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Baby bitten multiple times, sibling slapped under caregiver’s watch

A six-month-old baby in Kluang was allegedly bitten on his first day with a caregiver, and his brother reportedly slapped. The local police are investigating, with the caregiver identified and remanded.



KLUANG, MALAYSIA – The police have verified the receipt of a report regarding a six-month-old baby suspected to have been bitten on his first day under the care of a caregiver, while the brother was supposedly slapped.

The District Police Chief of Kluang, Assistant Commissioner Bahrin Mohd Noh, stated that a police report had been filed by the mother of the baby at 5:30 pm last Wednesday (10 Jan).

“The report was made by a woman concerning a case where a six-month-old child had apparent bite marks on the body, suspected to have been bitten by a caregiver’s three-year-old child.

“Based on the investigation, the caregiver is a local woman in her twenties who has been identified, and her statement will be recorded on Monday to assist in the investigation,” Bahrin said in a statement on Sunday (14 Jan).

Baby allegedly bit eight times by caregiver’s 3-yr-old child; another allegedly slapped

Nurhidayah Jamil, the distressed mother of the victims, alleges that her two children fell victim to abuse while under the care of a caregiver in her local area.

She revealed, “The first day at the babysitter’s house ended in a painful tragedy for me and my children. Baby Luth, just six months old, was bitten over eight times, resulting in torn and bloodied skin on his clothes.

“Meanwhile, his older brother, Nuh, suffered the weighty impact of an adult-sized slap on his face.”

She continued, “Even now, Nuh is traumatized to the point of running a fever. He witnessed his younger sibling being bitten.

“Pray for Luth and Nuh’s speedy recovery from their injuries, fever, and trauma,” she pleaded in a Facebook post on 14 January.


According to her, the baby was taken to Enche’ Besar Hajjah Khalsom Hospital for follow-up treatment and is being given antibiotics, while the older sibling is still traumatized and remains at home.

She also mentioned that she decided not to take any action against the nanny because “the nanny also has children who are still young.”

In an update, she wrote that the police are currently investigating the case. “I’m handing everything over to the police for further investigation,” she wrote.

“The purpose of my post on this FB is to make caregivers and parents aware of what is happening to our little family and to prevent this from happening again,” she added.

Bahrin stated that the case would be investigated under Section 31(1)(a) of the Child Act 2001, which carries a maximum penalty of 20 years imprisonment, a RM50,000 fine, or both if found guilty.

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Biting babies? vampire baby sitter or what? need exorcist to come along with the polis.