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Indonesian celebgram’s daughter abused by nanny, ignites social media outrage

Aghnia, an Indonesia prominent Instagram personality, shared photos of her daughter allegedly abused by her nanny. CCTV footage revealed the severity of the assault, leading to the nanny’s arrest under Child Protection laws.



child abuse

EAST JAVA, INDONESIA: The Indonesian social media community was rattled by a distressing incident when Aghnia, a prominent Instagram personality, shared a photo revealing her 3.5-year-old daughter JAP with visible bruises and a black eye, allegedly inflicted by her caregiver.

The alleged perpetrator of this abuse was identified as IPS, a 27-year-old woman who served as JAP’s nanny.

Aghnia took to her Instagram account on Friday (29 Mar) to express her shock and dismay, emphasizing that IPS was considered part of their family.

“Why would you torture my soulmate (her daughter)?!” Aghnia questioned, visibly distraught over the apparent betrayal of trust after leaving her child in the caregiver’s care for just two days.

Expressing gratitude, she thanked Malang’s police for swiftly addressing the case, urging followers to pray for a smooth resolution and appropriate consequences for the suspect.

Acknowledging that she had hired IPS from a well-known foundation in Surabaya, Aghnia refrained from naming the institution, pointing to its widespread recognition across Indonesia.

In a subsequent update, Aghnia revealed her observation of IPS pouring therapeutic oil onto her baby’s face, expressing concern over the potential harm caused.

“I can’t imagine what it’s like to get it in the eye,” she lamented, highlighting the gravity of the situation.

She also shared CCTV footage via Instagram stories, which has now disappeared, depicting IPS hitting and pulling JAP’s hair, followed by disturbing physical actions against the child.

The circulation of this evidence on social media further fueled public outrage, particularly as they observed IPS’s demeanor when confronted by Aghnia in a video.

In a confrontation video uploaded to Aghnia’s Instagram account (30 Mar), she can be seen confronting the nanny with palpable anger, demanding to know what actions she had taken against her daughter over the past three days.

In the tense exchange, the nanny admitted to hitting JAP with books, explaining the cause of her black eye.

Numerous netizens voiced their outrage at the situation.

“The audacity to look sad while asking for remorse? You’re sick,” commented one of the netizens.

“She didn’t seem guilty. She’s crying because she’s afraid of being jailed, not because she feels guilty,” said another netizen.

CCTV footage reveals severity of child abuse incident

Aghnia recounted the chilling sequence of events via her Instagram page on Sunday (31 March).

She detailed how on 27 March, she departed for Jakarta in the afternoon due to work commitments, leaving her children under the care of her nanny and sister-in-law at home.

Alongside them were a driver, two servants, and one other nannies.

The assault unfolded on 28 March around 4 am when everyone else in the house was positioned in the basement and unable to hear what was happening.

The child’s room was securely locked, allowing the abuse to persist for an hour without interruption.

The perpetrator prevented JAP from leaving the room, fearing that others in the house would witness the abuse.

She falsely claimed that JAP was ill and brought food to the room as a cover.

The motive behind the abuse was reportedly because JAP refused treatment for scratch marks, though it remains unclear whether the scratches were inflicted by the perpetrator.

Upon returning home from Jakarta on 29 March, Aghnia was informed by the perpetrator that JAP had sustained bruises from a fall in the bathroom.

Suspicious of the injuries, Aghnia and her husband reviewed the CCTV footage, confirming the perpetrator’s culpability, despite her denial of the abuse.

IPS has been arrested by the Malang City Police and is currently a suspect, facing charges under the Child Protection Act.

If convicted, she could face a prison sentence of up to five years and a maximum fine of IDR 100 million (US$6,290).

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