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AGC: Ex-Minister Iswaran instructed to avoid travel for 12 days post-hospital discharge

Former minister Iswaran, discharged from a Melbourne hospital on Tuesday, was advised 12 days of no travel. Despite facing serious charges, an 16-day extension was granted earlier after he fell ill during his trip.



SINGAPORE: Following his discharge on Tuesday ( March) from a Melbourne hospital, former transport minister S. Iswaran received medical advice, instructing him to refrain from travelling for the subsequent 12 days.

As reported by Singapore state media the Straits Times, the prosecution clarified that it remained informed throughout the process.

A spokesperson from the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) stated, “The prosecution was informed on 5 March that Mr Iswaran had been discharged from hospital that day and that Mr Iswaran was advised by his doctor not to travel for 12 days following the discharge.”

As reported by ST, Iswaran was hospitalized at Cabrini Malvern, a private healthcare facility specializing in respiratory illnesses.

He was subsequently released from the hospital. Cabrini Health, overseeing the hospital, operates as a Catholic, not-for-profit private health service in south-east Melbourne.

Iswaran is represented by Senior Counsel Davinder Singh and other counsels from Davinder Singh Chambers.

Facing corruption charges and on S$800,000 bail, Iswaran’s initial travel period to Australia was scheduled from 16 February to 4 March.

Additional conditions were imposed, including a supplementary cash bail of S$500,000.

He was required to furnish his itinerary, and overseas address, and maintain communication with the investigation officer (IO).

Furthermore, he had to surrender his travel documents within 24 hours of returning to Singapore.

After falling ill during his trip, the defence sought an extension of 16 days, which was approved, despite the gravity of the charges against Mr Iswaran.

While permitted to remain abroad, Iswaran is obligated to engage in daily video calls with the IO.

He must provide regular updates on his medical condition and address any concerns related to his return to Singapore on 19 March.

Mr Israwan faces 27 charges that span across corruption, receiving gratification as a public servant, and obstructing justice.

The case, which has stirred significant public interest, is set to be transferred to the High Court upon Iswaran’s return.

The charges against him include obtaining items valued at over S$218,058.95 on 24 occasions between November 2015 and December 2021 from property tycoon Ong Beng Seng, a notable figure who brought Formula One to Singapore.

Ong is also under investigation and on bail, though charges by the AGC have yet to be filed against him.

Iswaran, who has served as an MP for West Coast GRC for 26 years and was promoted to full minister in the Prime Minister’s Office in 2011, has resigned from the People’s Action Party (PAP) and stepped down from his ministerial and MP positions following the charges. He has publicly declared his innocence and expressed his intention to clear his name.

The case continues to unfold, with Iswaran facing the possibility of fines up to S$100,000, jail terms up to seven years, or both for each corruption charge.

The charge of obstructing justice carries a similar severity in penalties, highlighting the serious consequences that lie ahead for the former minister.

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Start the sequel already this Ah Neh. Now all sorts of reasons to pit stop here and there and delay the process as long as can. In the first place, why even allow him to travel? The Chinamen all strictly detained as flight risk. This gahmen also hand in glove with this Ah Neh.

Stay tuned… more twists and turns to this local SGov drama coming up…

Talked about berthing of Aussie SUBMARINE in SG – BIG FCCK LIE 🤥 thru his teeth. Who knows a few Millions Dollars of SG Reserves raided to sew up mouths.

They should put a GPS ankle bracelet on him as part of the approval process.

Act like Boleh land a.k.a. Najib or his lawyer’s style? Can become master liao

Most of TOC readers quite accurately wrote the scripts for Iswaran/PAP’s movie production, tho technically isn’t quite reflective, but their story lines fell into place very nicely, fittingly.

How can the PAP Administration still can continue spinning and spinning, and play massive punks with the 40 percent – try harder PAP.

Try permanently not to travel .