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Sembcorp Industries CEO appointed as Health Promotion Board new chairman

Mr Wong Kim Yin, the group president and chief executive of Sembcorp Industries, will take over from Mr Philip Lee, who is retiring from his position at the Health Promotion Board (HPB) on 31 March.



Mr Wong Kim Yin (left) appointed HPB Chairman, succeeding Mr Philip Lee

SINGAPORE: Sembcorp Industries’ group president and chief executive, Wong Kim Yin, is set to take the helm as chairman of the Health Promotion Board (HPB) effective 1 April.

This transition follows the retirement of Mr Philip Lee from the board on 31 March, as announced jointly by the Ministry of Health (MOH) and HPB in a statement released on 25 March.

Having served on the HPB board since 1 October 2023, Mr Wong will embark on a three-year term until 31 March 2027.

According to the official statement, Mr Wong’s leadership will be pivotal in shaping HPB’s strategies in disease prevention, fostering healthy ecosystems in collaboration with healthcare clusters and governmental bodies, and spearheading impactful health initiatives driven by precision public health capabilities.

“With his experience in business management, Mr Wong will also lend counsel and guidance to HPB in forging more successful partnerships and nurturing a future-ready, agile organization,” it added.

Notably, Mr Wong retired from his position as chairman of the SkillsFuture Singapore board in September 2023.

Currently, he continues to serve on several prominent boards including the National Research Foundation, the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore, and DSO National Laboratories.

Additionally, he holds the position of World Energy Council vice-chairman for Asia until the conclusion of his term in 2025.

Acknowledging Mr Lee’s tenure, the statement paid tribute to his instrumental role in advancing HPB’s initiatives.

Mr Lee, who joined the HPB board on 1 April 2016, and assumed the chairmanship on 1 April 2017, played a pivotal role in various endeavours during his tenure.

Under Mr Lee’s leadership, HPB made significant strides in supporting the national effort against diabetes, facilitating access to healthier food and beverage options, and introducing initiatives like the Nutri-Grade system.

Amid the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, Mr Lee guided HPB in bolstering public health efforts, including quarantine, testing, and vaccination operations, while leveraging technology and behavioural insights for evidence-based interventions.

Furthermore, HPB expanded its outreach under Mr Lee’s stewardship, strengthening partnerships across the community, schools, and workplaces to embed healthy living practices into the daily lives of Singaporeans.

Initiatives such as the Healthy 365 mobile app and the National Steps Challenge flourished under his leadership, promoting a healthier lifestyle nationwide.

“Mr Lee’s chairmanship also saw HPB take on an integral role under Healthier SG. To support this transformation of the healthcare sector, HPB enhanced its preventive health initiatives and partnerships, further expanding its health and social ecosystem to enable easier and wider access to healthy lifestyle programmes among residents,” said MOH and HPB.

As Mr Wong prepares to assume the chairmanship, his appointment marks a new chapter for HPB, poised to build upon the foundation laid by his predecessor and continue the organization’s commitment to promoting health and well-being in Singapore.

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Don’t give him a MP contract. He can survive on his pension.

What does a Sembcorp CEO know about health?

Another cushy position for their cronies? Why does the Health Promotion Board even need to exist?

Sembcorp was a hilarious 😂 laughing stock when they emitted laughing gas throughout the commerce universe some years ago buying over Delifrance.