Proposed amendments pave the way for parents to register stillborn babies’ names in Singapore


Proposed changes in legislation offer solace to grieving parents of stillborn infants, granting them the opportunity to officially register their child’s name.

The Ministry of Home Affairs unveiled this breakthrough on Tuesday, emphasizing its long-overdue recognition of the emotional impact of stillbirths.

Parliament witnessed WP MP Jamus Lim’s unwavering advocacy, which began in 2021, championing the rights of bereaved parents to honor their lost children.

Home Team officers provided with channels to address workplace discrimination and issues, says Shanmugam

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) strongly opposes workplace discrimination. Minister K Shanmugam affirmed that allegations are seriously investigated, with wrongdoers held accountable regardless of rank. This response follows concerns raised by MPs Murali Pillai and Sylvia Lim in their parliamentary questions about protection against discrimination and unfair treatment for officers.