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WP Chief Pritam Singh affirms MP commitment amid renew legal challenges

WP Chief Pritam Singh has reaffirmed his commitment to fulfill MP duties in light of the two charges filed against him. In a statement, he acknowledges the challenges in building a more balanced and democratic political system in Singapore.



SINGAPORE: After facing two charges of providing false information to a parliamentary committee, Pritam Singh, Leader of the Opposition and the Secretary-General of the Workers’ Party (WP) pleaded not guilty to both charges at the State Court on Tuesday (19 March) morning.

He affirmed his commitment to fulfilling his parliamentary and town council duties, including Meet-the-People sessions, estate walks, house visits, and Hammer outreaches, “until the legal process comes to a complete close”.

In a statement shared on his Facebook page on Tuesday afternoon, he stated, “I was charged with two counts under the Parliament (Privileges, Immunities and Powers) Act for providing a “false answer” to the Committee of Privileges in December 2021, on the morning of 18 March 2024, and was issued a notice to attend Court on 19 March 2024 at 11 am. ”

Reflecting on his political journey, he expressed a clear awareness of the challenges in fostering a more balanced and democratic political landscape in Singapore.

“Even as the work continues, it has been my privilege and honour to be part of a Workers’ Party team that advances this cause. ”

“I will continue to play my part in this endeavour and I thank all Singaporeans for your continued support for the efforts of the Workers’ Party. Let’s press on.”

Mr Singh had requested a four-week adjournment for his case to secure legal representation. A pre-trial conference has been scheduled for 17 April.

Ms Khan, a former MP of the WP, confessed to providing false information in parliament in 2021 regarding a rape case that she claimed was mishandled by the police.

Consequently, she was referred to the Committee of Privileges for breaching parliamentary privilege.

Several witnesses, including Ms Khan, Mr Singh, and prominent figures from the WP, testified during the hearings held in late 2021 and early 2022.

As outlined in a joint statement by the Singapore Police Force and Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC), Mr Pritam Singh faces specific charges:

  1. On 10 December 2021, Mr Pritam Singh falsely testified that as at the conclusion of his meeting with Ms Raeesah Khan, WP Chairman Ms Sylvia Lim and vice-chairman Mr Faisal Manap on 8 August 2021, he wanted Ms Raeesah to, at some point, clarify in Parliament that what she told Parliament on 3 August 2021 about having accompanied a rape victim to a police station was untrue.
  2. On 10 and 15 December 2021, Mr Singh falsely testified that when he spoke to Ms Raeesah on 3 October 2021, he wanted her to admit to having lied to Parliament on 3 August 2021 about having accompanied a rape victim to a police station, if this issue were to come up in Parliament on 4 October 2021.

The joint statement also noted that the Prosecution, having considered the totality of the evidence, has decided not to prefer any charges against Mr Faisal Manap, WP MP for Aljunied GRC for his refusal to answer relevant questions that had been put to him by the COP.

“Nonetheless, the Police have, in consultation with the Prosecution, issued an advisory to Mr Faisal Manap on 18 March 2024 to advise him to familiarise himself with the conduct expected of Members of Parliament under the Act and to refrain from any act that may be in breach of it. Mr Faisal Manap has acknowledged the advisory.”

Mr Singh disclosed in December 2021 that the party leadership was aware of Ms Khan’s falsehood in a parliamentary speech, a week after she delivered it on 3 August.

However, she reiterated her false statement in October 2021 and did not correct the record in parliament until a month later, on 1 November, when she confessed to lying and apologized in the House.

In its final report on 10 February 2022, the Committee of Privileges recommended that Mr Singh and Mr Faisal Manap be referred to the public prosecutor for giving false testimony under oath.

The committee determined that Singh played a role in advising Ms Khan not to retract her initial falsehood and found him untruthful in claiming he urged her to correct the record during the hearings.

Singh has consistently denied the allegations and asserted that he afforded Ms Khan time to clarify her statements due to her past trauma as a sexual assault survivor.

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Show not over yet, still got “sue till your pants down” episode coming.
Heard this episode is VERY exciting.
This one is even more exciting than this episode where PS acting like some Bollywood hero villian saving some lying wretch ,acting as his love interest and kenna shot by the REAL HERO IN THE MOVIE!.
The sue till your pants drop episode really is as the saying goes….SUE TILL LAM PAH CAN DROP ONE.
See by then got enough oppo suckers to cough out millions or not!😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣

The Singapore PAP dictatorship government is going after the opposition parties.

PS should ask for pay increment for another role of Lier of Opposition. Think about it, not easy to lie without a wink of eye, should be commended and rewarded.

The evil of Putinism is SO CLEARLY in the DARK ARTS of this PAP Administration full of Bull Shits of their LIES and EMPTY PROMISES.

Singapore version of Biden vs Trump….lol.

Hello, use your $m pay and work hard to fix the dismal TFR problem than spend valuable time and resources to fix oppo lah.

Why like that?

It was a trap!!!…..yes but Prata Singh thought by stepping onto the pile of shit done by Khan, his supporters would see him as some sort of….martyr for democracy!
But in truth, those pile of shit done by Khan was aim at the majority of Prata Singh own supporters ,who are Cina!
How ironic, to lie and defend for someone like Khan, who was out to discredit the majority of supporters the opposition needs!😆😆😆

In an unwritten script, this was all pre planned by the MIW to remove the thorn in their shoes by picking up on the smallest of incidents. Why wasn’t the others in the MIW camp charged when they lied in parliament? IE Test balloons and VB for playing with words on that C19 monitoring thing?

So the very “powerful man” once said if more Opposition MPs in Parliament, he needed more time to fix them right?

Already spent years fixing first with the case on managing agent on AHTC, then the so called misuse of $33m but come no nothing.

Now using an ex-MP who walked away from lying in Parliament just paid a bit of fine. Her boss is dragged into this shxt thing due to her lying.

She must be hiding somewhere laughing out loud

Last edited 30 days ago by Singapore Fooled Again n Again

Obviously ONE reason was because previously the Love Singapore people crowd funded the expenses of LTK, SL – ruffled nerves and boiled the blood of PAP.

Now is revenge time, is it?

Is the PAP for Singapore – better decide correctly or ELSE the ‘Future UNBORN people, known only to them who are they’ WILL Lord over true Singapreans when there is FAILURES after FAILURES PAP Administration’s SCREWED up birth rates increase policies.

SGpns BE WISE TO LOOK AHEAD how the PAP is screwing SGpns to ENHANCE their power.

Sure charge! Speaker no charge?

Prata Singh should instead reaffirm his WP committment to ensure Seng Kang is clean and without cleaniness issue….including upkeep and maintenance issue…don’t after lose the ward in 2025 then say again….contractors and estate operators are not forthcoming to co-operate, bid or whatever with the oppo party shit again!😆😆😆😆

Pritam Singh has low chance to survive the PAP survival game. Time to elect new worker party leader. Need time to let people know new leader and gain support before next election.