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Singapore denounces Iran’s missile strike on Israel, cites rising regional instability

Singapore’s MFA condemned Iran’s drone and missile attack on Israel on 14 April 2024 as retaliation for an Israeli strike on Iran’s Damascus consulate on 1 April, which killed seven Revolutionary Guards.



Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) has strongly condemned Iran’s recent military action against Israel, which involved the deployment of hundreds of drones and missiles on 14 April 2024.

This act of aggression by Iran was stated as retaliation for an Israeli strike on 1 April, which targeted Iran’s consulate in Damascus, Syria, killing seven Revolutionary Guards officers, including two senior commanders.

Iran had vowed retaliation for the attack and Tehran said its strike on Saturday was punishment for “Israeli crimes.”

Israel has neither confirmed nor denied responsibility for the consulate attack.

“Should the Israeli regime make another mistake, Iran’s response will be considerably more severe,” the Iranian mission to the United Nations said, warning the U.S. to “stay away.” However, it also said Iran now “deemed the matter concluded.”

Iran warns Israel of a larger attack on its territory should it retaliate against Tehran’s overnight drone and missile attack on Sunday, adding that the United States has been warned not to back Israeli military action.

In its statement, the Singaporean government highlighted Iran’s attack as an act that exacerbates tensions in a region already fraught with conflict. The MFA expressed profound concern over the volatile situation, particularly with the ongoing war in Gaza, which it fears could lead to a more extensive regional conflict.

The Singapore MFA’s call to action urged all parties to exercise maximum restraint to prevent further escalation. It stressed the importance of focusing on humanitarian relief efforts, including an immediate ceasefire, the unconditional release of hostages, and ensuring the unobstructed delivery of aid to civilians affected by the conflict in Gaza.

Furthermore, in light of the deteriorating security situation, the MFA advised Singaporeans to defer all travel to Iran and for those already there to remain vigilant and stay informed about ongoing developments.

It underscored the lack of a diplomatic mission in Iran, which restricts Singapore’s capacity to provide consular support directly, and encouraged Singaporean nationals in Iran to e-register with the ministry for easier communication in emergencies.

For assistance, Singaporeans in Iran can contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Duty Office at +65 6379 8800/8855 or via email at [email protected].

The conflict in Gaza was initiated with a surprise attack by the Palestinian militant group Hamas against Israel on 7 October last year, resulting in 1,169 fatalities, primarily among civilians.

Many allegations of atrocities, such as the killing of babies, have been discredited, and reports of civilian casualties by Israeli forces, such as those involving a helicopter firing into a crowd at a music festival, have been scrutinized.

In the past 24 hours, the Israeli military has reported that it killed 52 Palestinians and injured 95 in the coastal region, increasing the total number of fatalities to 33,686 and the number of injuries to 76,309 since the beginning of the Israel-Hamas conflict, according to a statement from the Gaza health ministry.

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Chihuahua Stinkapore trying to be heard on the world stage.
Don’t be a busybody. Go back to what you are good at, MAKING MONEY and FIXING OPPO.
Let the big boys fight it out.

No more free Palestine. It will be free Iran. tsk tsk tsk

Sending more than 300 missiles are totally unacceptable. Are these terrorists? you speak for yourself.

Will GG raise funds for Israel damages? LOL

The radio can stop their bullshit of One Love Song. Irritating and full of shit nonsense!

Go play your political game elsewhere and stop trolling ppl with ur shit!

Location Nex Macdonald

Without U.S , for centuries, Arab nations did conquer Israel. Praise the Lord. We all want peace not terrorists

Last edited 1 month ago by john lim

The Singapore PAP dictatorship government don’t afraid to offend the Muslims around the world as they condemned Iran the Islamic country as the Malay Muslims in Singapore are pro PAP,will not join the Malay Muslims from Malaysia to beat up Singaporeans and damage Singapore properties

LOL, our Monkeys continue want to kaypor on the international stage. Must be trying to generate some political points for the Kayu One running up to elections.

Both Iran and Israel have nuclear weapons and it will result in nuclear winter if they use them. Living on earth after nuclear winter will be hell for us. Peace now.

Well done Singapore !!! Iran are terrorists. now we know

GG where are you? LOL

Will GG raise funds to help Iran ? tsk tsk tsk

Will Iran leaders hide under the tunnels like Saddam Hussein ?

Israel has intercepted 99% of Iran missiles.

the score: Iran 1, Israel 99

Will Iran complain later like Gaza got no food and medical aid from U.S and Israel? LOL

Where is UN and ICJ now?

Will Iran complain Israel committing genocide? LOL

MFA, where is the condemnation of Israel bombing Iran’s consulate in Syria? Please don’t follow the West. Please sit on the fence whenever possible and say you condemn both acts.VB please grow your own spine instead of being led by the nose by the dishonest western countries who have caused the escalation of the war and if allowed to continue in the same manner, we will be in World War Three. At least Putin had the common sense to warn the US to stay out of the conflict between Iran and Israel and has increased Russian troops in Syria. There… Read more »

We condemn Russia for taking action against Ukraine. Now we condemn Iran for taking action against Israel. How come we didn’t condemn America for taking action against Afghanistan?

Meanwhile everyone seems to have forgotten about Israeli targeting the World Central Kitchen aid workers. Or the shooting of Palestinians in Gaza queuing up to receive aid …

Incidentally why is it that we don’t have an embassy in Iran?

Great Pretender denouncing acts …