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Iswaran returns to State Courts, facing 8 new charges

Former Transport Minister S Iswaran is facing eight new charges of allegedly obtaining valuables as a public servant, maintaining his plea of not guilty. With these additions, he now faces a total of 35 charges upon his return from Australia last week.



SINGAPORE: Former Transport Minister S Iswaran, currently facing 27 charges including corruption, made his appearance at the State Courts on Monday (25 March) arriving around 8:20 am, after returning back from his extended leave to Australia.

In court, he faced eight new charges under section 165 of the Penal Code, alleging receipt of valuable items such as whisky bottles, golf clubs, and a Brompton bicycle from a man called Lum Kok Seng (林國城).

These acquisitions were linked to Iswaran’s official capacity as Transport Minister, intersecting with Lum’s dealings with the Land Transport Authority (LTA) via Lum Chang Building Contractors.

In a separate statement on Monday, the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) disclosed that the items in question hold a combined value of approximately S$18,956.94.

CPIB noted that, as with the earlier charges, the Court has approved the Prosecution’s request for the eight additional charges to be transferred to the General Division of the High Court.

With these additions, Iswaran now faces a total of 35 charges.

The defence questioned the timing of the new charges, while the prosecution maintained they were grounded in evidence.

When asked by District Judge Brenda Tan, Iswaran maintained his plea of not guilty to the additional charges.

Iswaran, aged 61, was initially charged at the State Courts on 18 January, and subsequently, his case was transferred to the High Court.

A Criminal Case Disclosure Conference was previously scheduled for 19 March but had to be postponed due to his extended stay in Australia.

A chambers hearing has been scheduled for 2 April to facilitate the exchange of information between the prosecution and defence prior to the trial.

Individuals with ongoing cases in the High Court may be required to return to the State Courts if further charges are brought against them.

Earlier, Mr Iswaran was allowed to leave Singapore to help his son with university in Australia, under strict conditions including S$500,000 bail.

His stay, originally planned from 16 February to 4 March, was extended to 19 March due to medical advice following discharge from a Melbourne hospital.

On 20 March, an AGC spokesperson confirmed S. Iswaran’s return to Singapore and he voluntarily surrendered his passport to authorities.

Iswaran is represented by Senior Counsel Davinder Singh and other counsels from Davinder Singh Chambers.

Mr Israwan faces 27 charges that span across corruption, receiving gratification as a public servant, and obstructing justice.

The charges against him include obtaining items valued at over S$218,058.95 on 24 occasions between November 2015 and December 2021 from property tycoon Ong Beng Seng, a notable figure who brought Formula One to Singapore.

Ong is also under investigation and on bail, though charges by the AGC have yet to be filed against him.

Iswaran, who has served as an MP for West Coast GRC for 26 years and was promoted to full minister in the Prime Minister’s Office in 2011, has resigned from the People’s Action Party (PAP) and stepped down from his ministerial and MP positions following the charges.

He has publicly declared his innocence and expressed his intention to clear his name.

Any person who is convicted under section 165 of the Penal Code can be fined or sentenced to imprisonment of up to two years or both.

If found guilty of corruptly obtaining gratification under the Prevention of Corruption Act, he faces a maximum sentence of seven years’ imprisonment, a fine of up to S$100,000, or both.

Similarly, for obstructing justice, he could face a maximum seven-year jail term, a fine, or both.

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Izzy is back in court with his most trusted friend Diver Sink .Plus new charges added.
Please remember who to vote for next GE. It seems we have the most expensive outfit in the world but they seem to think we’re not paying them enough so they resort to this kind of behaviour.
But PAP will be PAP, they’ll go around preaching the white they use to represent themselves.
Firstly the speaker couldn’t keep his zip up then Izzy is taking backhanders. And we still pay top dollar for these kind of clowns. Imagine the ones that are still undiscovered?

…who was it who exclaimed that they need to pay their ministers top of this world salaries to deter corruption?

So, Trump couldn’t secure bail money from 30 bond companies and pap million$ minister couldn’t secure asylum/haven/buy a remote island in Australia. That wraps up the top world news for last week, hor.

Do one think this PAP Administration is taking no prisoners?