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MOH Singapore warns public of scam messages posing as Healthier SG

The Ministry of Health Singapore has issued a warning about scam messages impersonating Healthier SG, providing tips to identify these scams.



SINGAPORE: The Ministry of Health (MOH) has issued a public warning about fraudulent messages falsely claiming to originate from Healthier SG (HSG).

They have advised the public to exercise caution and be vigilant in identifying counterfeit “MOH” messages, with this alert being issued on Tuesday (5 Sept).

Health Minister Ong Ye Kung posted via his Facebook page to share tips on how to identify scam messages.

He revealed that the sender ID was a random number and it contained a link that did not start with ‘’.

He said, “These are clear signs that the SMS is illegitimate.”

Moreover, he clarified that genuine MOH messages will consistently display ‘MOH’ as the sender, providing an added layer of assurance.

Mr Ong’s Facebook post also revealed that MOH had taken the initiative to file a police report, leading to the termination of the fraudulent phone number involved in these scams.

On 30 August, MOH utilized its social media presence on X (formerly known as Twitter) to inform the public about the existence of these scam messages.

The messages were sent from mobile numbers falsely claiming affiliation with Healthier SG and offering Health Plan consultation registrations.

It also stated that official Healthier SG messages will always show the registered sender ID ‘MOH’ in upper case, and will not be sent via mobile phone numbers.

Mr Ong emphasized that individuals who suspect they’ve received scam messages should refrain from clicking on any links or disclosing personal information.

For further inquiries, those interested can contact the ministry’s general hotline at 63259220.

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