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Netizens spot S Iswaran’s Brompton T Line bicycle featured on his FB reel

Netizens spot a bike resembling Brompton T Line mentioned in ex-Minister Iswaran’s latest charges, featured on a FB reel. He’s accused of obtaining the nearly S$8k worth bicycle in June 2022 from Lum Kok Seng, along with other valuable items, totaling close to S$19k.



On 25 March, S Iswaran, the former Transport Minister, appeared in the State Courts to confront eight new charges under section 165 of the Penal Code.

These charges allege his receipt of valuable items, including whisky bottles, golf clubs, and a Brompton bicycle, from Lum Kok Seng, managing director of construction firm Lum Chang Holdings (LCH).

The Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) disclosed that the items in question hold a combined value of approximately S$18,956.94.

These acquisitions were linked to Iswaran’s official capacity as Transport Minister, intersecting with Lum’s dealings with the Land Transport Authority (LTA) via Lum Chang Building Contractors.

Notably, the online community observed that a bicycle, resembling the Brompton T Line bicycle mentioned in Mr Iswaran’s latest eight charges, seemingly featured in a Facebook reel posted on his Facebook page.

In the video, Iswaran introduced the cycling path from the Ministry of Transport (MOT) office to One-North MRT Station, using the Rail Corridor.

He was accompanied by Mr Baey Yam Keng, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Transport.

The reel was published on 8 July last year, just three days before his arrest by the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) on 11 July 2023.

A netizen commented: “Iswaran Sir, that’s a very expensive bike. We ordinary people cannot afford one.”

Expensive hobby

This doesn’t appear to be the first public appearance of the luxurious bicycle.

Observations on social media pages reveal a photographer capturing Mr Iswaran riding the same bicycle during the Brompton Community Ride in October 2022.

The same bicycle was also featured in an FB reel published on 2 October 2022, showcasing Mr Iswaran riding along the F1 race trail within the first few seconds of the clip.

In another video published on 22 September 2022, Mr Iswaran is again seen riding the same bicycle to promote World Car Free Day.

The Brompton T-Line is a folding bike, touted as the lightest bicycle in the British brand’s lineup, weighing 7.45 kg for the T Line One and 7.95 kg for the T Line Urban.

It boasts a titanium main frame, and carbon fork, and is hand-built in the UK.

The T-Line also features a carbon handlebar, carbon seatpost, new pedals, and CNC aluminium pedals.

A check on Brompton’s official website in Singapore indicates that the price for the bicycle ranges from S$7,908 to S$8,295.

Meanwhile, in other earlier photos, the bicycle ridden by Iswaran appears to be a Birdy P40, a limited edition foldable bike manufactured by Pacific Cycles to commemorate their 40th anniversary.

A check of online prices reveals that this bike could cost S$4,500, including GST, according to Mighty Velo.

Facing 35 charges: Iswaran’s alleged involvement in valuable items worth S$400,000

Iswaran now faces a total of 35 charges relating to items valued at approximately S$400,000.

According to the charge sheet, Mr Iswaran is accused of obtaining the Brompton T Line bicycle in June 2022, valued at S$7,907.50, along with other valuable items from Lum Kok Seng.

During this period, Mr Lum was involved in overseeing the performance of the T315 contract, which entailed addition and alteration works to the existing Tanah Merah Station and viaducts under the auspices of Lum Chang Building Contractors and the Land Transport Authority (LTA).

The charges also specify other items acquired by Iswaran from Mr Lum between November 2021 and November 2022:

  • Four bottles of Gordon & MacPhail Caol Ila whisky valued at S$1,084.46.
  • Two bottles of Gordon & MacPhail Caol Ila whisky valued at S$524.23; Three bottles of L’Evangile 2014 wine valued at S$394.20; Three bottles of Pauillac De Latour 2015 wine valued at S$186.31; Three bottles of Albert Bichot Domaine du Clos Frantin Grands Echezeaux Grand Cru 2015 wine valued at S$1,177.21; and three bottles of Pichon Lalande 2010 wine valued at S$955.80.
  • A TaylorMade golf driver valued at S$749.
  • Two bottles of Gordon & MacPhail Caol Ila whisky worth S$524.23
  • A set of Honma Beres BE-08 Black AQ MX golf clubs valued at S$4,420.
  • Two bottles of M&H Elements Sherry Cask whisky valued at S$198.
  • A Scotty Cameron Phantom golf putter valued at S$600, along with two golf chippers valued at S$100 each.

Earlier on 18 January, Mr Iswaran was charged in the State Courts with  27 offences, including corruption, receiving gratification as a public servant and obstructing justice.

The 61-year-old entered a plea of not guilty to all charges linked to his interactions with property tycoon Ong Beng Seng.

He had also tendered his resignation from Parliament and the People’s Action Party (PAP).

The court heard that the charges included two counts of corruption under the Prevention of Corruption Act, 24 counts related to receiving items from individuals with whom he had business dealings in his capacity as a public servant, and one charge for obstructing the course of justice under the Penal Code.

According to charge sheets, between 2015 and 2022, Iswaran received “valuable things” exceeding S$384,000 (US$285,000) from Ong, the man who brought Formula One to Singapore.

These included tickets to shows, football matches, and multiple editions of the Singapore F1 Grand Prix.

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Their world’s highest celleries should deter them from corruption.
Hiwever, learning from this case …
I guess they will increase their celleries some more,
to deter them MORE from corruption.


I think this fella will get away with a fine. Probably behind closed doors all the framework discussion is going on to cast the whole play for citizens to watch soon.
Certain main characters have been practising their roles.

HDB flat is A Store of Value, proudly proclaimed by Law Wong – why NONE PAP Ministars live in One?

How is it a then his proclamation can CONVINCE Millions of Poreans is Magically Strange when NO PAP Ministar buy Law Wong’s idea?

To each his own right.

All of these obscenely paid ministers have their preferred bragging rights and showpieces !!!

Some would showcase their Brompton bike, whilst another 2, their Black&White bungalows and the one that tops it all off, … is the one with holes in his socks !!!

What a wonderful and whacky world we live in !!!

I don’t care the presents he gets. I want to know what is happening to our CPF monies!!! The Singapore Govt Securities using our CPF. The actual reserves still in the bank; how much losses in China, India. How much did ho ching earn for all her appointments!

Heard Changi Resort also got bicycle for ‘excercising’ ….but not T line or what line lah…. but stationary line…cannot move one!😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣

No way lah to ride with him to free lodging, free uniform and free meals

Hehe! Uncle has better do leh

Why Brompton and not a stallion road bike? Some gifts were rather specific which is to say did he request for it personally?

I think Iswaran harbour the hope that he will be pardon by the president if convicted of corruption like many corrupted people.

Looks like Iswaran needs a Brampton for his work at F1 as well as community bonding during the weekend.

Is there anything wrong with receiving such a gift from a well-off fellow community leader like lum Chang?  

Isn’t this the same as ‘what’s wrong with having 2 eggs in my Kueh teow char?’

Who else receive a brompton which was once touted at the parks board?