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LTA apprehends four drivers for illegal cross-border chauffeur services

LTA cracks down on illegal cross-border chauffeur services, nabbing four drivers operating between Singapore and Malaysia. Authorities emphasize safety risks and urge public cooperation in reporting such activities.



SINGAPORE: Land Transport Authority (LTA) recently apprehended four drivers for offering cross-border chauffeured services between Singapore and Malaysia without the proper license.

Based on LTA’s statement, its officials caught these drivers during a recent enforcement operation.

Individuals found providing unauthorized hire-and-reward services, particularly cross-border rides without a valid Public Service Vehicle Licence (PSVL), could face fines of up to S$3,000, a jail term of up to six months, or both.

Additionally, their vehicles may be seized.

To emphasize the seriousness of these offenses, LTA took to its official Facebook page on 21 February to warn the public against using such services for their safety.

Aside from the services being illegal, vehicles used in these operations might not have adequate insurance coverage for third-party liabilities, potentially endangering passengers in case of accidents.

The Facebook post showcased images of multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs) being stopped by LTA officers and being towed away, garnering praise from netizens for LTA’s swift actions.

However, some netizens also suggested in the comments that LTA should not only penalize the drivers but also the passengers using these illegal services.

Many comments urged LTA to conduct more frequent checks, especially during busy periods, as there seems to be a noticeable presence of such services.

In a separate Facebook post, Transport Minister Chee Hong Tat urged LTA to take a firm stance against these unlawful practices and conduct undercover operations to catch offending drivers.

“Foreign drivers and foreign-registered vehicles need a valid license before they are allowed to provide cross-border services.

This is to protect passengers as drivers using these licensed vehicles are required to have valid insurance coverage for passengers, compared to illegal services,” he stated.

Chee encouraged the public to play their part in enhancing road safety by reporting illegal services to LTA via email or the One Motoring platform.

He also commended LTA’s enforcement officers for their vigilant efforts in intercepting the four drivers attempting to provide illegal cross-border services.

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Lta has been closing their eyes for too loooooong!

It’s so obvious when you see a big mpv with a non-Singapore licensed plate

ferrying passengers packed in the car towards the checkpoint, what comes to your mind?

You must have all come from a lousy school.

Agreed about the insurance thing and legality wise. But what other alternatives do they offer instead on pouncing on illegal activities? Yes this is wrong but how do you rectify it? A fine and impound the vehicle with no solution?

So safety concern,why many prc drivers who cannot read signboards are allowed to work in singapore?

Cannot eradicate when demand is greater than supply. Many people here are from Malaysia who go up and down The CIQ at both check points are the world’s busiest ( but PAP or SPH will never say so ) PAP and Johore refuse to allow GRAB or platforms to compete with taxis. All it takes is a Bill created and passed in Parliament. But we know they are not efficient as passing Bills to protect PAP. Just like PAP… the demand for them to run the country is very high not because they are good.. The supply for alternatives is… Read more »