested that from age 55, CPF members would be compelled to start making cash payments for their HDB loans.

Factually clarified that at age 55, only the funds required from a member’s Ordinary Account to meet the Full Retirement Sum will be transferred to their Retirement Account.

Moreover, members have the option to keep all or a portion of their Ordinary Account funds untouched to cater for housing loan payments.

Interest on CPF Monies Used for Housing:

Addressing another claim from the post that members are charged interest on CPF monies and grants used for housing, Factually explained that when members sell their property, they are required to refund the amount used, along with the accrued interest, to their CPF account, ensuring that no extra charges are imposed on members during property sales.

Utilizing CPF Savings for Children’s Education:

The TikTok post implied that CPF savings couldn’t be utilized for children’s education while foreigners receive free education.

Factually countered this by highlighting the CPF Education Loan Scheme, which lets members use their Ordinary Account savings for their children’s tuition fees.

Foreign students, contrary to the claims, usually pay higher tuition fees compared to Singaporeans and do not receive free education in the country.

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This administration cannot take any forms of criticism, they’re like spoilt brats!

Opposition should distance from him as he could also be planted to give opposition a bad name

now we know what makes our gov very busy …
browsing through youtube, tiktok, facebook, twitter, etc. (you name it)
for truths fake news, and issue them pofma.
and they are the most expensive gov!

comment image

This type is a double-edged sword. Either real but misguided or careless or planted to paint bad image for dissent.

Why he talk intentionally carelessly with words to allow himself owngoal?

PAP likes to add layer upon layer of rules, sub-rules, sub-sub-rules to very simple things. Then they have no choice but to add solutions to these rules and this becomes more & more convoluted over time. The root cause is adopting policies that are not sustainable due to changing circumstances. Once the fundamentals are poorly grounded, problems will arise, begging for solutions. That is why people misunderstand, and it does not help when the explanation is equaly convoluted. Some are brave enough to make attempts to understand the whole concept but inevitably will get POFMA’ed. And instead of being clear,… Read more »

Be more careful next time. Cheers !!!!

No freedom of speech ?

Deserve it. About time. Recalcitrant at spewing falsehoods.

Is the Minister now saying, all our taxes paid are only used for Singaporeans? There is no student grants to foreigners? Why was no POFMA issued on the article about the four thousand Indonesians who were given student grants and later became citizens? We pay taxes and still have to pay for our children ‘s education in the universities. Isn’t it double payment? Would it be incorrect to say that when you reach 55years and still have to use the Ordinary Account to pay for housing, the basic retirement requirements may not be met? If yes, the POFMA issued is… Read more »

His Spirit is Correct but spoken with wrong Letter of the law

nearly 7 out of 10 active CPF members had achieved their cohort’s BRS by age 55″

When does this even mean? So they assign an arbitrary sum as the “requirement sum.” Can the CPF board release the data used to calculate these figures? To me, it sounds that they are lowering the requirements to artificially increase the number of individuals that meet their criteria. I.e., Massaging the data.