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Red Dot United questions Singapore’s immigration policies amid community changes

In a Facebook post, Red Dot United highlights changing community dynamics in Singapore, questioning citizenship and residency policies to foster integration and harmony.



Members of the alternative political party, Red Dot United (RDU), took to the streets of Clementi last Thursday, uncovering unsettling signs of community division and changing social dynamics amidst the familiar blocks of flats.

As they navigated the neighborhood, the presence of CCTV cameras outside many flats sparked conversations with residents, revealing a growing distance among neighbors who were once tightly-knit in Singapore’s compact residential areas.

Ravi Philemon, the secretary-general of RDU, shared his concerns with the press, highlighting the disheartening shift in the community’s atmosphere.

“While walking around Clementi, we noticed a lot of flats with CCTVs outside. When we asked, people said they didn’t feel as close to their neighbors anymore. It’s sad to see this change; it’s not how I remember Singaporeans being,” Philemon remarked.

The conversations that RDU highlighted in its Facebook post revealed a complex tapestry of residents — from those who have called Clementi home since 1978 to Permanent Residents (PRs) and foreign workers renting flats.

The evolving demographic landscape, marked by the increasing presence of PRs and foreign workers, underscores the challenges of maintaining a sense of community in rapidly changing urban environments.

One poignant story emerged of a long-time resident, part of the Clementi community for over 40 years, who felt compelled to record conversations with newer neighbors who moved in six years ago. This act of surveillance, born out of mistrust or misunderstanding, symbolizes the deep-seated issues affecting neighborly relations today.

Despite these challenges, there is a glimmer of hope.

RDU noted in its post that both long-standing residents and newcomers expressed a desire for improvement, signaling a collective yearning for a return to the close-knit community values that once defined Singaporean neighborhoods.

The political party, however, questioned whether it might be time to reconsider how Singapore grants citizenship and permanent residency to better promote integration and harmony, in light of the importance of ensuring that everyone, including newcomers, feels a part of our community.

In 2023, Singapore granted approximately 23,500 new citizenships, including about 1,300 to children born overseas to Singaporean parents. Additionally, around 34,500 new Permanent Residencies were issued. For comparison, in 2022, Singapore granted roughly 23,100 new citizenships, with 1,300 of those going to children born overseas to Singaporean parents, and about 34,500 new permanent residencies were also issued.

As of June 2023, Singapore’s total population stood at 5.92 million, marking a 5.0% increase from June 2022, while its fertility rate plummeted to a historically low level of 0.97.

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The PAP’s open leg policy has destroyed our very livelihoods and killed our kampong spirit. They introduced scum like beings into our society and when we spoke about it, they branded us xenophobes. We all know the very reason they bring in these low lifes and that’s to keep them alive and collect more levies.

I have never never forget the lie our Obscenely paid Home Minister once remarked, “SG heard a lot of foreign voice around them, it means there are a lot foreigners” – this was spoken in fact years ago.

This Minister ought to be sentenced to death if Bao Da Ren around to dispense justice ⚖.

When has the PAP so keen to build a SG based on the school pledge which the PAP wrote for SG to gel, unite and bond the original 4 RACES, and that has now ballooned into a pot of unidentified races.

Over past donkey years, the Small version of United Nations Rojak formented in SG has NEVER, NEVER NEVER, and are NOT been addressed by the PAP.

Has they spoke on the importance of Burmese in our midst, the Modi’s, the Kampucheans the PRCs pseudo Communists buying up our houses and chasing up prices beyond SG reach?

Can and will Singaporeans defend a bunch of secretive, evasive, Ultra dishonest (Fake) politicians who ownsefl reward ownself, but self elevating their fake prowess and supremacy in that they are above mediocrity?

How to unite communities, especially locally born, and misrepresented school pledge recitation students with money, by money, and enticing votes with money raided from State Funds contributed to by citizens taxes?

Since when philosophers from Freud, Aristotle, Socrates, Plato, Carl Zung, among these and others, MENTIONED money, pomulgated chocolates, chicken wings, candies CAN BUILD & UNITE a Nation that Citizens Willing to Scarifice their lives to Defend?

Your PM once proudly stated;
“Singapore belongs to everyone”
And the context is about immigrants integration, including FW!

, … not enough are convinced that there exists a “problem” in SunnyAndSplendiferousSillyPore !!!

Yet !!! !!!

Obviously !!! !!!!

Govts mouth says “stand united” as one people. Supporters blindly support the concept of unity when in actuality they are dividing the nation with foreigners.
But it actually work in the interests of political power because a divided people are like lost sheep. They have no one to turn to, not even their neighbours. All live in fear of offending diversity. When people don’t sincerely get along, they get eaten up by wolves.

The Babel curse on political powers.

A certain destruction on nations

If you listen to the Chinese speaking, they are from mainland China. If you watch the behaviour of South Asians, you know they are not true blue Singaporeans. How is it all are allowed to buy into HDB which was always safeguarded for true blue Singaporeans by our founding fathers. Every where there are just too many foreigners holding onto Singapore passports or PRs.

Everything is being eroded by the economy which takes priority over everything. There is no way politicians can solve this when your very identity and survival are in the hands of the rich, in power.
You don’t make friends here, you make money. Diversity kills relationship.