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Yeo’s had approval to use Lee Kuan Yew’s portrait on packaged drinks

In response to a parliamentary question by Sembawang GRC MP Poh Li San regarding Yeo’s chrysanthemum tea packaging featuring the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, the Minister of State for Community & Youth, Alvin Tan, clarified that Yeo’s had consulted the Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth (MCCY) for approval.

Addressing Ms Poh’s concern about ensuring no undue disrespect to Mr Lee through the distribution of such packet drinks or similar commercial products, Mr Tan stated, “We advise the public to dispose of the packets in an appropriate and responsible manner, and MCCY will take public feedback into consideration in the future as well.”



The Minister of State for Community & Youth, Alvin Tan, mentioned that Yeo’s consulted the Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth (MCCY) before releasing commemorative drinks with the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s image.

None of the 500,000 limited-edition chrysanthemum tea packets were for sale but aimed to honour Mr Lee, said Mr Tan.

This was in response to Sembawang GRC MP Poh Li San’s parliamentary query. She wondered if using Mr Lee’s image on the drinks contravened guidelines about his name and image usage. Additionally, she questioned the Ministry’s authority to demand withdrawal of such items.

In a follow-up, Ms Poh was concerned about potential disrespect when packets end up as litter. Mr Tan’s reply highlighted MCCY’s stand on promoting responsible disposal and its consideration of public feedback.

On 25 August, a Reddit user likened Mr Lee’s image on the drink packet, shared on the platform, to “a cheap endorsement.” It sparked debate on whether Yeo’s had authorization for the image.

Yeo’s confirmed they sought MCCY’s approval for the packet design. Yet, Mr Lee’s executor revealed no permission was obtained from their end. MCCY later confirmed Yeo’s did consult them, ensuring adherence to guidelines for using Mr. Lee’s name and image.

An MCCY representative pointed to online guidelines, stressing users’ responsibility to comply with intellectual property laws.

Yeo’s CEO, Ong Yuh Hwang, on 2 September, said the commemorative initiative marked Mr Lee’s centenary.

Mr Ong highlighted the departure from their typical packaging design to a green theme, symbolizing Mr Lee’s eco-friendly vision for Singapore. The logo was minimized and relocated.

Mr Ong said that he hoped the design would resonate with Singaporeans, aligning with Mr Lee’s ideals of balancing growth with ecology. Yeo’s collaborated with entities like Gardens by the Bay, National Museum of Singapore, and more to distribute these packets, especially in educational environments.

In 2016, MCCY set guidelines for using Mr Lee’s name and image, allowing identification with the nation but discouraging commercial exploitation or implied endorsement.

On 31 August, Yeo’s introduced the “Heritage Chrysanthemum Brew” on Facebook. The release commemorated Mr. Lee’s role in transforming Singapore.

Yeo’s encouraged sharing photos of Yeo’s LKY100 package with #YeosLKYCentenary to celebrate Mr Lee’s centenary in September, allowing Singaporeans to collectively pay tribute.

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It is respectful because Alvin Tan said so. End of argument. Any other opinion will be POFMA’d.

Wondering out loud….why never approve for toilet paper?

I am mortified that they’re actually debating a problem they created or endorsed.
There’s so many other issues like poverty and road accidents and crime but they chose this useless topic over a dead man’s portrait. Fucking useless bunch waste of tax payers monies.

Why PAP still needs to use the backside of a dead man to be its face?

Doesn’t any of the PAP’s members has any legacy to be proud of? Something that can be claimed it is from the 3G!?

At least the 2G were proud of their failed promises!

This is the kind of crass “honour” that LKY frowned upon.

And now the stupid MCCY talks about disposing the empty packets “responsibly and with respect”.

I don’t see how much more responsibly and respectfully one can give to an empty drink packet but simply to throw it into a rubbish bin.

What? Does this Alvin Tan expect drinkers to offer joss sticks or light a candle before discarding the empty packet?

Did they get Mr. Lee Hsien Yang ‘s permission ? Son of LKY. Thank you

Does Old Man Lee wants to be remembered this way? Thank you

So clear that Kayu Son die-die still have clutch mentality to LKY. When can he stand on his ownself, hor? So sia suay, hor.

Were people who got the packets given instructions how to dispose it. Maybe parliament can continue this circus.

Why does MCCY think they have the right of approval? LKY’s three children are very much alive. Yeo should have written to all three for permission. By what right is Alvin Tan giving out approvals? Potential Court case for LWL and LHY?

Why must put Lee Kwan Yew face onto Yeo Hiap Seng packet drinks and let the people dispose it and don’t allow people disposed it in inappropriate manner, crazy idea from crazy people

70% approves it