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Singapore’s Health Ministry: Surge in COVID-19 hospitalizations and ICU cases amid escalating infections

On Friday, Singapore’s MOH cited a surge in COVID-19 hospitalizations and ICU cases, correlating this rise with an escalating infection count.

From 26 Nov 26 to 2 Dec, cases soared to 32,035 from the previous week’s 22,094.



SINGAPORE: The Ministry of Health (MOH) reported a rise in COVID-19 hospitalizations and intensive care unit (ICU) cases, linking this increase to the growing number of infections.

Between 26 Nov 26 and 2 Dec, the estimated count of COVID-19 cases surged to 32,035 from the previous week’s 22,094.

Concurrently, average daily hospitalizations climbed to 225, up from 136, while daily ICU cases rose to four from one in the prior week.

In a statement issued on Friday (8 Dec), MOH clarified that these figures, though elevated, do not match the peak levels experienced during the pandemic.

There is also no indication that the variants circulating locally are more transmissible or cause more severe disease, added MOH.

Nevertheless, the surge has intensified the workload for hospitals already operating at high capacity. MOH said they are closely monitoring the trajectory of this wave to ensure that our healthcare capacity can cope.

“We also urge the public to seek medical treatment at a hospital’s Emergency Department only for serious or life-threatening emergencies, ” said MOH.

“This will preserve our hospital capacity for patients who truly need acute hospital care and allow those with severe illness to receive timely treatment.”

In the statement, MOH mentioned that the increase in cases could be attributed to several factors, including waning population immunity and increased travel and community interactions during the year-end travel and festive season.

Notably, over 60% of Singapore’s COVID-19 cases were linked to JN.1, a sublineage of BA.2.86.

Although both BA.2.86 and its sublineages were categorized as variants of interest by the World Health Organization since 21 Nov, there is currently no evidence indicating increased transmissibility or severity compared to other circulating variants, either locally or globally.

MOH urge the public to exercise precaution, personal and social responsibility.

The recommended precautionary measures include practising frequent hand washing, staying home when unwell, minimizing contact with vulnerable individuals, wearing masks in crowded or poorly ventilated places, and maintaining vigilance and relevant precautions while travelling overseas.

MOH advise Singaporeans to stay current with their COVID-19 vaccinations, recommending an additional dose approximately one year after the last vaccine dose for individuals aged 60 and above, those medically vulnerable, and residents in aged care facilities.

“Beyond this group, all individuals aged six months and above are also encouraged to receive the additional dose, particularly for healthcare workers and household members/ caregivers of medically vulnerable individuals.”

The updated Pfizer-BioNTech/Comirnaty and Moderna/Spikevax vaccines have been available for free at designated vaccination centers, clinics, and polyclinics since November 2023, added MOH.

For information on vaccination sites and available vaccines, visit:

Beyond Singapore, neighbouring countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia have also experienced a significant rise in COVID-19 cases, attributing this surge to the emergence of new variants of the virus.

Earlier in the week, the Indonesian Ministry of Health disclosed that the primary variants contributing to the uptick are Eris or EG.5 and EG.2.

Additionally, the Malaysian Health Minister recently stated that despite the global increase in cases, no new Covid-19 variants have been detected in Malaysia.

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They should restart mask and WFH mandates.

Visitors from China should have a certified medical report from their doctors before being allowed into Singapore. We should not repeat the mistakes and the slowness to act as in COVID. WHO has already been warning about a pneumonia kind of illness in China. Please don’t wait until the Singapore population gets infected like the SARS and COVID. We already don’t have enough beds. Perhaps we should go back to wearing of the masks and safe distancing. If it increases further, people should work from homes because public transportation is too crowded.

I dunno NOW need to wait for approval to comment. Same Empires Same Pattern.

Should look at the Data

Hospitalisation and death
Mostly 60 and above
One should be expecting this pattern when one hits 60. So CPF for you?!?

We read that ART test kits are in demand.

With infections rising, this is the right time for Temasek to distribute these test kits.

yes commie china bio attacked us. and we did nothing and keep allowing them in. factcheck me.

I Declare I Must Be Responsible To Alert Fellow Human Beings About These Fake Pandemic & Injections.
Here Is A Professional Warning About The Fake Pandemic.

stop flooding the country with FTs from commie china again?

PAP Administration is damn good in lies and escalation of covid infections esp when they refused to be upfront, continously praising ownself and illustration of no evidence of this no evidence of tt.
F the hell up Millionaire Retards.

Weekly Covic infection has just crossed the 20,000 threshold.With expected surge in visitors from China where many types of infectious diseases including latest variants of Covic are spreading rapidly, please take appropriate measures to protect yourself and your loved ones.Muskup wash hands and avoid crowds.