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Red Dot United: Sharp rise in hawker food prices squeezing Singaporeans’ wallets

RDU expresses concern over rising food prices burdening ordinary Singaporeans. They acknowledge the struggles of hawkers facing increased costs, proposing government policies to curb HDB coffeeshop prices and stabilize hawker stall rents.



SINGAPORE: Red Dot United (RDU), Singapore’s alternative party, has expressed concern regarding the escalating food prices across the city-state, particularly in hawker centres and coffeeshops.

They worried that the increase in food prices is outpacing the average annual increase observed over the past decade.

RDU, citing the Singapore Department of Statistics, highlighted that the prices of cooked hawker food increased by 6.1% in 2023, the highest increase since 2008.

This is higher than the 5.7% increase in 2022 and the average annual increase of 2.2% from 2012 to 2022.

Food court and coffee shop prices increased by 6.1%, while hawker centre prices increased by 6.0%.

“The $3 chicken rice, which was common until fairly recently, can rarely be found in our hawker centres and coffeeshops. An average plate of chicken rice now costs $4, or more.”

RDU strongly criticizes the government’s approach to addressing rising food prices, asserting that urging lower- and middle-class Singaporeans to search for cheap food through an app is demeaning, especially considering that many are already relying on food banks due to financial strain.

Their criticism stems from the government’s newly launched initiative, the Great Budget Meal Hunt, introduced in January, which allows the public to find meals priced at $3.50 or less through crowdsourcing.

RDU said The Government can do more to keep the stomachs of Singaporeans full.

“Surely, it is not too much to ask for hardworking households to have 3 square and nutritious meals a day.”

In RDU’s Shadow Budget 2024, the party proposed that the government could implement policies to prevent HDB coffeeshops from change hands for tens of millions of dollars, as this could contribute to increased food costs.

They also suggested measures to stabilize rents for stalls in hawker centres, preventing hawkers from being unduly burdened by rising costs.

“The Government can, by relooking into the COE system, lower the cost of transportation. ”

In an earlier Facebook post, RDU shed light on the concerns voiced by residents of Jurong regarding the escalating prices of goods, particularly after the government’s further increase in GST in January.

The party highlighted that residents expressed how they are now finding it increasingly difficult to dine out due to financial constraints, resulting in a greater emphasis on home-cooked meals, despite the challenges faced by dual-income households.

“Some are even skipping meals, or scrimping on eating wholesome, nutritious meals because they can’t afford it.”

Additionally, RDU recognized the predicament faced by hawkers and coffeeshop stall owners, who grapple with rising costs but are constrained in their ability to adjust prices.

“They face enormous price increases themselves but are forced to keep the prices of the dishes they sell the same, or to make only slight increases. So, some make the portions smaller but still charge the same amount, hoping people won’t notice. ”

Affirming their solidarity with Jurong residents, RDU reiterated their call for government intervention to alleviate these challenges and ensure affordability for all members of the community.

RDU has ramped up its presence in Jurong GRC amidst speculation of an early election this year, as the party sets its sights on the constituency in the upcoming polls.

During the General Election (GE) of 2020, RDU, led by party Chief Mr Ravi Philemon, contested in Jurong GRC. Despite a spirited campaign, the People’s Action Party (PAP), led by then-Senior Minister Mr. Tharman, retained Jurong GRC with a commanding 74.62% of the vote.

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Ask why must raise hawker stall rental? Why deviation from basic principles of providing affordable hawkers stall?

A customer complained on social media few days ago . She was charged $1 for a cup of hot water.. she posted the name of the outlet n her bill as proof.
Thats really excessive…most stalls charge 30c to 50c…

problem arises due to ownership of coffee shops and shophouses, these commercials do not incur ABSD and SSD, the owners happily benefit from it and yet raise rentals due to them paying high prices for the commercials yet they are also benefiitng from the 60% ABSD and ZERO SSD. this references to foreign owners who are diving in to own it albeit some vey wealthy locals save 20% for the 2nd property and 30% for the 3rd property. the govt must implement these stamp duties afterall the earnings would increase the govt national coffers and use it to spend on… Read more »

pee air pee often like to highlight those specially cheap stalls but what they fail to highlight is even with price remain low the food portion is also reduced to half, aka shrinkflation.

I was at Changi Airport yesterday (10 May). I wanted to get some food from the Kopitiam located at terminal 3. Many would notice there are 2 prices displayed: one for staff working in Changi Airport and another, for the public. What was astonishing was the price differential by close to 50% of the food sold eg staff price would indicate $6.00 while the public price was $8.90. This is a 48% variance. I guess if you hold a NTUC card, there is a 10% discount which brings the public price down to $8.01. Even at this discounted price, there… Read more »

well cotton and pineapple lovers are happy.

bo bian. just wait for miracles to happen.

I dont like the name.

will vote other oppositions.

Got Budget Meal mah ………

Cannot take the price hike, can always migrate to JB.
In anycase, 3.5 to 1 jiu hu kia and bu, coming over to earn Sing dollar LAUGHING THEIR WAY BACK TO BOLEH LAND BANKS!

Prices rising every few months..
…But the quality and portions lesser…
Its Not Fair..if we’re paying more at least maintain the quality…
Greed knows no bounds..
We understand opetating costs and rentals etc are also rising.
Punishing the humble customers 2x 🙄😒😏

ALL owners of coffeeshops directly/indirectly related to papee so why should they anything when they are laughing all the way o the bank