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29,000 nurses to receive up to S$100,000 in MOH’s new retention scheme

Singapore’s MOH launches ANGEL, a retention scheme for nurses, offering up to S$100,000 over 20 years or until retirement age. Aiming to benefit 29,000 nursing officers, awards vary based on age and service years.



SINGAPORE: The Ministry of Health (MOH) has introduced a new retention incentive scheme for nurses called ANGEL, which stands for Award for Nurses’ Grace, Excellence, and Loyalty.

Under this scheme, each nursing officer has the potential to receive up to S$100,000 over 20 years or until reaching the prevailing retirement age, whichever comes first.

The announcement was made by Minister for Health Ong Ye Kung during the Luving Nurses Forum at National University Hospital (NUH) on Tuesday (20 February).

The ANGEL scheme is expected to benefit approximately 29,000 nursing officers, with different award amounts based on age and years of service.

Newly recruited nurses and those aged below 46 will receive awards ranging from S$20,000 to S$30,000 every four to six years.

For nurses aged 46 and above with several years of service, immediate awards of S$5,000 to S$15,000 will be granted, depending on their years of service.

The scheme also extends to foreign nurses who have served continuously for at least four years.

Nurses working outside of public hospitals, such as in Voluntary Welfare Organisations and community facilities within Singapore’s community care organisations, can participate in the ANGEL scheme.

These organisations will co-fund the awards, with the majority of the funding provided by the government.

Mr Ong announced, “Long-serving nurses aged 46 and above will get your first retention award by before end of this year, which is the year zero payout.

For the younger nurses, you will get your first payout in 2028 when you reach your first milestone. So, please stay,” he added.

He also shared this news on his Facebook page on the same day, receiving significant attention and positive responses from netizens.

Mr Ong expressed his gratitude to the MOH and cluster HR officers for their hard work in designing and approving the scheme, allowing for the announcement to be made before Chap Goh Mei.

“I hope it brings some cheer to you this Chinese New Year,” he remarked.

During the nurses’ forum, Mr Ong was pleased to note that the announcement was met with enthusiastic cheers and applause.

” We set up the ANGEL scheme because nursing is the largest healthcare profession in our system, and competition for nursing recruitment has become more intense.”

He continued, “Nursing is no easy job as it is a commitment to care for others in their most vulnerable moments.”

Mr Ong concluded his speech by extending gratitude to the nurses, thanking them for choosing to make a difference in the lives of others.

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Money again, … as a basis and strategy for retention !!!

Over 20 years, … mind you.

So, having endured the first stage and after the first payment, … inflation kicks in proper and the “amount” becomes errrr, … … unattractive and not current leh !!!

And, … off they go !!!

The families of these nurses back in their home countries must be very happy to have the extra cash. Good for them.

The ones who lose are Singaporeans. Where exactly does all of this money come from? Do the 70% Cotton Sheep dare to use their brains to figure this one out?

We have so many institutions pumping out people educated in nursing. But there always seems to be a perpetual shortage. Why is that? Why not solve the underlying issue instead of roping in naive foreigners into the profession?

Only NUHS nurses invited to the event? Nurses from other hospital groups not represented?

Convert Philipino Maids to Nurses .

Police Force


Other Civil Servant should have this too


Constantly raid and raid National Reserves to achieve selfish political objectives.

Ah Ong is only good in using money to “reward” medical personnel, because the money does not come out from his own pocket. Last time was covid-19 bonuses and medals. Now is retention bonus. Times and times again burdening this little country. Expecting medical costs to rise soon again. On the other hand, he also indirectly put down all other SPF/SCDF/SAF personnel and the other two ministers. If there is a shortage of nurses in Singapore, please pass a new legislation to conscript all females for NS but in nursing with good air-con hospital environment for them. Israel, which is… Read more »

While I applaud the initiative, does that meant there is real income increase for Singaporean nurses as these money will have to come from somewhere by increasing healthcare or other cost. As cost increased, there will be a knock on effect on other industry as well which will it turn increase their cost. It is just a feel good factor for the impending GE for our nurses support. The real one who benefited are the foriegn one whose bulk of their income is not spent locally but in their home country where their family is and had much more buying… Read more »

It’s OK. If Singaporeans don’t want to work, we have a lot of Burmese and Indian nurses very happy to come here and work.

No need to do all this. Just stop increasing the population. No need to remove our forests. We will have more oxygen and become healthier.

If SG don’t pump up population from 4m to almost 6m in the last 10 odd years, do we need to import so many healthcare workers?

And then when the outflow is bigger than new recruits, who is paying the huge money to retain such workers?

And the need to built more hospitals and support facilities come from who?

Again. Again. And again. Constantly raid and raid National Reserves to achieve selfish political objectives.

This PAP Administration SOLELY rely on giving away citizens money to bribe, to corrupt people to work – falling short of brainy ideas and wisdom how to manage nurses.

Then, giving free rein to employers rushing for cheap labour – is this a long term strategic action to improve productivity?

PAP has MADE lives of Sheeps BLEAK, VERY VERY BLEAK – is this what they call, look after THOSE. UNBORN?