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Singapore pushes budget meal initiative to 330 coffee shops starting 1 July

Starting 1 July, about 330 coffee shops in the heartlands, including 180 under private operators, will provide affordable food options and accept CDC voucher. HDB and EnterpriseSG said they will continue to engage with operators of privately owned HDB coffee shops to encourage them to provide budget meal options, “while considering their business sustainability.”



SINGAPORE: Starting Monday (1 July), more coffee shops in Singapore will offer budget meals and accept Community Development Council (CDC) vouchers.

According to a joint press release from the Housing and Development Board (HDB) and Enterprise Singapore (EnterpriseSG) on Monday, 330 coffee shops in HDB estates will provide these affordable food options for residents by the end of the month.

This total includes 180 coffee shops under nine private chain operators.

HDB and EnterpriseSG said they will continue to engage with operators of privately owned HDB coffee shops to encourage them to provide budget meal options, “while considering their business sustainability.”

The eateries will gradually begin offering affordable meals and accepting CDC vouchers from Monday, expanding the budget meal initiative beyond rental HDB coffee shops.

The private coffee shop chains participating in this initiative are Badaling, Broadway, De Tian, Chang Cheng, FoodFare Kopitiam, Kimly, Kim San Leng, Koufu, and Select.

Of the 180 coffee shops, 120 are privately owned, representing nearly 30 per cent of privately owned coffee shops in HDB estates.

The remaining 60 are rental coffee shops that will now voluntarily offer budget meals ahead of their lease renewal.

The budget meal initiative, announced in March 2023, aims to provide Singaporeans with more affordable food options, said the statement.

Under this initiative, all rental HDB coffee shops renewing their tenancies from May 2023 must offer at least four budget meals and two budget drink options.

Budget meals include lunch or dinner options priced at S$3.50 (US$2.60) and below, with drinks priced at S$1.20 and below.

Around 150 rental HDB coffee shops islandwide offer over 1,000 budget meals and drinks, according to the press release on Monday.

Singapore has a total of 776 HDB coffee shops, and HDB is on track to have all 374 rental coffee shops offering budget meals by 2026.

Since December 2023, privately owned HDB coffee shops sold on the open market are required to offer budget meals.

The new operators must provide at least two budget meals and two budget drinks within a month from the resale completion date.

“The government will continue to engage and work closely with F&B businesses and operators to ensure that residents in the heartlands continue to have access to a variety of affordable meal options within their neighbourhood,” added HDB and EnterpriseSG.

The public can identify stalls serving budget meals by looking for a circular decal.

Stalls in privately owned HDB coffee shops that have voluntarily committed to providing budget meals will display the community budget meal decal in red and blue, according to the press release.

These stalls are also listed on the BudgetMealGoWhere portal, a site that allows the public to search for and view available budget meal and drink options at nearby HDB coffee shops.

Simply enter a postal code in the search box to view a list of options, starting with those located within 2 km.

Since its launch in May 2023, the portal has recorded more than 400,000 unique visitors, according to HDB and EnterpriseSG.

Red Dot United criticizes Government’s approach to addressing rising food prices

Earlier in May, Red Dot United (RDU), Singapore’s alternative party, has expressed concern regarding the escalating food prices across the city-state, particularly in hawker centres and coffeeshops.

RDU, citing the Singapore Department of Statistics, highlighted that the prices of cooked hawker food increased by 6.1% in 2023, the highest increase since 2008.

RDU strongly criticizes the government’s approach to addressing rising food prices, asserting that urging lower- and middle-class Singaporeans to search for cheap food through an app is demeaning, especially considering that many are already relying on food banks due to financial strain.

Their criticism stems from the government’s newly launched initiative, the Great Budget Meal Hunt, introduced in January, which allows the public to find meals priced at $3.50 or less through crowdsourcing.

RDU said The Government can do more to keep the stomachs of Singaporeans full.

In RDU’s Shadow Budget 2024, the party proposed that the government could implement policies to prevent HDB coffeeshops from changing hands for tens of millions of dollars, as this could contribute to increased food costs.

They also suggested measures to stabilize rents for stalls in hawker centres, preventing hawkers from being unduly burdened by rising costs.

“The Government can, by relooking into the COE system, lower the cost of transportation. ”

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HDB and EnterpriseSG said they will continue to engage with operators of privately owned HDB coffee shops to encourage them to provide budget meal options, “while considering their business sustainability.”

The correct word is not to encourage, but to COERCE
They should lower the rental !!!

This is the most ridiculous way to mitigate the ever increasing prices of hawker food created by none other than Pappy’s crave for more money.It is a really desperate measure thought out by just slapping their idiotic heads.Let’s how many more GRCs Pappy will loose in the coming GE

Have you tried their so call “3.50 budget meal”? I tried the shrimp dumpling soup noodle at Kok Kee Wanton Noodle and it tasted very “different” from the other varieties they are selling. Kok Kee Wanton Noodle is famous for their chilli dried noodle and their dishes normally start from 5.50 onwards. And the portion ain’t big, I always have to order something else for a full meal. For their shrimp dumpling soup noodle, I couldn’t even finish 3/4 of it and it is not because of the size of portion. My point is if the hawkers need to sell… Read more »

Spam x2

Last edited 9 days ago by Blankslate

Spam x2

Last edited 9 days ago by Blankslate

Goodness MESS this Smart Nation of Very Very Stupid Politicians too WISE and RICH to think straight – UNDER RATE, DESPICABLE, give fishes INSTEAD let Singaporeans BE FISHERMEN.

We Singaporeans DO NOT NEED, DO NOT ALLOW these PAP Administration Millionaires teach us How To Fish.

Just DO NOT DESTROY our BOATS and NETS, and POLLUTE the waters.

I recall hearing on Channel News Asia (via radio) that HDB officers or something will be in-charge of ensuring the quality of food and drinks at HDB coffeeshops.

Why is HDB taking on such roles? Doesn’t the SFA already exist? HDB is reluctant to the enforce existing rules and now they want to take on more roles. Why?

This ruling party is humiliating our people with budget meals and yet people still continue to support the ministers.
We all Singaporeans living in this first-world country, should be better off than other poorer countries. Why resort to looking for budget meals?
Grow some backbones, my dear fellow Singaporeans.

All for show …after GE , theyll hurt our pockets once again…
No need to be happy about this latest new PAP publicity stunt..
We should be grateful but its the way its done….PAP is making use of our dear citizens of humble backgrounds to give themselves boasting rights..
Not nice.

Last edited 10 days ago by W.A.J.


Last edited 10 days ago by Blankslate

This is getting from bad to worse. First World State, claims to be SMART NATION but million dollar paid ministers are working at delivery of budget meals to citizens. It is a disgrace and insult to all citizens to have our lives reduced to having budget meals. This outcome is due to inviting wealthy foreigners to live here and pushing real estate prices up but refusing to mitigate the outcome by declaring a living wage for citizens. Please implement a wealth tax for the 20% and use it to pay $500/- to every Singaporean who is 65years and above. They… Read more »

Voters NEED to be PREPARED for the CRUEL Payback Time after GE.

5 LONG YEARS of Suffering, PAP Administration Style and Brand.

Voters are cheap. X on cheap sale courtesy of Millionaire Rogue PAP.

Goodness how shallow are SG brains that the average Foreign Trash can take over his rice bowl so easily.

But when mandate is in their pockets REVERSE MIRACLES flood hauntedly.

Voters GET READY for Nightmares after GE.

Wow five 600k mayonnaises to dish out c.dc vultures to sinkies.

5 admin clerks can easily perform this task.

Really productive!

What do you think?

Political methods and systems to fight inflation. Hahaha Millionaire Politicians BROKEN for ideas.

Where is the economics – didn’t the PAP ALWAYS ALWAYS NEVER NEVER FAIL to emphasise they DO NOT put their fingers on free markets, let the markets decide? Or LIES when GE coming is par for the course?

Hahaha. PAP a BIG BUNCH of liars – not guilty bcz this is the way to WIN VOTES.