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Singapore records 1st COVID-19 fatality in 2023 among patients under 12: Toddler succumbs to the disease

A 13-month-old, unvaccinated toddler became Singapore’s first COVID-19 casualty under 12 in 2023.

The Ministry of Health on Saturday revealed the infant’s congenital condition exacerbated the tragic outcome on 12 October.



SINGAPORE: Singapore recorded its first COVID-19 fatality among children under 12 years old for the year 2023, as a 13-month-old boy succumbed to the virus on 12 October.

On Saturday (25 Nov),  the Ministry of Health (MOH) disclosed to Singapore’s state media CNA that the infant, unvaccinated against COVID-19, had a “significant medical history of a congenital condition” with a poor prognosis before contracting the virus on 10 Oct.

Admitted to the hospital on the same day of testing positive, the baby passed away two days later.

MOH clarified the cause of death as acute COVID-19 infection, exacerbated by the pre-existing congenital condition.

This marked Singapore’s initial COVID-19 fatality in a child under 12 for the year.

In 2022, three children died from COVID-19, whereas there were no reported deaths among children in 2020 or 2021.

“The risk of severe COVID-19 in young children is lower than that in older adults, but severe outcomes can still occur, particularly in those who have underlying medical conditions and who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19,” MOH said.

MOH urged individuals aged six months and above to ensure their vaccination status aligns with prevailing recommendations.

Singapore updated its vaccine guidelines in October, advising those eligible to receive an additional dose in either 2023 or 2024, approximately one year after their last shot but no sooner than five months.

For COVID-19 testing and vaccination, Joint Testing and Vaccination Centres operate within specified hours, which can be found on MOH’s website.

Additionally, vaccination services are available at various clinics for interested individuals.

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This is the 60 problem

The fact is SG had NEVER gotten out of any covid waves; whenever we were making some progress, the monkeys just let foreigners back in, even if the latter homelands were highly infectious countries. Recall a fuxkin’ stupid minister said these arrivals were safe if they transit through Nepal. And they declared victory over covid simply to look good for GE2020 – in fact the virus situation then was still touch-and-go. Kelong, gambling with our lives, just to try to get a strong mandate for themselves. After that, they blackout the daily reporting of the covid situation, so the public… Read more »

Scare mongering to get everybody go for vaccination.
How timely. New arrivals of vaccine are now in store ready to roll out.

I still maintain my stance of too many people in too small an area. The Sars and Covid should have made our govt. dump the increase in population policy but unfortunately we have a stubborn govt. who is devoId of natural instincts of survival due to their obsessions with a high GDP. It is also easy to cover infectious disease death with current illness of the deceased as most Singaporeans have medical issues they are taking medication for. Please continue to wear the N95 mask for your own safety as Public transport is sometimes packed to the extend that standing… Read more »

The vaccinated mother immune system couldn’t help ?

Still got Covid ?

Got breastfeed or not ?