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Viral video shows Health Minister Ong Ye Kung parodying Taylor Swift’s music video to promote healthy habits

Health Minister Ong Ye Kung cleverly incorporates Taylor Swift’s music to promote health with a parody video released alongside her concert. The viral video on social media had online users applaud his innovative approach, praising his efforts to engage and educate about well-being.



SINGAPORE: As Taylor Swift fever grips Singapore with her much-anticipated concert series, Health Minister Ong Ye Kung has ingeniously utilized the pop culture phenomenon to advocate for healthy living.

He harnessed the popularity of Taylor Swift’s hit song “You Belong With Me” to convey a crucial message about maintaining physical and mental well-being.

Mr Ong released the parody video inspired by a memorable scene from the song’s music video on Instagram and Facebook on Saturday (2 March), coinciding with the commencement of Swift’s concerts in Singapore.

The accompanying caption read, “Nagging you to stay healthy.”

In his rendition, Mr Ong takes on the role of Swift’s love interest, exchanging written signs with the singer.

The video begins with Swift holding up a “You OK?” sign at her window, sparking an amusing interaction with Mr Ong, who responds with a sign indicating his busy schedule.

Later in the exchange, Swift said that her evening plans consisted of studying, as portrayed in the original music video.

Mr Ong replied with, “Don’t bluff. Tonight got concert in SG!” alluding to the singer’s performance scheduled for the evening of 2 March.

Towards the conclusion, Mr Ong takes the opportunity to reinforce his health tips, signifying his concern for the public’s well-being.

He wrote, “Remember to”:

  • Take study breaks
  • Have enough sleep
  • Take less sugar and salt
  • Cut down device time
  • Talk to friends for support

He ended his note with admitting to being perceived as a “nag,” albeit with good intentions, emphasizing the importance of his reminders for the collective benefit.

Online responses to Mr Ong’s parody of Taylor Swift music video

The response to Mr Ong’s parody has been positive, with online users commending his creativity and humour in delivering a vital health message.

The Facebook reel garnered over 300k views, while the Instagram post got over 85k likes.

Many lauded the video as a wholesome and entertaining approach to promoting healthy habits, underscoring its effectiveness in engaging a wide audience.

“This is too good. Good health message 🙂 very creative,” one user wrote.

Another commented that the video is “wholesome and funny at the same time.”

Online users additionally complimented Mr Ong and his social media team’s “Gen Z” humor.

Looking at the comments on his Facebook post, majority also applauded his creativity, with one user confessing a newfound appreciation for the health minister.

The user wrote, “…(Mr Ong) is not like the typical minister with boring and stern messages

“Whatever you are trying to do, it has certainly worked,” the user added, expressing gratitude to the health minister for effectively connecting with the general public through his health reminders.

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Yes but busy? Busy collecting millions doing nothing?

“Sir”??? Why you call OYK your servant “sir”??? Lee hsien Loong told his underlings they are all servants of the people – public servants, understand? “Mr Ong” is a respectable term enough. No sir please.