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Indonesian boy tied to truck and allegedly abused for suspected fish theft

A 12-year-old Indonesian boy was tied to a truck and allegedly abused for suspected fish theft. The perpetrator has been arrested, facing child protection charges.



INDONESIA: A photo of a child tied to the back of a truck has gone viral on the Indonesian online community and ignited outrage and condemnation.

The incident occurred in Parittiga, Bangka Barat, Bangka Belitung Province, where a 12-year-old boy identified as IMHI became the victim of the alleged abuse.

According to the circulating narrative, the child was not only tied to the truck but also subjected to stone-throwing.

Reports suggest that the boy was fishing in a catfish pond belonging to a resident named Marzuki, also known as Kiki, and was accused of stealing fish. The situation escalated when the child was allegedly physically abused by Marzuki.

Marzuki, also known as Kiki. (Photo:

Confirming the incident, Commissioner Albert DH Tampubolon, the Chief of Jebus Police Sector, revealed that the victim, IMHI, is a 12-year-old boy.

The perpetrator, Marzuki/Kiki, has been apprehended by the Jebus Police.

The incident is said to have taken place last Friday, (12 Jan), at around 5:00 PM local time.

Albert explained that the victim’s parent, identified as SH (43), received a call from the suspect Marzuki, who reported that IMHI had stolen fish from his pond. In response, SH was instructed to come to Marzuki’s house in Cupat Village, Parittiga Sub-district, Bangka Barat Regency.

Upon arrival at Marzuki’s residence, SH discovered IMHI tied with a rope next to the bed of Marzuki’s truck.

“After some time, the perpetrator released the rope binding the reporting child and then handed him over to his parents. After that, the parents took their child home,” added Commissioner Albert.

IMHI complained of a headache, injuries, bruises, and pain in his back, allegedly resulting from the abuse. Distressed by the incident, the victim’s parents reported the case to the Jebus Police for legal proceedings.

Following the report, the Jebus Police took immediate action to locate and apprehend the suspect, Marzuki. He was arrested at his residence in Desa Cupat, Parittiga, Bangka Barat, on Friday evening.

Frustration over alleged fish theft triggers shocking abuse incident

Commissioner Albert explained that the motive behind the perpetrator’s actions was frustration over the alleged theft of fish from his pond.

In response to the incident, the Head of Desa Cupat, Gegha Khris Kharisma, expressed disbelief at the actions of Marzuki/Kiki. He disclosed that the victim’s and perpetrator’s residences are nearby within the same village.

Kharisma mentioned that Marzuki has been operating a catfish pond business for the past year behind his house.

Kharisma highlighted occasional thefts from Marzuki’s pond but stressed that resorting to such extreme measures was unprecedented.

Expressing regret over the lack of community involvement in resolving the issue, Gegha urged parents to educate their children about respecting others’ property. He has handed over the case to the police and the Child Protection Agency (PPA) to ensure a fair investigation and to prevent any recurrence of child abuse in the community.

On Monday (15 Jan), Commissioner Albert Daniel Tampubolon confirmed that Marzuki/Kiki has been designated as a suspect and is currently held in the Jebus Police station.

The suspect faces charges under Article 76c, along with Article 80 (2) of the Child Protection Law, with a potential fine of IDR 100 million.

The decision to charge the suspect was made after the police interviewed several witnesses. The perpetrator could face a maximum sentence of five years in prison if convicted of the alleged assault.

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