M’sian mum allegedly pours hot water onto son for depleting her mobile internet data

In Malaysia, a 37-year-old woman appeared in the Melaka Sessions Court on charges of scalding her 13-year-old son in a dispute over his mobile data usage. The incident occurred in June 2022, and the accused faces severe injury charges. Allegedly, this incident was triggered by the son using up his mother’s mobile data. The accused had a history of physical abuse, which came to light when a concerned friend noticed marks on the victim’s school uniform and reported it to the police.

Allegations of child abuse rock childcare center in Cheras, Malaysia


A childcare center in Cheras, Malaysia faces shocking allegations of toddler abuse. In a heart-wrenching account shared on Facebook, a mother details a disturbing sequence of events dating back to August, leading to police involvement and ongoing investigations.

Neighbors rescue 7-year-old victim in disturbing Johor Bahru child abuse case

A troubling incident unfolded in a Layangkasa housing area residence in Pasir Gudang, Malaysia, where a young boy is believed to have suffered abuse at the hands of two women, including his presumed biological mother.

Neighbors played a crucial role in unveiling the situation after hearing the child’s persistent cries.