National Puppet Day 2023: Indonesia’s wayang tradition takes center stage


The Indonesian Puppetry Association (PEPADI) is set to celebrate National Puppet Day 2023 with a captivating series of Wayang events, uniting tradition and modernity.

This vibrant cultural extravaganza unfolds in Jakarta from November 1st to 7th, featuring the Children’s Puppeteer Festival, the Millennial Puppet Show, and a blend of technology and heritage.

The hidden gem in Italy drawing digital nomads into its heart

Los Angeles native Clarese Partis found serenity as the first digital nomad in Ollolai, a picturesque Sardinian village. Sponsored by the local municipality, this program invites global remote workers to enjoy Ollolai’s charm, with an added commitment to enrich the community.

Historic artefacts return to Indonesia after repatriation efforts

Indonesia celebrates the repatriation of four ancient statues from the Netherlands, boosting national pride and knowledge enrichment.

The return of these artifacts, including Arca Durga, Mahakala, Nandishvara, and Ganesha, after 300 years, marks a significant step in the repatriation effort involving 472 items, reflecting joint cultural commitment.