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DPM Wong strums guitar rendition of Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story’

DPM Wong’s guitar rendition of Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story’ drew online attention, sparking admiration and speculation. While some praised his musical skill, others questioned underlying motives, and raises cost of living concerns.



SINGAPORE: Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Lawrence Wong recently showcased his musical prowess by strumming a guitar to the tune of Taylor Swift’s “Love Story,” coinciding with the pop star’s concert in Singapore.

In a post on his Facebook account (2 March), he wrote, “Taylor Swift’s in Singapore. I’ve got my guitar ready!”

He also noted that this performance served as a tribute to his previous rendition on Teacher’s Day last year, where he had shared a heartfelt clip playing the same tune on 31 August, 2023.

Back then, he dedicated the performance to all teachers, extending warm wishes on their special day and expressing gratitude for their dedication.

However, this time around, it appeared that his rendition was in honor of Taylor Swift’s visit to the country.

The video began with a shot of a friendship bracelet, accompanied by captions “Duet with me,” inviting viewers to join in the performance, featuring the song “Love Story” by Taylor Swift, played on his guitar.

Online reactions to DPM Wong’s guitar rendition of Taylor Swift’s “Love Song”

This gesture, reminiscent of his previous tribute to teachers on Teachers’ Day, garnered positive responses from netizens, with many praising his musical skills and expressing gratitude for the share.

One user found inspiration from the performance, expressing aspirations to reach a similar level of skill one day.

“Really nice! I hope one day I can play like that,” the user stated, while acknowledging that they are currently a novice in their musical journey.

Another commenter exclaimed, “Oh my, you’re really good! Get someone to sing! The Swifties (Fans of Taylor Swift) will love you!”

Amidst the compliments, a user expressed a desire for increased government support towards Singaporean musicians and theatrical arts.

Users highlight concerns on cost of living

However, despite the warm support and praise, the comment section under Mothership’s repost of the video displayed a contrasting tone.

Some users raised concerns about the nation’s escalating cost of living, urging action from policymakers.

“Pls do something to our crazy cost of living… A lot will be struggling in the long term,” one user lamented.

Another user commented, “while the average folks are struggling to make ends meet due to the high cost of living, increased GST, inflation etc. and here we are witnessing members of the incumbent party happily strumming the guitar to Taylor Swift’s songs.”

This, the user remarked, occurred at the taxpayers’ expense too, offering a critical analysis of the situation.


Users speculated hidden motive behind performance

Amidst the backdrop of these economic concerns, some users also speculated on the motives behind DPM Wong’s musical performance, suggesting it was a strategic move to court support from the younger demographic ahead of potential elections.

A user sarcastically commented, “He’s definitely not doing this to get into the good books of the young voters, definitely not.”

“Trying to connect with the young generation. Sorry but no thanks,” another user wrote.

“What is he trying to prove?”

Additionally, a few also suggested that he might be capitalizing on the current buzz surrounding Taylor Swift, given her popularity in Singapore at the moment.

“Election is coming. Time to serenade Singaporeans with his tune and bask in the Swift effect,” stated one user.

Nevertheless, amidst the mixed reactions, there were voices of support for DPM Wong, commending him for his ability to balance work and leisure.

“That’s why (he) stays sound and wise,” remarked one user in defense of Mr Wong.

“Well at least he’s not a stiffy DPM,” one user said, “he’s showing appreciation for arts and, he plays a mean guitar!”

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Meanwhile Taylor Swift
Checking Her Bank Balance
& Going.

Sure no prob.

But no need to publicise and let thecwhole world know. Apparently, seem to try gaining brownie points from the young

Aiyo Conquer by Fuck loh. Isn’t it the Cult that won’t change until all the men and Politicians use it as a Playbook?!?

Good try, wong. Uncle not impressed lah.

Solve the high escalating cost of living first loh.

Stomach comes first. No time to hear your love story song lah