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Singapore’s total fertility rate drops below 1, reaching historic low

Singapore’s total fertility rate falls to 0.97 in 2023, marking a historic low below the replacement level of 2.1, as reported by Minister Indranee Rajah during the Committee of Supply debate for the Prime Minister’s Office.



Singapore has witnessed a historic decline in its total fertility rate (TFR), with the figure dropping below 1 for the first time, indicating profound demographic shifts within the nation.

Preliminary estimates reveal a TFR of 0.97 in 2023, as announced by Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), Indranee Rajah, during the Committee of Supply for the Prime Minister’s Office concerning population issues.

This downturn in fertility rates places Singapore significantly below the replacement level of 2.1, which is necessary for a population to naturally replace itself without migration.

The trend is a continuation from previous years, with the TFR falling from 1.04 in 2022 and 1.12 in 2021, signalling a persistent decline that situates Singapore among countries with the lowest birth rates globally, only surpassed by South Korea’s record low of 0.72 in 2023.

In her address, Ms Indranee highlighted that the decline in fertility rates is accompanied by a reduction in resident marriages and births, comparing the averages of the past five years to those of the preceding period. Despite 26,500 resident marriages and 30,500 resident births recorded in 2023, the overall trend points towards a decrease in these numbers over the last decade.

Ms Indranee shared that the challenges faced by Singapore are multifaceted, comprising both the persistently low fertility rate and an aging population, a scenario that is not unique to the island nation.

Similar trends are observable in various countries across the globe, including European nations like Italy and Spain, as well as Singapore’s neighbours, Malaysia and Thailand, all of which have reported declining fertility rates, said the Minister.

In response to these demographic challenges, the Singaporean Government is said to have initiated a series of measures aimed at bolstering marriage and parenthood rates.

Notable among these initiatives is the doubling of government-paid paternity leave to four weeks, effective from January 1, alongside an increase in Baby Bonus benefits. Furthermore, the adoption of flexible work arrangements has been promoted to aid working parents in balancing professional and familial responsibilities, with a tripartite work group currently developing compulsory guidelines for employers on this matter, slated for implementation later in 2024.

Mr Faisal Manup, a Member of Parliament for Aljunied GRC from the Workers’ Party, had voiced concern over the declining TFR against the backdrop of an aging population.

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Sheeps, the most STUPID species to inhabit earth – allow tax payers money for the PAP to MASS import foreign trash to steal rice bowls, cause congestion, POLLUTION, permitting them to lie about their qualifications, FAKE degree and so on.

, … … on top of all of the shit that’s oredi raining down on the forever sunny and almost perfect island !!!

Please don’t blame us for importing more foreigners if you fuckers are not fucking enough to produce babies!

Clearly, our super-howlian million$ PM/ministers has ZERO ideas on how to address this prevailing issue. Take their million$ pay but just keeps FAILING and FAILING and FAILING.

Fertility rates dropping? Coming from a fucking harridan like her?

Is it a duty to listen and follow PAP adv? Then what the hell is PAP Administration’s making Parliamentary speeches for? Just to ensure they are worth Million Dollars of Tax Payers money?

What are we posting comments on? Because I don’t see what’s the whole message about – PAP Administration admit failures? Or PAP laughing it off? Or the PAP is slapping Sheeps?
Whivh is which – the. PAP is such a HUGE HUGE ambiguous BUNCH of Millionaire F**ks

When Kayu Boy (KB) took over from Woody in 2004, our TFR was about 1.4-1.5. That already was a red line, demanding urgent and EFFECTIVE countermeasures. There should had been enough data to understand (if they WANTED to) why Ah Goh failed and it declined to the 1.4 level. After KB paid himself/ministers highest salary in the world, with a runway of nearly 20 years, our TFR is now 0.9. Let’s be honest: What does that say of our million$ leadership competency? (Forget their Ownself Praise Ownself).

Last edited 1 month ago by theforgottongeneration

Obviously what is being offered now has not enticed Singaporeans to have children. Time to break open the box (not just think out of the box) and be more “brave”. A desperate situation calls for desperate measures. One of the concerns of parents is the cost of education for children. The G should take care of the education of each child up to university level. This includes providing a monthly allowance and school/university fees. The G should also talk to young couples who tied the knot in the last 3 years (can vary) but who have not had children. It… Read more »

This greedy gov will only go bring in more n more foreign trash and turn them into instant SG citizens..

BTW, which minister is currently SUPPOSED to be tackling this TFR issue? Useless Indranee? No wonder the situation has WORSEN rapidly. Before that was JT – another useless <unspeakable>. Kayu Boy keeps appointing million$ monkeys to resolve a national issue, how to success? Kayu means Kayu, indeed.

VTO her out ! tsk tsk tsk

Who will not be worried if more than 1 million foreign workers are working here? Still want to have kids? tsk tsk tsk

Well done Singapore !!!

Who is the biggest Landlord in Singapore?

Cotton and Pineapple Lovers fooled over and over again.

Wil HDB lose money selling BTO’s for $800,000 at AMK? What do you think? tsk tsk tsk

Notice the million$ monkeys can NEVER admit failures.

1) when they want to raise awareness on TFR, they HIGHLIGHT news and documentary about the issue in China, Japan, Korea, etc…. BUT NEVER talk about Ownself. Simply cannot lose no face, hor?

2) So importing foreigners/new citizens is another FAILURE, hor. We have more than 15 years data bringing in average 22,000 new citizens EACH year, but the TFR still crashes. Obviously whether local-Singaporeans or imported Singaporeans, EVERYONE feels the conditions are NOT conducive to have children. Million$ Monkeys don’t know why, hor?

You Go and give birth

According to a millionaire minister we only need to have a “small space” right? Now that HDB flats are getting smaller, and private high-rise developments too. Singaporeans should be having more children right? It’s almost like forcing Singaporeans to sink an ever increasing percentage of their stagnating incomes into non-productive items such as housing, utilities and taxes means that there even lesser left over for them to raise children. But for the millionaire ministers and their cronies. “Money No Enough” is a concept that they cannot comprehend. Whenever they need more money, just pilfer more from the masses. Carbon Tax?… Read more »

The parents are already going thro tough times, why in heavens name would they want to bring children into this God forsaken world …to suffer and strife from cradle to grave?
Not having children is a trend now all over the world.
Affordability is the key factor.

As if they care. All they want is Slaves with no prospect at at all since their term is Overlording others.

Anyway, they can still import slaves from outside in … As if will affect them.