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Singapore’s foreign talent dilemma: PAP’s priority – Singaporeans first or folks made fools?

On this April Fools’ Day, Singaporeans are confronted with a stark reality: Have they been betrayed by policies favouring “foreign talent” over their own well-being and interests in their homeland?



by Khush Chopra

The late Lee Kuan Yew, in his notable National Day Rally Speech of 1989, argued for the essential role of passion in nation-building, emphasising that it was passionate Singaporeans with conviction who would lead Singapore to success.

I cannot agree more.

Yet, the very person he chose to illustrate his point raised a concern to Lee Kuan Yew that continues to be relevant today.

According to Lee Kuan Yew, a Cambridge scholar he had interviewed advised him to ensure that the government demonstrates its commitment to retaining Singaporeans.

The Cambridge scholar said this to Lee Kuan Yew: “Please make sure that the government says it does care about keeping Singaporeans here.”

This raises questions: Does the government truly care? Why did the scholar harbour doubts? Why did he specifically bring up this concern to Lee Kuan Yew?

It’s revealing that the same individual Lee Kuan Yew praised—a passionate, scholarly Singaporean educated at Cambridge, seen as a key figure in Singapore’s success—voiced worries about the government needing to reassure Singaporeans of its desire in “keeping Singaporean here” amidst foreign talent recruitment efforts.

This concerned Singaporean pointed out that the government should not rely on foreigners to compensate for population decreases due to emigration. However, his point applies equally to the declining total fertility rates.

Today, is it not evident that immigration is being used to address our population deficits and to substitute for Singaporeans leaving the country, amid the historically low Total Fertility Rate (TFR)?

No one is suggesting that foreigners have not helped or do not contribute to propel the country to greater heights. It’s the question of just how wide we have opened our doors and the impact of this open-door policy on Singaporeans that must be questioned today.

Are newcomers benefiting from what Singapore citizens have established over the years without contributing equally? Are the newcomers not getting a free ride on what Singapore citizens have built up all these years? Is the concern Lee Kuan Yew himself articulated in this speech not a concern we the citizens of Singapore not share ?

Do Singaporeans genuinely feel ownership over Singapore, or does Singapore serve the interests of foreigners we have opened our doors so widely to?

Have Singaporeans been qualitatively and quantitatively been overshadowed by foreigners, including new citizens?

Does the People’s Action Party (PAP) Government show concern? Where is the dedication to preserving this place as ours? Where is the passion to build a nation for ourselves and future generations?

I am not against foreign talent. However our foreign talent, immigration and population growth by immigration policies have gone too far. We have promoted foreign talent as being superior to our local talent. Singaporeans have very deep concerns that they are being hurt by these policies.

Singaporeans have become second class in their own country. We must start to think of Singaporeans first and foremost.

It is my view that the root cause of the PMET (Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians) displacement problem lies within the Government’s “foreign talent policy” which include population, immigration and economic policies in favour of foreign talent.

We must address the jobs issue comprehensively to find an appropriate balance between the needs of our citizens for good jobs and our need for an open economy and an open marketplace for global talent.

The PAP has created a global marketplace for talent that operates unfairly against the needs of an ordinary citizen for survival.

It is less about unfair discrimination against Singaporeans but rather more about unfair competition and allowing the job market to be opened to a global marketplace for talent.

How can our average PMET compete with the best the world has to offer?

It is the Government’s duty to create jobs and ensure job security for Singaporean’s.The PAP Government has failed to carry out its duty to Singaporean’s and has instead betrayed us by favouring “foreign talent”.

During another earlier New Year’s Day speech in 1982, Lee Kuan Yew emphasised the goal of achieving a wholly Singaporean workforce by 1991, focusing primarily on reducing dependence on foreign labour.

While he did not explicitly mention foreign talent, the rationale behind his message applies to all forms of foreign labour, including professional managers and employees. This approach aimed to address social, political, and economic concerns, contrasting countries facing challenges due to large migrant workforces with countries like Japan’s self-sufficient model.

In the 1989 Rally speech, LKY also said this: “If you just do your sums: plus – minuses, credit – debit you are a washout.”

He was clearly referring to social, political, and economic concerns of immigration that must be taken into account.

Who had LKY ironically actually described in the context of immigration and emigration that was a washout that clearly did not take the wider socio-economic context into account? Could he have perhaps unwittingly described a certain scholar Mathematician?

On this April Fools’ Day, it’s time for Singaporeans to reflect: Who has truly made them the fool?

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There is a lot of talent in Singapore – maybe not enough to satisfy demand. Just walk down the high Street and look at the many vacancies in restaurants for waiters and cooks in the kitchen. Nearly every F&B outlets need staff – and its even harder now to get a work permit for staff from abroad. There are many jobs in construction and development – but these seem to find more acceptance that foreign labour can be used as no one likes to sweet it out in the heat all day! I suspect when we talk about competition for… Read more »

If Singaporeans are really talented, why are they driving grab and delivering food? Obviously they got no talent. That is why we need real foreign talent to help move this country! If you chee bye cannot do the job, step aside and let others do it. Don’t be jealous when you got nothing to offer in the first place!

They have forgotten how we built Singapore that can be seen today and who feed the present pap govt? All these glib talkers aim to displace our hard earned monies irrespective of how the economy progresses with or without true bred citizens. We ought to vote them out for them to learn a lesson.

The system they’ve put in place has doomed us locals. Greed took the better of the MIW and they took the bait.
Now the fixing has begun to demolish any strong oppo figures.
Good luck and get out whilst you can.

sorry I am masturbating myself while posting the last two…thinking of jessie chee bye or lan jiao.

PAP always make harsh policies like GST, welcome foreign workers policy, COE and CPF. Their harsh policies make people suffer. When events like poor old people collect cardboard is boardcast, they argue and make all kinds of excuse and reasoning. If anyone believe them, they are really fools.

Singaporeans suffer like hell now should know they are being fooled.Many of them are fool into voting for PAP. Politicians make speech to get votes. They make many policies which are different policies, not according to their speech. If people believe that their speech like high salaries prevent corruption, then they are fools. And even politician themselves will laugh at people IQ.



This island has now become the Gaza and West Bank of South East Asia.
Szionist from the region and beyond is coming in to displace and replace us.

Fake PAID Talents of PAP Administration has mushroomed 4, 8 X in matter of days reside in TOC. By the nos of CBs written, the nos of red downs, it’s easily concluded GE is soon. Very soon.

These PAID FAKES selling their souls, selling the SG cohesive DISTASTE against the EVIL Marauding PAP rear it’s ugly backsides.

LKY initiated the stop at 2 policy and regretted it in NDP 1984 and said he had to fix the problem he started, hence brought in the graduate mother policy thrown out the following year by ex-President TT. LKY did the debit and credits , hence a washout from the word go. “A honest mistake”, as the erstwhile WKS once said , “lets move on.”

ah! interesting. This came up last week Fired Americans Say Indian Firm Gave Their Jobs to H-1B Visa Holders Someone posted a capture of the article. This is just the tip of the iceberg, citizens are always the priority and Americans are not happy that’s not the case. Western mass media seem to have been ignoring the situation or maybe they have other concerns. Crux of matter is is these things have been happening for decades and are likely reaching boiling point. and unfortunately, the Indians are usually exploited as cheap labor, so they’re also victims. Only one clear… Read more »

First in GCT time , it was talent which foreigners have, which locals lacked, then dis-honrable son time, foreigners who are talented enough to take jobs local do not like and ultimately, foreigners that can do all other jobs which locals are not doing and finally, foreigners of all sorts of passes can come in and take your ALL YOUR jobs, where locals are NO LONGER NEEDED!
Song bo?
2023…94.5% jobs went to ….FOREIGNERS!😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣

MOE is hugely to blame..
Didnt prepare our students for the next generation jobs…
But then again with a useless PM who spends all his free time fixing the opp parties, what can we expect…
SG became a rudderless ship…
Once GCT dare to compare SG to the fabulous TITANIC ship..whereas the WP is like a sinking sampan..
GCT got a quick put down by the then brilliant WP leader Mr LTK..who said “but the titanic sunk”..Goh was left speechless..🤣

Kayu Boy just wanted fast results to show that he is on par or better than daddy. That’s why he is willing to make short-cuts and completely compromise on Singaporeans’ cohesion, hoping to use foreign talents to “frog-leap” the economy (aka GDP). BIG FAILURE, with our economy now growing at only 0.5-1.2% and our TRF is the SECOND WORST in the world. Worst PM/Free Rider in our history, indeed. (Note: talents/knowledge does NOT automatically translated into Results. This is the BIGGEST mistake of Kayu Boy, hence that’s why he is Mr Kayu. Certainly paying Oneself million$ also doesn’t translate Oneself… Read more »

MNC, SME, local setup, corporate….wants FT and foreigners, because they want a bigger pool and the best to choose from. Even with the government increasing the minimum salary of EP and SP, and imposing high levy, or tweak the ratio of local vs foreigners, they still want the variety….why? They want diversity, heard of this? As they believe this will bring their company forward. Don’t just point the finger at our government, remember who employ the foreigners, not our government? Our hands are tied, we can only safe guard some jobs like civil servant and government linked to solely for… Read more »

what devides? you chee bye talk only… go fuck your mother same same.

Still talking about it?

Why are you still caught in this dead cycle?

Remember what LKY and the ruling party campaigned for when Singapore was part of Malaysia?

“Malaysian Malaysia.”

Now here we are 59 years later after independence from Malaysia.

Do we have “Singaporean Singapore?”

Let’s not forget that there was a time in the 1980s where Singapore could have democratised like South Korea or Taiwan. Who quashed that? It was the dear “Leeder” himself.

Now his eldest son is continuing the legacy of legal warfare against political opponents, even against his own family. This country is in an existential crisis because of the stubbornness of one man.

No lah…all the smart ones are out of the country, the rest are fcuk tub and frankly even Gutsy are the smart ones Employing FTs to write…NOT LOUSY FCUK TUB singaporeans…with few copy and paste words…same same chee bye and lan jiao thinking.

he is dead! no need to understand his legacy thereof if any, FTs are abound. Looking here…what do you see besides chee bye and lan jiao, any talents.. besides ME?

The writer has missed the elephant in the room. He is talking about nation building but the PAP are selling cheap labour to attract the corporations together with tax incentives and perhaps with grants. Why would a govt. allow foreigners with the same job skills as it’s citizens into the State and give them PRs or citizenships? It will never ever happen in any other country, be it First World, developing or third world. As a foreigner you don’t need to have a job in Singapore before you are given the relevant visas. You can come in, on a social… Read more »

The IRON which Old Lee admoniahed his men to possess , and the Hard headed POLITICAL WILL is also there.

But CRUELLY was, UTILISE these 2 Old Lee admonished traits to DESTROY the choices of Voters who Prefer Oppo Politicians Voices in Parliament. The WILL of 40 percent voters WERE deemed ‘criminal’, thus TRAMPLED.

Next they ALSO maximised their STRONG Will Power to DECEIVE Singaporeans on the Keppel Corpn Bribery Crimes varnishing the people involved so clean and shiny by the CPIB themselves taking much of the blames to exonerate their pay masters, right ?

Singaporeans are left to fight for own survival with millions of foreigners that already or wanted to flood into SG, and a few million already gotten pink or blue IC or given work passes, dependent passes, etc.

The decisively unresolved Keppel Corp giving out bribes to secure businesses is a HUGE HUGE HINT of whuch HELL is the PAP Administration driving Sheepgapore to.

When they pay themselves gargantuan salaries, immeasurably out of this planet no comparable city states similar to Sheepgapore can match – yet they cannot even come out with better TFRs year after year , after years yhey blamed on Singaporeans , entirely sheep’s faults, sheep’s problems. Nithing nothing nothing WHATSOEVER to do with THEIR FLAWED thinking, SUB standards decisions .

And WORST , they call themselves BEYOND MEDIOCRE. Just a MÖTLEY BUNCH of BIG TIME PERENNIAL Liars , Con Men and Women.

What ELSE .

That why when they say for your future generations, who are they Kidding?!? Bring in a talent pool then deprive you of resources then come and challenge you and your family. Obviously making a scapegoat out of you. If not, tell me what is it?!?

I didn’t vote for any. Why am I still responsible for the shit they created!!?!?

It is just like saying NO yet responsible for their flip Yes or intrude into family Yes. Tell me the logic. Not Mafia then what!!!

Ask the Cotton & Pineapple Lovers who voted for it.

Last edited 3 months ago by john lim

, … and who was the brainchild and protagonist for the highly successful “stop at two” population cum family planning in the 1970’s !!! The after effects of that “very very successful” campaign, … has being felt for the last decade or so, and many many more decades to come !!! You won’t hear this regime, … pointing the finger at themselves or the “dead one” in particular, for this almighty balls up !!! How and where do you begin, to address the widening gap of locals versus “foreign talent”, … where the former will inevitably be displaced and discarded,… Read more »

So dun need to ask me Who to join? I will not vote for any. Crappy secondary system!!!

Say wat oso no use… They just park themselves at both side to divide and Conquer … Still wanna say this and that … What is the point. Say dun belong to their cult shit. They still drag u in …Tell the police US China and they do the same. Fed up!!!!!