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MHA: Singaporean influencers issued advisories over Gaza conflict content

MHA on Friday confirmed Singaporean authorities had issued advisories to two social media influencers over their comments on the Gaza conflict and unknown how many more had been issued.



SINGAPORE:  The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) on Friday (23 February) confirmed that Singaporean authorities issued advisories to two social media influencers, namely Camira Asrori and Ms Dahlia Mohd, regarding their comments on the Gaza conflict.

On 15 February, Camira Asrori took to her Instagram page to recount her ordeal of allegedly being detained at Singapore customs due to her posts addressing the genocide in Palestine.

Another influencer, Ms Dahlia Mohd, revealed in a comment on Ms Camira’s post that she, too, faced inquiries from authorities following a complaint against her posts and fundraising activities.

According to Singapore state media, The Straits Times, the MHA conveyed that Ms Camira was cautioned against urging Singaporeans to participate in overseas protests.

“Because we have seen that such activities can lead to public disorder and even violence, and protesters risk running afoul of the laws of the country, and putting themselves in harm’s way.”

The 29-year-old fashion entrepreneur, with over 27,300 followers, recounted her encounter at Tuas Checkpoint upon returning from Kuala Lumpur.

Ms Camira alleged that her passport was confiscated without explanation, leading her to a room.

She claimed the authorities cited her post about attending a protest in Japan as an encouragement for Singaporeans to engage in overseas protests, posing a potential safety risk.

She added that she had to remove the post before being allowed to leave.

Regarding Ms Dahlia, in her early 40s with nearly 20,000 followers, the MHA expressed concerns about potential misuse of funds related to the ongoing Gaza conflict.

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Donate all the money only goes to Hamas, as shown by all pervious money donated by various countries.
You mean locals are that kum gong?
Yes they are.
If not why LKY call them. DAFT?😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣

So this issue is still pending not forgetting taylor swift n iswaran

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