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Former Transport Minister S. Iswaran granted extension on overseas trip amid corruption charges

S. Iswaran, the former Transport Minister of Singapore, who is currently facing a series of corruption charges, has been granted an extension on his trip to Australia due to a sudden illness.



S. Iswaran, the former Transport Minister of Singapore, who is currently facing a series of corruption charges and in Australia to help settle his son into university, has seen his trip lengthened by 16 days following the court’s approval.

Initially slated from 16 February to 4 March, his stay has now been extended to 19 March, as said by a spokesperson from the Attorney-General Chambers (AGC) on 4 March.

“At an urgent mention at the State Courts today, the defence filed an application to extend Mr Iswaran’s permission to leave jurisdiction by 16 days, until Mar 19, 2024, as he had fallen ill while in Australia.”

Iswaran is represented by Senior Counsel Davinder Singh and other counsels from Davinder Singh Chambers.

Despite the gravity of the charges against him, the AGC has not objected to this latest application but has imposed enhanced bail conditions on Iswaran.

These include daily video call check-ins with the investigating officer to update on his medical condition and confirm his commitment to return to Singapore by the stipulated date of 19 March.

Iswaran, who is out on S$800,000 bail, faces 27 charges that span across corruption, receiving gratification as a public servant, and obstructing justice. As part of his bail conditions, he is required to surrender his passport to the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau by 20 March.

The case, which has stirred significant public interest, is set to be transferred to the High Court upon Iswaran’s return.

The charges against him include obtaining items valued at over S$218,058.95 on 24 occasions between November 2015 and December 2021 from property tycoon Ong Beng Seng, a notable figure who brought Formula One to Singapore.

Ong is also under investigation and on bail, though charges by the AGC have yet to be filed against him.

Iswaran, who has served as an MP for West Coast GRC for 26 years and was promoted to full minister in the Prime Minister’s Office in 2011, has resigned from the People’s Action Party and stepped down from his ministerial and MP positions following the charges. He has publicly declared his innocence and expressed his intention to clear his name.

The case continues to unfold, with Iswaran facing the possibility of fines up to S$100,000, jail terms up to seven years, or both for each corruption charge. The charge of obstructing justice carries a similar severity in penalties, highlighting the serious consequences that lie ahead for the former minister.

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Sudden illness, cannot come back to SG for treatment, hor? Pappies want to make SG a medical hub, yet cannot treat one of its own ex-million$ ministers.

That’s why our current leaders are so incompetent and lack that acumen to make SG successful. The opportunity arises for them to bring him back, cure his “sudden illness” in record time, then can advertise to the world that SG medical hub has the capability to cure sudden illnesses – imagine the great commercial marketing material. But no lah, they can only think of Taylor Swift.

He may fly to a third country that has no extradition treaty with Singapore. If he really absconded, PAP will face the serious repercussions in the upcoming election.

16 more days? Probably the time needed for Australia (or a small South Pacific island which AUS is brokering with) to finalize granting him political asylum.

Hello, you mean to tell me you oppies don’t get sick? You supermen ah? Cock made of titanium ah? Chee bye made of gold ah?

Thailand was a very safe haven for Phey Yew Cock for many many many years, and his corruption charges, guilt has disappeared over time.

Iswaran has really to thank his son to give him same chance as Phey Yew Kok was entitled to.

Marvellous, this PAP Administration can conjure magically ONE CLASS ACT after ANOTHER. Equally AWESOME too, voters are hardly jolted it seems as PAP Administration plays about their tricks at will, one by one.

I m awaiting with breathlessness what’s the Hollywood script written for OBS.

True to form, politicians under investigation then to fall “sick”. From Suharto, to Mubarak, Gloria Arroyo etc… Do we have an extradition treaty with Australia? If not, then it may have been planned all along as investigation into the case cannot be a positive for the coming GE.

Unlikely he wants to return. Extradition maybe required.

(Edwin Tong) : Govt move fast and Early… How about, Iswaran, OBS?

Keppel Corporation reported that the mergamerger of its shipyard and offshore marine engineering business was completed with Sembcorp Marine on February 28, 2023, acquiring the company and marking Keppel’s exit from the shipbuilding and marine operations.

As a ministar

Do You sleep well .

You have been made an Idiot .

Mystery of the permission of Iswaran allowed to travel, then extend.
What’s next? Hahaha too sick to return. Whereabouts unknown, probably died Bondi beach, bitten, chewed up by 🦈 sharks, hahaha 😂 😂 😂.

Repeat of like Keppel Bribery culprits set free – if Iswaran gone, probable reasons, cannot bring him back, Australia won’t allow, thence case close, OBS stripped of…..

Remake of Phey Yew Kok – version 2, very very frightening how fugitives has a way to be allowed to be free.

Any Or All Minister knows or will Be Warned with regards to Ong Beng Seng, after LKY fiasco.
How come Pretty Indian Brahmin Boy, was Let Loose???

Must be something is brewing in secret. State secret as usual.

And why show this again?!? Good leadership doesn’t condone stealing. No?!?