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Former Singapore diplomat under investigation for voyeurism in Tokyo

A former counsellor at the Singapore Embassy in Japan is facing allegations of voyeurism, including secretly filming a teenage boy at a public bath in Tokyo and authorities are in talks with Ministry of Foreign Affairs to have the individual present himself for questioning.



A former counsellor at the Singapore Embassy in Japan is facing allegations of voyeurism, including secretly filming a teenage boy at a public bath in Tokyo, according to reports from Asahi Shimbun on 2 May.

The 55-year-old, who has not been publicly named, was reportedly caught on 27 February using a smartphone to film a nude 13-year-old male teenager in the changing room of a men’s public bath.

Security footage from the venue captured the diplomat pointing his phone at other patrons, leading to his identification by an employee. The incident occurred in Tokyo’s Minato ward, where the Singapore embassy is also located.

He declined to give his smartphone to the police and, at the request of the student’s parents, deleted the photos he had taken of the boy that night.

Reportedly, the police officer requested the diplomat come to the station voluntarily, but while the diplomat said, “I will answer questions here,” he refused to go.

The police discovered over 700 images on the diplomat’s phone, which he admitted to deleting on the night of the incident. He reportedly told officers that he regretted his actions and could not explain why he committed them. The man was not charged.

The embassy confirmed with Asahi Shimbun that the diplomat had completed his duty in Tokyo and returned to Singapore on 12 April and said it was not aware of the filming incident until the press reported on it.

In response to the allegations, Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) stated, “We are aware of the situation and have reached out to Tokyo authorities for further information. MFA expects all its staff to uphold the highest standards of conduct and comply with the laws of host countries.”

The ministry has committed to cooperating fully with the ongoing investigation and taking necessary actions based on its findings.

Tokyo police are  investigating the man for potential violations of child pornography laws and unauthorized filming.

Despite his diplomatic status, which prevents arrest under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, the police are considering pressing charges and have gathered evidence to support potential prosecution.

The authorities are in talks with MFA to have the individual present himself for questioning.

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Singaporeans rejoice! Our “Cinematography” experts are being recognised overseas! As we know from past incidents, top universities in this land churn out scores of individuals talented in the world renown art of “Cinematography.” Yes, not even the government scholars of this land are exempt from picking up these talents. In fact, I suspect that there is significant overlap . It should be expected that some of these individuals eventually end up in the ruling government and will be sent abroad to share their “talents” with the rest of the world! Surely this is what the 70% “enlightened” pineapple and cotton… Read more »

What’s the fuss about ?
It is in there culture to have public baths for both genders.
So common. This is nothing lah !
Even the sumo wrestlers are in semi or almost nude in their loin cloth.
No issue, lets move on.

How is this keeping the nation informed, especially with individuals or entities bearing the name of SillyPore within their representation/remit, … … considering that he was caught on the 27 of February !!!

To add to the skullduggery, … no name was released or forthcoming !!!

Embarrassing and disgraceful on all fronts !!!

You see any of the Sexual Predators named under the Loong empire … Especially high up overlords or third realm … Ever be expose?!?

Immunity for joining the club. No?!?

He can now point to all the AV porn in Jap as the cause.
Must blame on something or some other as the cause lah.
Or maybe pay NOT HIGH ENOUGH?😆😆😆

Please send him back to Japan to be charged. The diplomatic immunity should be waivered. His identity must be revealed to the Public. He did the crime so he must do the time and the State should not hide him. This Japanese boy is only thirteen years old. We do not know whether the videos are sold on the dark web. How is screening being done for diplomats? There was a case of smuggling recently. VB, perhaps should step down and allow “new blood,” to take over after all he is busy suing LHY. This may be causing his work… Read more »

Aiyoh, MFA is under VB Neh, sure got harm-sub-loh’s in its ranks, hor. Another blemish on the White Monkeys’ Ownself Can Check Ownself.

Diplomatic immunity is so wrong..esp in this day & age..
So if a diplomat commits murder, he still goes free??? Cannot be….
Hope our ministry doesnt do a cover up..
Anyone know who he is??
Tsk tsk tsk… so shameful…bringing disrepute to our country too..