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Severe storm damages ancestral shrine of Lee Kuan Yew and Li Ka-shing

A severe rainstorm has caused significant damage to the ancestral shrine of former Singapore Prime Minister late Lee Kuan Yew and Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing. China state media reported that Li’s Family Ancestral Hall in Longyan City, Fujian province, experienced substantial structural collapse on the morning of 17 June. Fortunately, no casualties have been reported.



FUJIAN, CHINA: A severe rainstorm has caused significant damage to the ancestral shrine of former Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew and Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing.

China state media reported that the Li’s Family Ancestral Hall experienced substantial structural collapse on the morning of 17 June, according to the shrine’s management committee. Fortunately, no casualties have been reported.

The shrine, known as “The First Hakka Ancestral Hall (客家第一祠),” is situated in Guantian Village, Shanghang County, Longyan City, Fujian Province.

Between 6 AM last Sunday and 6 AM on Monday (17 June), the area was hit by unprecedented heavy rainfall, breaking historical records for 24-hour rainfall.

At 2:40 AM on Monday, the east and west wings of the hall collapsed, affecting approximately 600 square meters of the structure.

However, the main hall remained largely intact.

Initial assessments from local authorities suggest that the collapse was caused by severe water saturation of the rammed earth walls, which weakened the structural integrity of the building.

Restoration efforts will adhere to the principle of “repairing the old as it was.”

Aerial photographs show that while the main hall and rear semicircular buildings remain relatively intact, the side wings suffered extensive collapse and remain submerged in water. According to the shrine’s staff, the local government has prioritized safety by cordoning off the area and preventing pedestrian access.

Valuable artefacts are still buried within the site, and efforts to clear the water are ongoing.

The staff also noted that the shrine had undergone extensive renovations last year, making the recent storm damage particularly unexpected.

Public records indicate that the Guantian Li Family Ancestral Hall (官田李氏大宗祠) was built in 1836 during the 16th year of Emperor Daoguang’s reign in the Qing Dynasty.

It was constructed by the descendants of Li Huode, the first ancestor to settle in Fujian.

The hall is the largest and best-preserved ancestral shrine in Fujian province. It holds significant cultural influence among the Hakka people both in China and overseas, earning the title “The First Hakka Ancestral Hall.”

Covering an area of over 5,600 square meters, the hall features three main rooms, 26 guest rooms, and 104 residential rooms.

The north-facing, south-oriented structure is made of brick and wood, with surrounding blue brick walls forming a square layout.

The front façade includes a five-arched gate, with the central arch constructed in a pagoda style using grey-blue stone slabs. The other four arches are symmetrically arranged with circular and ear-shaped doors.

In March 2013, the shrine was designated by China government as a national key cultural relic protection unit. In January 2015, it was listed as a national 3A-level tourist attraction.

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It show god is the greatest. Any dynasty is nothing to god.

It’s a sign the LKY bloodline is going up the lorry soon hor. Especially the eldest one going to test the 18 levels first.

Fuck lah, day in day out talk LJ here. Life got nothing better to do, really? Even Goonzy posted nonsense here for kumlan to ridicule. How many Li families are related and impacted by this ancestry shrine storm damages? Do they even know or cares, not to mention folks out money to repair? Karma, really?

LKY move to Hong Kong already arhhh. CB.
Like that How Singapore????
Become Sinkies. Hahaha.

Is this a severe human warning but mild to the diety NOT to build the LJ Founders Memorial. The deity is slapping the PAP NOT to ROB the Nation’s Reserves from Singaporeans for USELESS projects.

The Hakkas are wealthy people.
Money will solve all their problems.

An omen for pap?

There should be no State contribution towards the restoration.

Is the nation expected to react and weep as it feels the pain and distress, that the shrine, … is now in ruins and a rallying call to raise loadsamoney to bring it back to its former glory, … only better this time, with everything reinforced to withstand future storms and hazards !!!

I feel silly, … … even contributing towards this newsworthy~less and “why even bother to mention it” piece here !!!

Anyways, … enjoy your Sunday and mind the oil slicks, if you’re planning on walking on water today !!!

Frankly, the memories of LKY will just fade and fade away. The only occasional mention will be when the 61% sotongs realized how bad SG has become under the Kayu Son, as compared to the achievements of the 1G team.

Providence not happy with what old man’s eldest son is doing to red dot and siblings.

Not really that concerning of news. But since, LHL’s family has made millions (maybe even billions) from the people. Perhaps he can spend that money to repair this shrine?

After all, he cares so much about his father’s Oxley Road home that he will probably turn that into a shrine soon.


呢度 已經 建着 靖國神社

咑閑 ,黎呢度 拜拜