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Singapore’s PM Lee highlights housing affordability, elderly support, and leadership integrity in National Day address

During his National Day address, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong highlighted challenges in public housing and elder care, reaffirmed the People’s Action Party (PAP)’s commitment to integrity amidst controversies, and emphasized the importance of trust in navigating Singapore through trying times.



SINGAPORE: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, during his National Day address, shared his perspectives on the challenges and imperatives facing the nation, especially regarding public housing and the welfare of older citizens.

He also voiced his concerns about recent controversies involving the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP).

Detailing his views on Singapore’s evolving housing landscape, PM Lee observed, “As Singapore continues to develop more public housing, fewer undeveloped sites are left for new Housing and Development Board (HDB) estates.”

Highlighting the changing dynamics of non-mature estates, PM Lee mentioned that they are “steadily maturing” with rapid developments in terms of transport links and amenities.

This trend, he believes, might result in increased demand for new HDB flats, especially in existing estates like Dawson.

“So in time to come, more and more new HDB flats will be built in existing estates like here in Dawson. Such flats will naturally be in greater demand. Their launch prices and resale prices will reflect that,” he said, noting that his message was recorded at SkyOasis@Dawson in Queenstown.

Furthermore, PM Lee emphasized the government’s role amidst these housing changes.

“Amid this changing landscape, the government must still ensure that public housing is accessible and affordable for Singaporeans of all income groups, and that housing schemes are fair and inclusive for all.”

Strengthening this viewpoint, he added, “This is how we keep our national housing story going strong for current and future generations. This is my government’s commitment to you, and we will deliver on it.”

PM Lee also touched upon Singapore’s aging population, stating that “One in four Singaporeans will be senior citizens by 2030.”

Discussing the CPF savings system, he mentioned that it has been enhanced over time to ensure individuals are ready for retirement.

While there are measures in place to support lower-income workers, he acknowledged a group of older workers who might need further assistance, saying,

“But some older workers now in their 50s and early 60s still have not built up enough CPF savings for retirement, and can do with some extra help.”

Addressing recent controversies surrounding the PAP, PM Lee reaffirmed, “Let there be no doubt: My government is determined to keep our system free of corruption and wrongdoing. We will maintain our high standards of honesty, integrity, and propriety. Singaporeans have come to expect this of us, and so have our international partners.”

Trust, as PM Lee stressed, played a pivotal role during the tumultuous years of the COVID-19 pandemic. “Trust is what allows political leaders to work closely with Singaporeans to deliver a better life for all. And trust will enable us to move forward safely in a troubled world.”

In a poignant commentary last Saturday, during the Singapore Democratic Party’s 43rd anniversary, Dr Chee Soon Juan, SDP’s Secretary General, called out the PAP’s moral compass, focusing on the Ridout rentals controversy.

Dr Chee remarked, “Moral leadership means eschewing the poisonous mindset of entitlement prevalent among our current generation of ministers, who believe they are owed their positions of power and privilege. True moral leadership involves denying oneself the greed that hinders genuine service to the people. It means speaking for the people and, most importantly, acting on their behalf.”

In his conclusion, Dr Chee stated, “While the people might have no choice but to accept the parliamentary debate, the saga is not closed… You cannot, and should not, continue to lead the country without a moral compass.”

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